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    isa30 reacted to Newbie608 in Late May - June AOS fillers, unite!   
    Hey Darcness. That would be documents such as I-94 to show that she enters the country with inspection and would be eligible to adjust. I am not sure if your wife has an I-94 since she's Canadian? They usually just get a stamp in their passport? That's what that is. Most of the things they ask for, you already sent but u need to bring them anyways. Most likely they wont ask for it but at the same time it doesn't hurt to have. Also, our interview is on the same day... Do you have an early appt?
    I-94 not I-90....
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    isa30 reacted to Little_My in Can I leave the country after my interview but before I get my greencard?   
    There are varying opinions on this, and the general consensus seems to be that once GC is aproved, technically the EAD/AP card becomes invalid. While this might be true, in practice CBP will let you use it to re-enter the US, even if the GC was issued while the petitioner was abroad.
    My interview was on July 20, 2011. I wasn't approved on the spot, and had to leave the US the following day because of our wedding which was taking place in Finland in a week. I left on July 21, 2011. Two days later I received an approval email, and once I got my GC I actually noticed that the "issued on" date on my GC is the date of my original interview, 20th of July. I returned to the US early August with my AP, while my GC was waiting in our apt in Brooklyn. At POE this wasn't an issue at all, they can see that the GC has been issued, but because I did not have the physical card on me, they paroled me in with the AP. the Officer told me that as long as I traveled internationally within the next 12 months, I wouldn't have to take any action and just had to make sure to use my GC to re-enter the next time I traveled so that my status in their system would update from a "parolee" to "permanent resident". If I wasn't going to travel, he said I could just come to JFK back to POE and have them manually change my status. He also told me this happens all the time, and people get their GCs issued while they are abroad and use the AP to re-enter on a daily basis. It is of course important to note that this is one experience based on the protocols of one POE, but according to my experience and the information I was given by the officer at POE, using the AP to re-enter when a GC has been issued while the petitioner was abroad is really not very rare, nor that big of a thing.
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    isa30 reacted to Mike X Man in Can I leave the country after my interview but before I get my greencard?   
    From what I have read on VJ, your AP/EAD gets invalidated as soon as your GC is approved. Assume you leave the country and while away, your GC is approved but you do not have it on you. That means, your AP will be invalid at POE and would cause you major problems. That's just me theorizing. Experienced members may know better.
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    isa30 reacted to Anh map in Immigrant wife entered marriage in bad faith   
    If you want to pursue thing with ICE, pick up the phone and call. Don't wander around VJ building up support. Take your shot with reporting it. That's the only way to know if what you have as evidence is going to make be sufficient. My understanding is that you have to present a strong case for ICE to expend energy.
    Also, divorce and move on from the marriage. Trying to exact some sort of "payback" is ultimately a waste of good energy.
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    isa30 reacted to mrsGORE in Late May - June AOS fillers, unite!   
    yeah i think all June filers will have our GC by Sept...lets pray that we'll get all the approval
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    isa30 reacted to Harpa Timsah in Green card duration   
    It is possible he got the 10-year GC in error. He would need to correct that, or he can be in trouble when he fails to remove conditions. His PR will be cancelled at that time. Besides an error, it is not possible.
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    isa30 reacted to Trefletatoo in Late May - June AOS fillers, unite!   
    Got my card and waiting for the email confirmation that I got a job!
    So exited, life will finally start....again........
    Kids are going to school next week. That is great.

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    isa30 reacted to mrsGORE in Late May - June AOS fillers, unite!   
    You'll be fine...be positive this month you'll get greened
    Mine is Sept 10 yaaayyyyy.....if the IO have doubts about us I will invite her/him to stop by at our home
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    isa30 reacted to rakosik in May 2012 AOS Filers   
    Thanks, I can't wait to finally get it and start living my life without constantly waiting for something from USCIS
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    isa30 reacted to Old_Dog_Barking in Late May - June AOS fillers, unite!   
    Congratulations. Do not destroy the EAD in case there's an error with the GC and you have to return it. I believe the EAD could be helpful in that scenario; if not, it's always a cute souvenir.
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    isa30 reacted to jflores in Lied on form G325a   
    Good luck with your case, I know the USCIS are tough but don't give up.
