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    Congratssssss!!!!!!!! :)
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    HOLA!!! I'd like to share my interview expierence with the embassy of USA in Peru.
    My interview was for Jan 11, 2012 at 8am. I woke up really early and I arrived there by 6:10am. When I arrived at the embassy there were other 4 persons in line waiting at the embassy. After waiting 50 minutes (at 7am is the time they start working) a man told us to have on hand our passport as well as the letter of the interview. After that, he said that every 3 persons would go through security, so that our belongings pass through X-ray.
    After my things were checked, I continued walking till another man was asking for the letter of the interview. After he checked my letter he said: Go and sit.
    When I went into the room (it was reallyyyyy cold coz of the air conditioned) there was another woman whit her daughter and me, other persons were coming later. After about 10 minutes a woman, she was peruvian, (using a speaker) called the 1st person (the woman with her daughter) after that I was called, it was similar to the windows of a bank, she asked for my passport. After I was called again, she took my fingerprints. She told me to sit and wait. About 15 minutes later, an american woman called me, it was in a different windows number, she was asking me about the relationship with my husband, how did we meet? how many times did he visit me? etc etc. She told me to sit and wait for being called by the Consular Officer. I was really nervous!! Like 25 minutes later, and after the woman with her daughter were called, I was called by the consular officer. It was close to the windows but it had a door so nobody can see. When he called me, he made me rise my right hand for the oath. He was an american man, very king After I signed the DS-230, he was asking about my husband, his family, blah blah, he was looking at our pics, I brought a library with me, lol (postal cards, letters, an album with pics, etc) however, it was not necessary at all because after he laughed because of the many things I had with me, he said: "Your visa has been approved"!!!!! :) I felt reallyyyyy happy!!!!!!!!
    "Welcome to the USA and have a nice day", he said
    Now, I just need to wait 2 weeks and follow the truck number via internet so I can pick up my passport from DHL!!!
    I'm sooooo happy all was good with my interview and wishing the same for each one of you!!!!! :)
    I'll be close to my teddy bear veryyyy soon My best wishes!!! and thank you very much for all the help!! :)
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