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    mickeymousedd reacted to mattene in My wife just got her "green card"   
    have u actually read this from the USCIS site scotinmass? >>>> If you are a permanent resident age 18 or older, you are required to have a valid green card in your possession at all times <<<<
    You may wanna start carrying it because you have been breaking the law!
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    mickeymousedd reacted to Hypnos in My wife just got her "green card"   
    By law a green card holder must keep it on their person at all times.
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    mickeymousedd reacted to Lynkali in Bringing my 16 year old fiancée   
    I know this is a huge can of worms to open, but I can't avoid it.
    You mention that you want to bring her here. Has anyone asked her what SHE wants? Your post is full of me, me, my family, me.
    Quite apart from any legal considerations of age, etc ... the K-1 visa requires declarations of intent from BOTH parties. She will be the one interviewed at the consulate (assuming you even get that far). Maybe she does want to marry you ... but maybe she would like to finish school, or even go to college, or make her own choices in the world. Have you asked her?
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    mickeymousedd reacted to StephAnn2012 in Wedding Plans (Cancel?)   
    SzhMli - You need to remember the following:
    1. You are constrained by a 90 day window, once your fiancee is in the US.
    2. You are dealing with the slowest office of USCIS.
    3. You don't know what problems, challenges or delays might alter the timing.
    My advice is to - Get your deposits back so you can sleep at night - work solely on the issues that need to be worked on to get your fiancee here - go to a Justice of the Peace when your fiancee arrives - (every city has many of them) and get legally married to meet the requirements - while planning the best wedding in the world together.
    This will take the pressure off of you - because it is a fact - you don't know when you can have that big wedding yet!
    Good luck to you!
    Stephen and Ann (together in God's timing)
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    mickeymousedd reacted to bestofboston in so is there any way out.   
    I believe that every marriage you enter you have to have faith that the decision you are making is the right one. Unfortunately it does not always work out that way. I have been often told that you really don't get to know a person until you have lived with them for a while. I think that is true. Obviously that is impossible unless you quit your job and go to their country and live with the person you are wanting to marry. Not practical if you have a job and a home here in the USA.
    I also was unsure before I married my Filipino wife. When chatting with her every evening her time, I realized that she was raised in a home with very loving and good parents. I also was very happy that she was an elementary school teacher. Most teachers are loving and patient with others. Bottomline, I looked at what kind of person she was. How she showed respect to her father and mother. Everything played into my decision making.
    2-1/2 years of marriage and 1-1/2 years of her being in the USA, I can tell you that I could not be any happier. She has far exceeded my expectations. I was very concerned before our marriage and in the beginning of our marriage because she is alot younger than me. It has not been an issue. I believe that she loves me much more now than when we first married and likewise.
    I have also read a lot of horror stories about the person coming here and leaving their US spouse. It happens.
    If you both have that special feeling about each other and you know when its special, then take that leap of faith.
    Good Luck!
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    mickeymousedd reacted to Loida and Ed in so is there any way out.   
    Actually, It sounds like a legitimate question and not a pre-cursor to any feelings being felt in advance of a fiancee coming over.
    Sort of like the cold feet syndrome many go thru in marriage, their is that sliver of doubt that passes through ones mind. I'm sure whether we admit it or not publicly or privately, most if not all of us have thought the question
    of what would be the repercussions should this be a well orchestrated ploy such as what others have unknowingly fallen into.
    With the same thoughts in mind though, we also have to step backwards and look towards the "other side of the fence" and that is of the person coming here. For those already living stateside... Change places for a moment... Imagine having to uproot from everything familiar to you, say goodbye to friends and family, and going to a place where your unfamiliar, with your life packed into suitcases only, and hoping that those words that stoked the mind with dreams of a better life with someone you fell deeply in love with might easily be shattered by realizing (in after thought) that the person whom sponsored you, misrepresented himself.
    This can be a two way street, so obviously their should be avenues to follow which allow safe passage and that continued plan for a better life.