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    isa30 reacted to DandT14 in Lied on form G325a   
    So they don't have any way to really look you up unless they're intent on tracking you down by name.
    What could happen is that they will look at how long you've been here and say "are you sure you never worked?" That's the time to tell them "yes, actually I did work in 2010 (or whatever.)"
    Don't panic, what's done is done. Your story serves as a lesson for anyone else, so thank you for sharing it. This process is stressful enough without these added concerns.
    Now, it's time to hope for the best, cross your fingers, pray (if that's your thing) and wait it out.
    Edit: I just read Harp's reply above - and I like it. Have a new form ready to go.
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    isa30 reacted to Harpa Timsah in Lied on form G325a   
    I don't think this misrepresentation is material, because illegal employment is forgiven for spouses of USCs. This illegal work will NOT decide the difference between denial and approval. Why on earth a lawyer advised to lie when telling the truth would have zero negative effect is beyond me...
    If I were you, I would complete a new G-325A and have it ready to present at interview. You can say "I made an error on my form and wanted to hand in a new one" and see what happens.
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    isa30 reacted to DandT14 in Lied on form G325a   
    Ok, but it's already done. She can't change it now. Now she has to wait and make the best of whatever happens.
    (But yeah, I wouldn't use that lawyer anymore.)
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    isa30 reacted to DandT14 in Lied on form G325a   
    So, if you get asked about it in your interview, tell the interviewer this. I'm not saying to walk in there and just start spilling every dark secret you have. But if they ask you, assume they know all, and just be honest. Hopefully you'll get an understanding interviewer who will allow you to correct your mistake.
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    isa30 reacted to Timon in Lied on form G325a   
    Thanks for your support. I called another attorney and he said he wouldnt recommend that i try submit a new form G 325a until i hear from USCIS. He basically said what u did. Hope for the best but expect the worse and gather all information i can regarding my tax payments
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    isa30 reacted to Krikit in Lied on form G325a   
    I am assuming you didn't come in on a family-based visa so I am going to move your thread to the AOS From Work, Student, and Visitor Visa.
    The "deported" comment is unnecessary and a violation of the TOS. Further such comments will result in a thread ban. Thank you.
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    isa30 reacted to Ramprat in Late May - June AOS fillers, unite!   
    I filed for my AOS package on May29th, biometrics done on June 26. I just got my AP and EAD card approved, but still haven't heard anything for my interview. Is there anyone who filed around the same time as i did and hasn't got the interview notice yet?
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    isa30 reacted to mrsGORE in Late May - June AOS fillers, unite!   
    where is your local office?? mine filed June,Bio July 9 then Inteview notice Aug 7....
    i think it depends on the local office..L.A is really slow though..
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    isa30 reacted to del-2-5-2014 in Pregnant... Should I Continue K1 Process   
    I have a very simple question: in total, how many days have you spent together face to face?
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    isa30 reacted to HeatDeath in Pregnant... Should I Continue K1 Process   
    There are two kinds of men: the ones who will be a good provider for you and your children, and the ones who will take from you what they can. I think you know which kind he is, and which kind you want.
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    isa30 reacted to LindaC1990 in May 2012 AOS Filers   
    we all gonna be approved!! :D
    I will keep you posted
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    isa30 got a reaction from LindaC1990 in May 2012 AOS Filers   
    I'm so excited for you... Let me know what kind of papers they ask for the interview... so I can start getting ready....
    I would be super nervous too... I can't wait for my notice... hopefully is before the month ends... So it looks like they take about 3 months to schedule interview and about 4 months for the actual interview date...... Oh I hate this waiting game... this has been the slowest time of my life...
    I was reading and a GOOD % of interviews taken place in LA are approved... Wish you the best.... :dance:
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    isa30 reacted to LindaC1990 in May 2012 AOS Filers   
    I know girl! I was looking for you too.
    Hang in there, most people got back to work from their vacations, I assume things should be moving faster from this week.
    It's all coming!
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    isa30 reacted to karla_douglas in May 2012 AOS Filers   
    Got my ssn card in the mail today It's officially all over!
    Good luck to all of you who are still on this journey!
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