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    peachzz reacted to C-ma'am in AOS, EAD & AP Checklist   
    Alright! So it's my turn to file.
    I've read the guides especially Vanessa's. Guided by her post, I created a checklist customized for me. I simply added some details such as the translation of the Birth Certificates (so I wouldn't forget) or my husband's LES (to replace the employer's letter).
    The only question I have about this whole set of paperwork is: Do I have to send a copy of my husband's bio passport page to present along with the taxes and Affidavit of Support? YES/NO?
    Now, when it comes to the evidence I was thinking:
    1 - Bank statement with both of our names on the account
    2 - Lease in both of our names
    3 - Health Insurance cards + a CVS prescription baggy with the info sticker that includes my name, our address, and the same health insurance number to match up with the cards (unless my husband remembers to print something out from the health insurance page showing both of our names )
    4 - Wedding pictures + pics with friends from random gatherings we've had
    5 - The pool passes from our apartment complex. Each pass has our names and apartment information.
    6 - Utility Bill in my name
    7 - Electric Bill in his name
    8 - Copies of wedding congratulations cards
    9 - Doctor's bill with my name and our address
    Do you think this is enough? YES/NO?
    AOS - EAD & AP Checklists.pdf
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    peachzz reacted to didopage in help!!social security number!!   
    You're welcome. Each USCIS form has instructions. Example: http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.5af9bb95919f35e66f614176543f6d1a/?vgnextoid=3faf2c1a6855d010VgnVCM10000048f3d6a1RCRD&vgnextchannel=db029c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1RCRD
    Read them so you know how to complete the form and which documents to include with. The VJ guide contains a checklist but reading the USCIS instructions is highly good to do as they are official.
    Those instructions + the AOS VJ guide should answer to 95% of the questions you may have. If your case is pretty "simple", I would say you can find the last 5% by doing a quick search on the Google bar on VJ. Good luck.
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    peachzz reacted to CHarvey80 in help!!social security number!!   
    Where in Jersey do you and your husband live?
    There is an SS office in Jersey off of the 66. You can go there and see if you can get more info. Also, have your husband talk to his bank, they may be able to open the accounts with just your passport and valid visa.
    Also, have your husband add you as a authorized user, at the very least, to his credit cards. This way you will have your own cards and have that to show at the interview at least. Have him add you to his medical benefits, as the beneficiary to his life/ADD insurance or 401K. A big thing is to start getting some mail in both of your names going to your home. Electric/Gas bills etc.
    Adding a line for you on his cell phone account is another easy win.
    I live in Jersey too! Just waiting for the wife...
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    peachzz reacted to Dave&Roza in help!!social security number!!   
    You had unitl two weeks before the I-94 expired to apply for a SSC. Now you will have to wait for the EAD or GC in order to apply for a SSC. SSA will not give you a SSC now that you are out of status. More waiting I am sorry to say.
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    peachzz reacted to didopage in help!!social security number!!   
    I agree with Dave&Roza, this is too late for now. Look at the VJ Guide about getting a SSN, it is explained: http://www.visajourney.com/content/ssn
    Follow the VJ guide to prepare your AOS package: http://www.visajourney.com/content/k1k3aos
    This is very well explained and will help you save some stress and money!
    I suggest that you prepare form I-765 as well (EAD= temporary work authorization) and form I-131 (AP=temporary travel authorization) with your AOS. Fees for these forms are waived when filed with the AOS form (I-485) and they both should be approved in 2-3 months. As soon as you get your EAD card, you will be able to go to a SS office with it + your passport/visa + marriage certificate and request a SS number.
    Edit: File all those forms with your new married last name if that's the name you want to use now.
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    peachzz reacted to Sirdaniel42 in I guess all the ppl in the world love american, eh!   
    How about being in love with an American
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    peachzz reacted to didopage in I-129F RETURNED REJECTED   
    The VISA fees changed (paid at the consulate stage), not the PETITION fees (paid at the USCIS stage).
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    peachzz reacted to P+J in Wife did not make it past homeland and got k-1 cancelled   
    Something really crazy must have happened at POE. This is just not at all common. It had to be above and beyond her saying "husband." I think we would need play by play details of what happened to make sense of it. It had to have been like a domino effect coupled with limited English skills that yielded such a disaster. Something she said had to have been very severe or severely misinterpreted.
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    peachzz reacted to LeftCoastLady in Wife did not make it past homeland and got k-1 cancelled   
    Can she take a photo of what she received and email it to you? Or do a Skype session and have her show you that way?
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    peachzz reacted to IloveOBAMA in Wife did not make it past homeland and got k-1 cancelled   
    It is kind of heart breaking that you just had your loved one denied, you go to ask for help and get called a troll or liar. If you have nothing to say please don't say those things, why would I waste my own time.
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    peachzz reacted to C-ma'am in Finally APPROVED!   
    Thank you all very much
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    peachzz reacted to 4bd in Married for love, barred for life??   
    ^ bob = bad; brad = good.
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    peachzz reacted to Jarrod&Vicky in K1 visa fee changing?   
    Hey everyone!
    We just called the Department of State to make sure that it was true that the K1 visa fee was decreasing from $350 to $240 on April 13, 2012... and it's true! Just to let all of you planing on filing for it. There's a link to it on the main page of this website.
    Good news!
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    peachzz reacted to Inky in K-1 being denied is possible?   
    There have been lots of denied K-1s as well as lots of lost petitions. Why bother even thinking about it though if you have no red flags.
    Deal with things as they happen or you will never make it through this process.
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    peachzz reacted to Pitaya in K-1 being denied is possible?   
    I have seen K1 visa petitions denied, for a myriad of issues, just read a week or two of forum threads for details. That being said, this site's stats indicate that, for example, the CSC has been approving aprroximately 80% of the K1 petitions assigned to them. There are certainly some caveats associated with that data, including the relatively small number of VJ members' petitions at CSC versus the much larger total number of petitions received at the CSC, and the accuracy and completeness of the VJ members' timelines, to name but a few. Consider reviewing the USCIS stats at their website and compare their approval stats.
    Sure, it is possible for any number of things to go awry with a petition (i.e., lost, destroyed, etc..... ). However, again when keeping it in perspective of the large total number of petitions received at USCIS, the probability of something going awry is likely very low (unless of course, it is your petition that gets lost...lol ) Maybe a person should be more worried about the reported "end of the world" stories associated with the upcoming end of the current twelve-year cycle of the Mayan calendar. It may happen, it may not. I have found that there are things that I can control, and there are things that I cannot control. I cannot control the activities of the USCIS or the Mayan calendar (to name but a few.... ). But, I can control how I respond to those situations.
    I find it helpful to try to keep things in perspective; this whole process is a marathon, not a sprint; don't forget to take a deep breath every once in awhile; and be sure to keep your focus on the end result of this whole process.
    Relax, sit back and enjoy the wait, things will speed up after your petition is approved.
    Good luck on your immigration journey.
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