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    Lub2012 reacted to Dodi in Shortcuts when checking for updates from the NVC and DOS   
    Once your NOA2 has been processed at the USCIS level, the NVC and DOS are the only way to really find out when/where your case was accepted until you (maybe) get a letter from the NVC or Packet 3 arrives. As one of my favorite vjer's likes to say "HumansTM" are hard to reach at the NVC and DOS helplines. ESPECIALLY at the DOS. I clocked half an hour of waiting through recorded messages and being disconnected for pressing the wrong option or trying to surf my way through it before I finally wrote down all of the RIGHT options and made myself a road map.

    Someone just pm'ed me about calling for a case update at the NVC, so I thought I'd share my "road map" with the rest of you, in case you're tired of getting lost as well.

    For the NVC:

    K1's are not tracked through the AVR, EVER. They are processed like an immigrant visa, but they are NOT immigrant visas, so they fall into a completely different class of their own. Therefore you need an operator. To get there:


    Press 2 for Non-Haiti-Related issue (Please note that this will probably change after some time)
    Press 1 for English
    Press 5 for an operator

    For DOS:

    This is where you will be able to find out if your case was received at the Embassy/Consulate. They will not see your case in their system until the NVC has logged it in and applied a case number to it.

    Press 1 then 0 for a live operator.

    I hope this helps everyone else who has to wade through the red tape to get to someone (hopefully) with answers. Please be aware that not all of them have the correct information, and you can call back and ask for someone else or request a supervisor if you feel you're being given misinformation (SOMETIMES this helps, sometimes not).
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    Lub2012 reacted to V+C in K1 approved but under admin processing at New Delhi   
    I would suggest calling the US Department of State (DOS) they get updated by the consulate. Their number is (202) 663-1225. They were able to look mine up and tell me what the 221g said before my Fiance received it from the consulate. Good Luck
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