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    Hi VJ family,
    I had apply in June 2017, have a divorce pending and i filed under 3 year rule for citizenship, I was skeptical to attend the interview and was ready to withdraw the case but People here suggested that i should go to interview which i did yesterday and below is the experience i shared.
    So i went to the Interview yesterday. I took a oath and she asked me are you still married? i said yes but separated as we are going through divorce, then she went about asking how long have i been separated and i told her a month. she asked if we are still living together and i answered yes.
    afterwards she asked me civic questions I answered 6 questions, had me write few sentences and asked me to read few lines.
    She went over my application and asked question on my application. I disclosed I had a couple of traffic tickets couple of years ago.
    Then she showed me all my info on a paper to verify it, and said "The name will appear on your naturalization certificate"
    She made me sign an oath and said I will be saying that oath on my ceremony.
    then she handed me a paper that said I passed the test but a decision could not be made yet because she wanted to review my file and that i will hear back within 90 days about decision.
    Anyone with similar experience? Im ready to apply next year if anything but the interview went very good.
    Thank you! 
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    sparrowone got a reaction from Wenchester777 in I-751 June 2016 Filers (Merged Threads)   
    GOT AN EMAIL TODAY THAT MY NEW CARD IS BEING PRODUCED. YAYYYY!!! (I sent in RFE last monday and got approved in 5 days) 
    Ready to send in my N400 tomorrow. 
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    sparrowone got a reaction from Jon York in New Islamabad AP-Tracker, Part II   
    well just wanted to tell you that its all bullcrap what people say about not going to Pakistan! i was there 2 months ago and i was there in northern cities which are considered dangerous. if you wanna visit then i would suggest you to visit Islamabad and as long as you stay in Islamabad you will be safe inshallah!
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