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    We met August 23, 2008 on Myspace, lol. We started out as friends and it quickly grew into more. Spent many hours chatting, emailing and talking on the phone. I flew over for his birthday September 2010, after promising his mum I was coming. My trip was short due to financial reasons, and we wed while I was there. I came home, hired an attorney and began the process of paperwork, which we submitted in December. Almost a year after starting the process we had our interview date, for which he was denied. Now we await the NOIR, and I am planning another trip over.

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  1. I had someone ask me what it feels like to get an approval...first it's elation, happiness beyond compare, being over the moon! And then after some time, you come down from cloud nine because this process has wore you so emotionally thin you feel like you will crash in the next minute, and then that fades and you're back up again. I thought the roller coaster ride was over, apparently not, lol

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    2. Iyawo_Omo_Yoruba


      We don't have a date yet, the holiday this week in Lagos has pushed it back again. And those ticket prices are rising with Thanksgiving coming :(

    3. Dana and Divine

      Dana and Divine

      Yes, I noticed the ticket prices rising also! I'm going to try to get my husband to book a ticket while I am in Lagos for a specific time. I will book him from where he lands to home. I don't care where...just come home already! Have you tried Qatar for prices? That is the cheapest I've found! A long trip but around 900 bucks for the ride.

    4. Iyawo_Omo_Yoruba


      Yes Qatar is the only one NOT changing prices, but the US tickets went from $89 to $300-400 from Washington to here :(

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