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    isa30 reacted to keziah90210 in How can I build up credit?   
    I used a credit union credit card to build up my credit. Try looking for a credit union around. they have low apr.
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    isa30 reacted to Shiobhan in How can I build up credit?   
    Around thanksgiving going into christmas in any malls U can apply for Macys, Pennys, Best Buy, Bloomindales etc
    recieving a little gift to lure U, if U have your license, ss card and a utilitly bill on U thats instant credit there,
    when U have 2 of these card after a few months if your credit is not derogatory U R much likely to get a major credit card
    if U bank and have stable employment.
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    isa30 reacted to kzielu in How can I build up credit?   
    You must be joking... All "how to build credit" guides recommend to not exceed 30% of limit at any time to build credit and you're talking about holding 45% balance...
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    isa30 reacted to I AM NOT THAT GUY in How can I build up credit?   
    No. Too many inquires make you look desperate.
    If you spouse has good credit, get a joint card in both your names. Put your name as the primary, or list it first. Make a small purchase and pay it off at the end of the month, or after two or three payments. Soon, you will get lots of pre-approved credit offers in the mail.
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    isa30 reacted to nickbits in How can I build up credit?   
    I signed up for a Bank of America secure Visa. After a year, I had enough credit history to get a unsecured card.
    However, when I tried to get one for my wife she was still denied but she didn't have a job at the time. At that point, I added her as joint owner to my accounts and she now has a credit history.
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    isa30 reacted to mrsGORE in Late May - June AOS fillers, unite!   
    me too after my interview I'm still reading interview experience I think its addicting
    if i get my GC i will apply for SSN,then drivers license then job hunting...
    how i wish I can get u early
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    isa30 reacted to mrsGORE in Late May - June AOS fillers, unite!   
    Thanks Isa..was praying for you too and sorry about your husband's grandfather hope and pray everything will be ok with you..
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    isa30 reacted to DandT14 in May 2012 AOS Filers   
    Jaynarl, I'm so sorry for what you went through.
    If you are willing, perhaps you could post your story in the main AOS forum? Many of the long term members don't read these progress threads. Some of them might have more insight/advice to give, if you're interested.
    I wish you the best.
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    isa30 reacted to mrsGORE in Late May - June AOS fillers, unite!   
    Got approval on the spot handed me a welcome to United States paper:-)
    just done cleaning the house coz i haven't clean the house for 2 days coz so stress out about the interview ... we got there 7am done by 8am...I'll post the experience later:-)
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    isa30 reacted to JayNarl in May 2012 AOS Filers   
    My interview went horribly wrong. My husband and I were verbally abused by the officer. My husband has a disability and this woman even went as far as to ask him " Why are u married and have her n her son live with u? U r on disability!" We left the room feeling as though we had been abused and literally torn to pieces. Our marriage is legitimate and this woman made us feel dirty and broken.
    We have since filed a motion to get a new interview and have the officer reprimanded for her conduct. We also spoke to the directors secretary the following day and she recorded our statement and advised us on what steps to take. The officer took my i94 and read me the yes n no questions. But did not give us an answer. She then threw a letter of continuance on the table and rushed us out of the room. We had a stack of Co mingling proof of marriage she also did not care to look at. We left the room visibly shaken.
    We originally went without a lawyer, but my advice to anyone going without a lawyer is if your interview is going wrong. Immediately ask for the interview to stop and call your lawyer. Then tell the officer tyou want to speak to the district director. This is your right. My husband and I did not know that. I hope our story could help others.
    would keep you guys updated on the case as further developments happen
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    isa30 reacted to Selah in Late May - June AOS fillers, unite!   
    Congrats on getting your EAD card!
    I wouldn't worry too much about not having an interview notice there is still a few who haven't received them either.
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    isa30 reacted to Newbie608 in Late May - June AOS fillers, unite!   
    You can bring both and just explain the situation to them. I doubt they'll ask for it though but you never know. Usually they would change your address and give it back the same day but I guess it depends on where you live too...
    What evidence do you have? I don't have much...
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    isa30 reacted to Newbie608 in Late May - June AOS fillers, unite!   
    Hey Linda, there is no need to be stressed. You are not required to bring your driver license to the interview. Your passport is enough for identification. Your hubby will need his DL or State ID or PP. The address on my DL is also different but I'm not worried about changing it right now because I have to change my name on it after I get my GC so I decided to wait. I'm taking my DL with me on that day only because I will be driving since hubby will be super crabby so early in the morning..
    So quit worrying now lady... You'll be fine....
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    isa30 reacted to DeeDee&Sam in Woman with K1 visa wants to divorce and marry me   
    without being judgemental and risk my butt to be banned from the topic all i can say is get ready for a longgggggggggggggg and annoying process. if your new relationship works out without colateral damage it would be a miracle from heavens. and please don't use the vawa word people. he'll get ideas
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    isa30 reacted to dwheels76 in COULDA,SHOULDA,WOULDA   
    Welcome to the world of VJ. And still lots to learn before you r journey is over you can be gearing up fpr the NVC process thats next.
    But Hmmm thats interesting. Most come back and say the married path. I mean cheaper, less paperwork when you get here, Instant work, school. And well you are married which.
    Curious though why you would think K1 would be less a hassle?
    I know you may think faster but look at timelines K1 may buy you an good 1 to 2 month lead maybe. You will be fine and won;t regret iit one bit. Stop looking at others timelines it will make you nuts. I am tellin you.
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    isa30 reacted to Newbie608 in Late May - June AOS fillers, unite!   
    I guess thats how the process works sometime. For example, I filed days before you yet you got an interview date before me. We just never know when it comes to immigration..
