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    Not needed when filing for AOS from a K-1. The only proof of bona fide marriage that is needed is a copy of your certified marriage certificate. If you happen to get an interview, then bring proof of residing together and co-mingling of finances.
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    You're adjusting from a K1, follow the guide here:
    Proof of bonafide marriage, such as joint bank accounts, assets, etc, are only required for the interview (if you get one).
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    a+j got a reaction from Ivie & Eguagie in The "Has your fiancé(e) ever been in the U.S.?" question on the I-129F   
    Later on in the process, on the DS-230, she'll have to list dates of all previous visits to or residence in the United States, and give type of visa status (if known).
    No additional info on this topic required when sending the I-129F petition.
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    a+j got a reaction from Andie in The "Has your fiancé(e) ever been in the U.S.?" question on the I-129F   
    Later on in the process, on the DS-230, she'll have to list dates of all previous visits to or residence in the United States, and give type of visa status (if known).
    No additional info on this topic required when sending the I-129F petition.
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    a+j got a reaction from dlc68 in The "Has your fiancé(e) ever been in the U.S.?" question on the I-129F   
    Later on in the process, on the DS-230, she'll have to list dates of all previous visits to or residence in the United States, and give type of visa status (if known).
    No additional info on this topic required when sending the I-129F petition.
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    Nothing to do with God.
    A lot to do with uscis regulations.
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    Same in Indiana. I didn't have a SSN yet when we applied for our marriage license. The county website said a SSN was required, but we asked the County Clerk directly and actually my passport was enough to have the license issued.
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    Kick him to the curb!
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    No, he cannot adjust to anyone but you. I think he knows that and is trying to blackmail you. It would explain why he left and then came back.
    You do realise aside from the penalties of lying to the government, you would be on the hook for the I-864?
    Kick him out, file for divorce, and write a letter to USCIS and ICE advising them of his fraudulent intent.
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    Sorry capri, you're wrong. a K1 entrant can ONLY adjust to the USC that petitioned them. Period.
    Their K1 visa expires as soon as they entered the US with it. The date on the visa is only there as the date they must use the visa to enter the US by. Once they're here they're governed by the I-94.
    If they marry before their I-94 expires they're able to adjust status based on the I-129F (no requirement for the I-130), if they (the USC petitioner and K1 entrant) married AFTER the 90 days they could still AOS but it would not be based on their approved I-129F petition (the requirement is marriage in 90 days to use the I-129F) and they would need to file the I-130.
    If he tried to file an I-130/I-485 with someone else he would have to disclose he entered on a K1. That would preclude him from using the I-485 (though they'd take his money). He could still process the I-130 but it would mean leaving the country to get a CR-1, and it would be HEAVILY scrutinized.
    See here: http://www.k1k3visalawyer.com/can-a-k-1-visa-holder-marry-another/ which leads you here: http://www.uscis.gov/ilink/docView/SLB/HTML/SLB/0-0-0-1/0-0-0-29/0-0-0-7406.html
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    Yes. Youre getting confused because the only way you can adjust from the K1 you came on is through the USC who sponsored you for the K1. But if your K1 expires or rather when your K1 expires you are an out of status K1 visa holder in the US with no status because you didnt file AOS. (so youre not in a period of auth stay) Youre as good as any other illegal loosely speaking. If you marry another USC, you can file a 130/485 through your marriage to them. Totally different basis for adjusting.
    Getting back to your situation. Brc posted an excellent quote "When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time". Your husband has made it quite clear what he wants from you- a greencard. Hes made it quite clear hes willing to lie to you and offer you false promises in exchange for it. (I'll work on the marriage if thats what you want) Hes made it clear hes willing to use guilt to get what he wants. Hes made it clear hes not trustworthy and is willing to commit fraud. Hes made it clear he is willing to commit crimes. Hes made is clear he is willing to let you commit crimes that you could be caught and punished for, for his benefit.
    This is not the kind of person you put yourself on the line for. This is not the kind of person you want in your life.
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    If you have a digital copy just use the government website to size it correctly and have it printed here.
