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    IR-1/CR-1 Visa
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    April 31,2001-love at first sight
    August 20,2001- i answered him yes thru phone
    Feb,2002-ist Allen's vacation
    June 2004-2nd vacation
    2005-3rd vacation
    JUNE 2008-4th vacation (proposal)
    June 18,2009-wedding day
    june 7,2011- vacation for 2nd anniv.
    at present-still waiting for my visa

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  1. i just received this email from usem..We are pleased to inform you that an immigrant visa was issued to you today, May 15, 2012. The visa packet will be delivered to your designated address by guaranteed courier service..yehey thank you Lord..my bday wish granted...thanks vj friends...

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    2. cherry ann

      cherry ann

      hello my mine 1month and 1day now im not yet recieve my stiil.i got interview april 23 then may 11 email me and call me usembassy i need return for finger scanning then i finger scanning may 14 then told me only i wait my visa delivery in my home.make me wonder why take so long .im worry so much mabye im denied

    3. AllenMay 4life

      AllenMay 4life

      cherry ann...just wait sis,im sure ur visa will be delivered soon,as long as u complied and told u to wait.nothing to worry sis..goodluck!

    4. cherry ann

      cherry ann

      hello.allenmay 4 life.already 52days now.i email us embassy responce to me still under review my case..i need call us embassy for follow?i try call today only ring tht pls.help me

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