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    isa30 reacted to akihon in Interviewed, house visited and still no decision 4 months after interview   
    But the thing is, you think that the USCIS officials care about the emotional side of a relationship. They don't, and they have no reason to.
    Their right to judge everything is just that - they judge your marriage at face value, at first glance, and it does not extend beyond that.
    For you to say that what they say is not fair nor true is you appealing to the emotional side of things and assuming that they care about what you think of your marriage.
    They don't care about what you think your marriage is. They only care about what THEY think your marriage is.
    They never ask you how you feel about your husband/wife. For a reason. They don't care.
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    isa30 reacted to JimVaPhuong in Interviewed, house visited and still no decision 4 months after interview   
    I don't mean to be hyper-critical, but this statement is a bit naive. They have every right to make any sort of judgement they want to. In fact, it's their job to make judgements. Adjustment of status is a discretionary benefit, and it's their job to root out fraud. They can ask any question they want. They can make any accusations they want. They can be as rude as they want. They can do practically anything short of taking you into a dark room and beating you with a rubber hose. As distasteful as these tactics are, the fact is that they have been found to be effective. People will often give up information they've been hiding when they feel intimidated, and when you're the subject of a fraud investigation then they want you to feel intimidated.
    They came to your house because they suspected your relationship was a sham. The fact that your husband was not living with you confirmed their suspicions. A follow up interview is a possibility, but at this point I doubt if it's needed. They have enough information now to deny your application. If you're lucky then the denial letter will come by mail, and include a notice that you've been placed in removal proceedings for material misrepresentation. If you're not so lucky then the denial letter will be delivered by an ICE officer who will take you into custody.
    Your case has taken a serious nosedive, and you need professional legal help now. This isn't like your friend's case where neither of them were home and a roommate said something stupid. They came to your house and you confirmed that your husband wasn't living there. Of all of the things they could have found that would have been proof of a sham marriage, the only thing they could have found that would have been more compelling would have been a signed confession. You'll have a very narrow window to file a motion to reopen after the denial is issued. A lawyer should be working on that motion now.
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    isa30 reacted to hmh33 in Interviewed, house visited and still no decision 4 months after interview   
    You should get a good immigration lawyer. This is beyond DIY.
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    isa30 reacted to mrsGORE in Late May - June AOS fillers, unite!   
    yeah I have to be positive if this is for me then this is for me
    Thanks Selah
    I just hate it that my husband is not even worried about the interview while I'm so stress out
    always tell me that I'm freaking him out for worrying too much lol
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    isa30 reacted to Angeltots in Late May - June AOS fillers, unite!   
    Here goes for the late update to this forum! It has been a celebratory night! =] We had tons of sushi for dinner with friends and blah blah... Hehehe.
    So we arrived around 15 minutes before the scheduled time. We waited for exactly that much time, as we were called right on the dot. My husband was called in first. And seriously, being outside in the waiting area was painful! Lol~
    We were interviewed individually. First, we were asked to held up our right hand and swore that only the truth be told. There was another person sitting at the back observing. He asked for our IDs. Questions asked to us were:
    1) Our own parent's first name, (any siblings for my husband)
    2) town we were born
    3) how we met and what was our first date
    4) when we got married, where, and was there a dinner/reception after, who were at the dinner
    5) how I came into the country, where I entered, when I came, and if I left the country since I came in.
    6) asked my husband if he had been married before, if he has any kids, and asked him if I was married before, and if I had any kids, (to which he jokingly replied - "not yet!", the interviewer didn't even crack a smile! stone cold. Hehe.) The interviewer didn't ask any of these questions to me.
    7) he asked me the "proper questions" that we already filled out in our application: are you a spy, are you planning to practice polygamy, are you a member of the communist party, espionage, blah blah. and ticked each one off as i answered.
    8) He asked if I am affiliated with any membership or groups.
    9) He asked my husband about his work, and if I am working. He asked me if I work. He didn't ask me what my husband does.
    10) interviewer asked me what his sister's name is.
    11) He asked if there's any more information/papers we would like to share with him.
    12) he kept my EAD card and my older EAD card, which i just gave it to him to discard properly.
    After that, he said that he has everything he needs and our case is approved. We shall get a confirmation later in the day and to expect the card in 2 weeks.
    I came out and my husband thought he is needed inside. I said, "nope, we're done! approved on the spot!"
    Everything took 30 minutes. So basically we were interviewed for 15 minutes total.
    When we called my in-laws he said, "They grilled me so bad! When it was her turn, they took one look at her and approved her on the spot!" Lol~
    Basically, if you are in a real relationship, there is nothing to prepare for the interview. Facts are facts and maybe what they are listening for is the way you answer. Nothing cookie-cutter, easy conversation.
    Good luck to everyone!!!!!
    YES WE LIKED IT!!! Thanks. =]
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    isa30 reacted to Newbie608 in Late May - June AOS fillers, unite!   
    I'm a strong believer too msGore!!!Everyone is entitle to their own beliefs though....
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    isa30 reacted to mrsGORE in Late May - June AOS fillers, unite!   
    sorry about that...that is only for Angeltots and Isa30 and they like it though...
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    isa30 reacted to slidingdoors in Late May - June AOS fillers, unite!   
    ^ Awwww come on IPv6Freely, I'm not a theist either but don't get on somebody's case for expressing good wishes in their own way.
    Also, Congratulations to Angeltots! Hope all our interviews are as stress-free as yours and just think how stressed you were last night with the letter thing! Total 360!
    In other news, my AP card production was ordered today. I can go on a hypothetical foreign holiday that I can't afford now! (Or more realistically, go to India if there is an emergency).
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    isa30 reacted to mrsGORE in Late May - June AOS fillers, unite!   
    To Angeltots
    praying for approval on the spot for you..In Jesus name
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