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    October 5, 2012
    I did not wait for the alarm to set off, I was awake 4 minutes before 3AM. Must go to St. Luke's Extension Clinic in Manila soon. It's medical examinations day for me.
    I was able to eat a bit, shower and go over the things needed for the exam. The taxi was waiting even before 4:30 (our set time) so we arrived at St. Luke's earlier. I was there a few minutes before 5, about an hour before the opening. The waiting line (for U.S.) was short!
    At 6, we were attended by the guard, checked all the things they required (passport, letter from the US Embassy, photocopies of that letter and the passport's biographic page, 3 photos), stamped our hand just so if we wanted to go out, they could let us in again. Of course there’s also the biometric authentication. They have that so no unidentified person could just get inside the building. The device is also present at all counters where tests are given.
    They let us in after the verification and we got seated to wait a bit.
    After a few minutes, the guard started calling us to get in line in front of the windows. I was number 4, window ‘online’, meaning, since I registered online (on SLEC website), I did not have to fill-out the patient data sheet (PDS). One less task from all the rest.
    At the window, they got the requirements again as presented to the guard and also the index fingerprint through biometrics and took a picture of us. Then we were told to be seated again and waited for them to call us for the payment step which was done on the 5th floor. Vital signs were taken (still on 5th floor) after payment.
    Occurring after that was the chest X-ray (3rd floor). All our upper clothes were removed and we wore a gown for cover. All people who have long hair must tie it way up on the head so that it would not interfere in the image. It was a cool X-ray they got there. I guess they should have that as we paid so much and the U.S. is really strict with the tuberculosis issue and other matters concerning diseases.
    Next tests were for the blood and urine (Laboratory, 4th floor). I didn’t think it would be tough getting the blood that time. The medical technologist had a minor difficulty getting it from me. Therefore, I had experienced more pain in that instance.
    It was 9:40 when I had the physical exam. "All clothes must be removed" was one of the instructions on the door of the examination room. When I was called, the doctor told me to do that and that I should wear the gown provided there.
    While unclothing behind the curtain she asked me of the past illnesses and pertinent matters. Then I was instructed to lie down on the examination bed and she did her routine.
    A little less than 10 minutes after, it was over. I thought, that was not so frightening.
    Well, then, I and my new friend Joy (I met her there) went to the immunization floor, 2nd. There, we had to wait more. When it was our turn, we were just interviewed by the doctor regarding our previous vaccines. She looked for the polio shot scar and for the chicken pox marks too. Then she recommended for the urine test and MMR and tetanus vaccines.
    During the urine test, the nurse made sure my bag was outside the toilet when I was getting the sample and that she was standing closely by the door. You know what that means.
    When that was over, we went to the 3rd floor and there a nurse told us we needed to come back at 1PM for the results.
    So we had our lunch at Robinson's Mall. It's near St. Luke's and we just walked to get there.
    We got back at 1PM. At the counter on the 3rd floor, the same nurse told us we had to go back to the immunization floor and get the vaccines. Comparing the blood extraction with the immunizations, I say I had a tougher time with the extraction.
    The immunization was the last for us and then we went to the ground floor finally to wait for the results. It was not a short wait so I had time again to read the drafts of my students (for their community service project).
    The time was 3:24PM when I finally got the results! The nurse at the checkout counter asked some final questions for confirmation, gave some instructions and then handed me the immunization record and chest radiograph CD. I texted Richard right after that.
    It was a day like no other. We’re so grateful I passed the medical exams! I'm getting close to my reunion with Richard. I hope the same for everyone here! God bless you all! (F)
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