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    Me and my husband Metal (its his nickname) met about eight years ago and developed a long distance friendship. After some hardship we both realized that we were meant for eachother and started a long distance relationship. We got married July 1,2011 and are both currently attending schools in out respective countries to better our lives together once we are together permanently.

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  1. Called NVC today to see why my IV had not been invoiced yet. Turns out the Ds-3032 email we had sent out in June and recieved confirmation of recieving didn't count. So all this time they were waiting on our choice of agent >.

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    2. trixiechick75


      Makes me think I need to just have hubby fill out ds 3032...so expensive tho because he is in the dominican and it's about $60 just to send it to me :-(

    3. DigitalSxKitten


      Sent you a message lol...You should just do the DS-261 its the same thing,free and online

    4. DigitalSxKitten


      I can walk you through it if you need :)