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    Alex&Manny got a reaction from Slyman in How to track package on DHL in Juarez   
    I'm unsure if I have been checking the package that my fiance is supposed to receive through DHL right.
    He read to me on a paper that they gave him that I had to go on his account on usvisa-info.com to look up the status.
    This is what I'm getting : "No hay información de este Número de rastreo DHL ("Air Waybill", o AWB por sus siglas en inglés) al momento."
    Is that what I'm looking for? Or is that just telling me we didn't get a number we can trace the package with, which he didn't.
    I wish he would have just gotten an ID number of some sort instead so we could trace directly on the DHL website, I feel like that would be more up up to date.
    Then again, the package probably hasn't been sent out, it's only been a day, I just want to make sure I'm checking the status of it right.
    Any help would be appreciated!
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    Alex&Manny reacted to Jon and Sol in Limit on K-1s from previous marriage?   
    You are 100% wrong. A CR-1 is NOT a K-1. The limitation applies to a lifetime limit on K-1 visas. There is no lifetime limit on CR-1 visas.
    Quit giving misleading, incorrect advice.
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    Alex&Manny reacted to Erica & L in marry US citizen on tourist visa and have religious ceremony but not legal ceremony   
    I'm just throwing this out there (because it's been grinding my gears from most of your posts I see) that although you are giving the OP correct information, your tone and wording, in most threads, is really unnecessary and almost condescending. Many people might not know all the facts, thus why they're asking for clarification, there is no reason to tell people to "stop trying to circumvent the system just because you want to be together faster" when they are clearly looking for answers and the correct and legal way to proceed. Half that paragraph could have been cut to avoid your personal remarks and just include the facts.
    In addition, it seems like any thread who has someone who is AOSing fro a tourist visa you have a bitter attitude with. Myself, and various other people adjust from a B2 visa who had no pre-conceived intent to want to immigrate, just solely because we didn't have to go through consulate processing isn't a reason to make assumptions or speculate one's case. Life happens, circumstances do change, doesn't mean "fraud" needs to be screamed at every opportunity. Leave the judgement for the USCIS.
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    Alex&Manny reacted to Ketsuban in Can girlfriend come here then file?   
    Jay-Kay didn't actually say anybody was violating the TOS. They said moving it to the AOS forum would be inappropriate since they were thinking of visiting with intent of adjusting which is illegal, thus preventing any violation.
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    Alex&Manny reacted to Harpa Timsah in Can girlfriend come here then file?   
    It is illegal to enter the US on a tourist visa with the intent to immigrate. You know that already.
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    Alex&Manny reacted to Harpa Timsah in VISA ON HAND BUT?????   
    There is no right to immigration. Even with a visa or a GC, there is no right to enter the US. The only people guaranteed entry to the US are US Citizens.
    The OP has no spouse to go live with, and she wants to use a spousal visa. Anyone encouraging her is encouraging illegal activity and fraud.
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    Alex&Manny reacted to Jon and Sol in VISA ON HAND BUT?????   
    So basically, you have no interest in being with this guy (understandable, since he is obviously insane), but you want to go to the U.S. anyway? Sounds like you married him for a greencard, which is immigration fraud.
    BTW, he doesn't need a lawyer to divorce you, he can do it by himself, and doing so does not require your permission.
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    Alex&Manny reacted to Noura_914 in i got engaged overseas while i was married in America and i had my green card   
    I'm confused?
    Afghanistan is among a list of high fraud countries. US Embassies specifically warn against this exact situation. My only point is that they will go through his file VERY CAREFULLY because of his timeline. I'm not saying that he's ineligible to apply for a K1...my point from the beginning stands: it will look bad to USCIS. Meeting someone face to face is not a consideration by USCIS if you get engaged while still married? It absolutely is. It is common knowledge that USCIS and the immigration system as a whole has no real standard they follow - they approve some petitions and deny others with identical profiles. Your petition is more or less dependent on what kind of mood the person reviewing your file is in. If you think someone over there will look at this file and not question this as possibly being fraud, then excuse me, I believe you are the one who is "confused" about this process.