    Dept of State Photo tool
    I used this for the NVC stage as my husband sent me ones not even in size. Worked great!
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    a+j reacted to moemac59 in AOS cover letter - please check we have everything! :)   
    Make sure it is not a copy of a marriage transcript. I made that mistake of putting a certified copy of our marriage transcript in (it looks exactly the same as the marriage certificate). The county in NY state that I live in would not issue a certified copy of our marriage certificate so they gave us the certified transcript instead. Well, this cost me an RFE and a couple of weeks of processing our application. I sent them a photocopy (front and back) of our marriage certificate and then my AOS application was approved.
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    a+j reacted to pumpkinseed in Worried about the AP/EAD combo card while traveling   
    I just wanted to let you guys how everything went with my Advance Parole. I came back to the U.S. a few days ago. I had to explain what the AP card was to at least 5 airline employees - first in Bulgaria upon check-in - they were very friendly but just haven't seen that card I suppose, so the guy called his supervisor who has heard of it, but not seen it. It really helped that I had that little piece of paper which explains the combo card and which comes in the mail with it when you receive it. He read the explanation and had no problem with checking me in. Then in Switzerland - the first lady at Passport control before boarding the plane to the U.S. was very confused that I don't have a visa or a green card and why I was trying to board with some other card; she also tried to convince me to fill in an ESTA (my country is not in the visa waiver program). She was really nice though and trying to understand what it was that I had. I showed her the explanation letter too, she read it and seemed to be satisfied with it; then she called her supervisor too and she told her it was ok. So they gave me the OK to board the plane and sent me to get a boarding card at the US Airways desk. There, again, a confused employee. Explanation letter, again. Employee understood. I boarded the plane (Yay!!!) All in all, people were nice to me and it didn't take them a long time to resolve the issue, but it did make me a little nervous.
    My POE was in Philadelphia. I went through the US citizens/Permanent residents line which was reaaally fast - the officer there was extremely nice and knew exactly what he was doing. He sent me to secondary processing and people there were very fast and professional, too. The whole thing took me around 10 min. It was great!
    My advice is - when travelling with the combo card, bring that explanation letter that came in the mail with it. It really helped me. I also had the FAQ about the AP card from the USCIS website printed out just in case.
    Good luck!
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    a+j reacted to DefunctAccount in The first Gay K-1 Fiance Visa Progress with DOMA repeal on the Horizon (Tim & Keno)   
    Keno and I are starting to slowly prepare all the documentation we are going to need to submit our I-129F. We want to take our time with the whole process to make sure every 'i' is dotted and every 't' is crossed. Being one of the first same-sex bi-national couples to immigrate to the US on a K-1 visa on the heels of a potential victory in the Supreme Court on June 27th means we don't want anything to go wrong on our end.
    While we cannot file our I-129F until DOMA is repealed, we want to be ready the instant it is to submit our paperwork because it is such a time-consuming process.
    Keno is currently securing his passport quality photos which he will include in his packet of info (G-325a, statement of intent to marry) that he will send to me in late January. He should have them within the week.
    To everyone who supports us, thank you very much - you have no idea how much kind words and support means to us.
    To those who wish us ill or dislike us because of our sexuality, please just avoid posting inflammatory comments and leave us be - that's all we ask and we do wish you the best of luck on your journey to bring your loved one to the US.
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    a+j reacted to cassecouilles in The good stuff   
    Hello folks,
    I've been following some threads on this website about the beneficiaries adjusting to the states. Honestly? I'm a bit scared :-) I keep reading because I tell myself I want to know what to expect, I don't want to be blindsided by these feelings when my son and I finally make the move, plus I've read some very interesting and useful advice about staying busy while waiting for that first job. But it is a tad disheartening and sometimes I almost dread leaving all that's familiar behind. I'm sure not everyone had such a hard time adjusting, right? What are some really positive experiences you had? Things you absolutely LOVE about your new life in the US? Maybe even funny anecdotes from your adjustment? I don't know about you guys, but I would love hearing about those as well :-)
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