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  1. My Fiance received a letter from the embassy yesterday, they are requesting his medical which were never send to the embassy on time for his interview back in January, he is at the embassy as we speak getting his passport and then going to get a copy of his medical exam (again). my question is how long after they get the medical exam would they give him his visa? as you know we have been on AP for almost six months

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    2. Lic.Matos


      It's ok to ask questions, we are in this together,, LOL. He has to go pick up the results next week the 17th, and bring it to the Embassy on the 18th along with his passport, after that they told him that they will issue his visa and will receive it in about 2 weeks. Crossing my fingers and praying to God!! DOS hasn't updated anything yet, it still says AP. :( hope that changed after they received his medical.

    3. DeniseD


      That's good news! Everything happens for a reason and God is in control. You know every time I call they tell me that my case looks great, that I just fell into a routine AP. Did they ever tell you that??

    4. Lic.Matos


      Yes they have, that I have a strong case and blah blah blah, but Santo Domingo is well known for placing cases on AP, there has been so many frauds that people like us who are trying to do the right by the book, are paying for it, I see it as a precaution that the embassy is taking which is fine and all but why take so long. Gees!