    Although I am new to this site, I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, new to the Immigration system in the US. This is a dance I have been doing for literally 7 years. I am not confused at all. Additionally you're telling him to avoid having a party as it could look bad to USCIS. I'm amazed that you are concerned about him having an engagement party (something that is common culturally speaking) but not concerned that he divorced his wife immediately upon receiving citizenship and then turns around and barely skips a beat before getting engaged to someone from his home country ... a situation that US Embassies in several countries in that region specifically warn about. I'm curious as to why they'd be up in arms over an engagement party that could be viewed as a marriage, but not even bat an eye over the fact he divorced his wife upon receiving citizenship and then immediately files for a fiancee from his home country.
    I'm not saying it's fraud at all ... I have no idea, nor am I one to pass judgement, my only advice was to be open and honest, provide all the proof of relationship there is (calls, video chats, emails, messages, texts, airline tickets, photos, etc.) and to be prepared for a longer battle because of the extra scrutiny they will pay to his petition. You have to go through the same process as everyone else. I suggest you take a look at a K1 thread if thats the route you will take. Good luck.
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    Alex&Manny reacted to aaron2020 in Divorce within 90 days of fiance's arrival   
    Divorce and move on.
    Since you have not filed to adjust, she becames a K-1 visa overstay after her 90 days.
    You cannot do anything to deport her.
    You cannot do anything to make her leave.
    If she chooses to remain and be a visa overstay, you cannot do anything.
    Divorce and move on. You are not on the hook for anything. Let her make her choices and let her be.
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    Alex&Manny reacted to bdawn in A Troubling Pattern   
    Did you take the time to read? Can you source-out specific line where I said all claims are false? Did you read "Without disputing the existence of genuine abuses" at all? Which part of this statement runs inconsistent with your understanding?
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    Alex&Manny reacted to livindadream in is a week visit a red flag?   
    I'm not sure why you're following me around this forum to try to discredit me...you were wrong about your assumption in your last comment and you are wrong again.
    Who is Eligible to File?
    You must also have met with your fiancé (e) in person within the last two years prior beginning the K-1 Visa Petition process (filing the I-129F).
    What I said:
    The requirements of a K-1 are that you have been visited by your fiancé within the last two years.
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    Alex&Manny reacted to VickyP in green card scam   
    I am more then positive, that this post is not by the husband but more likely by the woman. Just my thought.
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    Alex&Manny reacted to churawan in denied fiance visa   
    Wow, really not judging here, but how can you guys not be aware of the drug testing at the physical??? There are many discussions of this topic on here almost weekly, you should have had knowledge of this and warned him of the tests... Sorry to hear about this happening to you both... I hope you get through this quick as possible, 12 months will seem like a long time, but the rewards are coming!!!!!
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    Alex&Manny reacted to EegyptA in Don't ever go K-1   
    you should be thankful you got a visa and are in the U.S. with ur significant other.......some of us would just about kill to have at least that
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    Alex&Manny reacted to Zeeshanish in Don't ever go K-1   
    Other processes are even longer, harder and maybe a bit more expensive. So K1 is your best bet.
    e: And its not like everyone goes through such a hard time, i had a friend received his K1 in 160 days. It depends on different variables.
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    Alex&Manny reacted to Cheezees in Request for 'more' evidence that we don't have. Help!   
    Boarding passes and club memberships would be good in light of your situation. In your first post you stated that car insurance was separate. Is it in fact joint? If it is, then that's good news. Taxes are great evidence! Phone bills are very weak, it just shows that someone was on your phone plan.
    Sorry, but a quick read of pages 2 and 3 of the Instructions show that you did not give them much evidence. There is no proof of joint occupancy and/or ownership of your communal residence. (No. 2) You have scant financial records showing joint ownership of and joint responsibility for liabilities - installments for the mortgage, credit cards and cars would have been perfect. You did not even submit tax returns. That's 4 missing big ticket items. You could not have given them what they were asking for because in fact you DO NOT HAVE what they are asking for (minus the taxes).
    Again, gather as much as you can. Personally, I was relieved that you had joint tax returns that you can submit.
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    Alex&Manny reacted to Cheezees in Request for 'more' evidence that we don't have. Help!   
