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  1. USCIS lose the A file, this is an old problem, long time ago people experience their file been lost and they have to wait extra time, usually 1 to 3 weeks, especially when they move to another state, now everything is electronically, I think all your information is stored on database.
  2. you can do info pass : https://my.uscis.gov/appointment/v2 but what was the reason for the denial?
  3. where can I find the excel spreadsheet for each office ?
  4. be careful, I was on temporary staying in France, and they required I bring police report from French police
  5. Hi, how does it work ? every person from North Dakota get the interview in Fargo or just exceptions?
  6. Hi my friend, are a lot people who applied from north Dakota and go to the interview in Fargo or just exceptions ?
  7. they will transfer my application to Minneapolis when I change my address online.
  8. Hi Guys, me and my wife we are in Kansas, currently but my wife got a job in ND, and we are planing on waiting to send N400 until we go to ND. this has the real time with real applicants from: ND, SD, MN, and big part of WI https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1q2WooojyQKVxbF_N6bxO8muQM8QjybXZVv5QzSqDWAk/edit#gid=794661185 few people from ND and SD go to other offices beside Minnesota - Minneapolis-St. Paul Field Office , and even if they do they have similar time and experience.
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