    The chats, the emails, the visits, the emotions, the "everything" about relationships and one that can continue thru thick and thin weight heavily on both those here and those there.
    I dont think I have seen 'thread resources" out here that represent a type of "flow charted" answers to the different scenarios to which it may come to be.
    I personally dont think their should be one either as it can open up a Pandora's box which allow others predefined answers on how and what to do / say to get their way
    For all of us, were just hoping that it works out. We pray we make the right choice in our partner, and we have faith in one another thru the words, and acts already exhibited in the relationship prior to making this final
    I guess their is no real single answer or booklet for this... it's all so non-linear, just like life is
    Sorry if i got so psychological on the answer, and for you to have read this to see i didnt give an answer to your question..
    For all of us ready , and want to commit , we "dance the dance" and take the chance its the right choice
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    mickeymousedd reacted to boxer615 in so is there any way out.   
    it is a bit concerning that this could be a thought from somebody that has already initiated the process.
    it would be prudent to know your partner before you commit to marriage regardless of whether or not this person is from a foreign nation or your home nation. odds are if you believe fraud could be the slightest bit involved, you don't know this person well enough to get married.
    this is not an attack at all. i believe that things like this and folks rushing into the process without actually knowing if they are ready or compatible are the main cause for processing slow downs and such.
    at the end of the day, get to know your partner before deciding to wed.
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    mickeymousedd reacted to reese1 in Have any one with k-1 done this??   
    In the DR the vaccinations are not included in the price of the exam they are extra. So it is not about causing a problem or issue it is about what can be made cost effective. Most fees for the visa process are written in stone so to speak so if there is something you can do to lessen the cost I say try it. So it's not about trying to get out of getting the vaccinations it's about seeing if you can do the same process for less money. I am a firm believer a closed mouth don't get fed...meaning if don't ask you don't know. By no means would I want anyone including myself to do something that will cost them more money, problems or a negative result in their visa process. All I am saying is if there are options to a step in the visa process look into it before you dismiss it.
    Here is is a link from other vj members that have done this.
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    mickeymousedd reacted to Air Force Wife in Police Ceritificate..?   
    Translation Requirements
    All documents not written in English, or in the official language of the country in which application for a visa is being made, must be accompanied by certified translations and submitted to the NVC. The translation must include a statement signed by the translator stating that the:
    Translation is accurate, and
    Translator is competent to translate.
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    mickeymousedd reacted to relshamy in Co-Sponsor   
    woohh. Calm down a bit! First off, I will be the wife NOT the husband!! And I am currently residing with my fiance in our country until he gets his visa and we'll both travel to USA. And for your info, I am employed here!! So I am not being lazy! Anyways, there's much better and respectful ways to deliver a message to someone!! And please don't jump into conclusions!
    Anyways, thanks for trying to help.
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    mickeymousedd reacted to Cathi in Co-Sponsor   
    this is INCORRECT. As long as the co sponsor is domiciled in the US and when he files taxes files foreign earned income he can be the co sponsor. I know for a fact it's true because it's true for my co sponsor. My husband just received his visa and did not have a problem, my co sponsor was accepted with flying colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And who are you to pass judgement on this person? Seriously? Did you ever think that perhaps the OP is a student or a recent graduate? This forum is for people who need help on their journey. Grow up and keep your opinions to yourself.
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    mickeymousedd reacted to Sweetcheeksss in is he lying or is the USCIS messed up?   
    Maybe he was embarrassed because he didn't have enough money at that time and didn't want to admit it. I know sometimes men feel pressured to be the "provider" and depending on his (and your) cultures, maybe he didn't want to admit that at the time, he was financially unable to file.
    Or, maybe he just wasn't quite ready to file and didn't want to hurt YOUR feelings so he stalled a bit.
    Whatever the real reason is, he's filed it now and you can either move forward together or you can confront him with your doubts.
    Good luck with everything.
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    mickeymousedd reacted to ca_babe in is he lying or is the USCIS messed up?   
    This is the person that you are going to marry. You should be able to ask him if he really submitted it or not.
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