    I am not going to touch the "illegals" argument because it has NOTHING to do with your case. The truth is that you were poorly prepared for the ROC through your own fault. People make mistakes and unfortunately, yours is a terrible one. I don't think anyone here is being particularly harsh on you. And USCIS is surely not making you jump through any hoops. Honestly, it looks like they gave you 1 hoop and you said "No thanks, I prefer tennis". They have specific requirements which, for whatever reason, you chose to ignore. The sheer number of forms you had to fill out and documents you had to secure for the initial AOS should have at least prompted you and especially your foreign spouse to at least quickly review the I-751 form and its requirements much earlier that you apparently did.
    Just take responsibility for your mistake and try your best to move forward, gathering as much evidence as you can. In terms of the bank statements, you should show months of withdrawals and deposits (some people only printed a cover sheet with both names which is NO EVIDENCE of use of mixed funds at all). I really would like to see your case progress positively.
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    Alex&Manny reacted to jdseidel in Don't want to marry her anymore!   
    I just sent an email to the Fraud Detection and National Security Directorate at the DHS regarding this topic. Good luck to you.
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    Alex&Manny reacted to jenafid in Don't want to marry her anymore!   
    I could be wrong, but I don't think you're going to get a whole lot of help on this forum.
    It's people like you that make this process so difficult for everyone else. Thanks for that!
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    Alex&Manny reacted to ClydesdaleCouple in Don't want to marry her anymore!   
    Dude I would honestly get the hell out of that right now. If you are caught doing that, you could face time in prison.
    Just tell her its off and cut your losses. Or go to prison and start a business with a guy named Brick,+

    On another ANGRIER note. Its because of people like you doing like this that honest, real couples who are in love (aka me and my husband) have had to live in near poverty because the government makes such tight guidelines.
    so eff you.
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    Alex&Manny reacted to Dave&Roza in married in us, left,then returned on vwp. Can i file a I-130 and adjust in US?   
    The first part of this is okay as long as they can look themselves in the mirror and honestly say that they come to the US on the VWP just to visit and then just happened to find the person of their dreams and got married. This is like first degree murder verses second degree murder. Did you sit there and plan the whole thing out or was it "in the heat of the moment"? So that is why the second part is illegal as now the intent is to remain in the US when entering on the VWP. This is the main reason you hear here on VJ about people not being able to get a tourist visa from country X. It is because too many of their fellow country people and others throughout the world have entered the US on a tourist visa or other non-immigrant means and remained. So the Embassies are making it so hard to get a tourist visa that most people cannot just visit the US.
    What you are proposing is no different than flying to Mexico or Canada and crossing the US border into the US. The only difference is that you will have proper documentation of the entry. You may get away with it for a while, but at some point the USCIS will discover the fraud and then deport the foreign spouse for immigration fraud. There is no statue of limitations on that, so if they discover it in 5 years or 25 years it can happen. Then your family will be one of those on the 6 o'clock news trying to get someone to help keep your family from being broken up as the foriegn spouse is deported. I've seen it too many times on our local news where the "immigrant" has been in the US for 10 or 15 years with children and all of a sudden they are facing deportation due to being in the country illegally.
    Life is full of choices. The choice to get married in the US. The choice to return home before the AOS was complete. The choice to return to the US on the VWP. The choice to remain and file for AOS again. The choice to live life in fear of deportation. The choice to file for a spousal visa and do it the legal way. Your life. Your choice. Your conquenses. Hypothetically speaking of course.
    Good luck and may you choose wisely,
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    Alex&Manny reacted to Harpa Timsah in married in us, left,then returned on vwp. Can i file a I-130 and adjust in US?   
    You always ask about how to move to the US with the intent to immigrate. Your previous threads have beat this dead horse with a stick enough. I take it you haven't filed for the visa yet?
    It is illegal to enter the US on a non-immigrant status with the intent to immigrate.
    Furthermore, there is absolutely NO reason to withdraw the I-130.
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    Alex&Manny reacted to Ban Hammer in deported for welfare fraud???   
    thread closed. do not restart this thread
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    Alex&Manny reacted to Partita in deported for welfare fraud???   
    100 % Support this suggestion. PLEASE CLOSE THE THREAD
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    Alex&Manny reacted to UK_Fan in deported for welfare fraud???   
    lazy to apply? are you serious? even though im 100% sure that you're a troll, how dare you sit here and act so entitled to something that you haven't even contributed to?
    nobody made you get knocked up and nobody made you move here either. when it said that US is the land of the "free', it didn't mean "free stuff".
    shame on you, you're disgusting.
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