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    Hi. Did you turn in an envelope at POE? That was supposed to have your Knightsbridge medical information in it. I guess it's possible the interviewer overlooked that info in your file and focused on the newer report from the civil surgeon. I think I would try to check back with the local office where you interviewed to make sure they don't have it. . It may take an info-pass appointment.
    I'm wondering how you even have a copy of your Knightsbridge exam, other than the vaccination sheet. Nobody gets that. Is it original or did they give you a photocopy? If the original is not in your file at the local office and they can't track it down, then you will likely have to have a new medical exam. I know Knightsbridge does not keep records on their immigration patients. I called them to clarify because people often say, contact the k1 medical doctor and get another copy. We can call England free, so I rang them up. She explained that they are under contract for a third party, the embassy, so they perform the exam then send all related results to the third party and do not retain any of the records. The embassy does not keep files either. They hand back your chest x-ray, and seal the rest of the exam and your entire immigration file in the envelope for you to turn in at POE.
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    Yep! The sealed envelope comes with the passport and a visa. Its a big brown one apparently. Surprised the officer didnt tell you that! My interview was today too! Congratulations on being approved! And now we wait...
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