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    Just wanted to sy my visa was approved and i have it in hands. They never ever mentioned oversstay i actually came up and say i stopped attending school last year, did not file adjustment of status due to the things we were going thru with our daughter. The lady that gets your documents nee every single thing about my case. She was very nice and simpathetic. She said the consul was aware of my case and was going to have him interview me first. The consul said hi asked me to swear to tellthe truthand asked me three questions, yes three wuestions. When did we get married, when did we meet, do you guys have a daughter together? Then he said i have nothign else to ask,your vida is approved, i have no doubts you have s real relationship so welcome back to america. I then asked if i could have my visa printed the next day because i wanted go leave saturday, he said he would try and if he was able to he would call me to get it later that afternoon which he did call me two hours later amd here i am withmy visa in hands already. For those who helped me thru this journey so much i am deep,y thankful. I am glad i did not listen to a couple mean ones that kepg on sayi g things they werenot aware of so for that i say consult a lawyer.
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    Thank you menina, it was so piece of cake that when i opened the interview room i bursted i. Tears of relief
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    BzmommytoAmerican got a reaction from yachachiq12 in Interview date and it's Bulls**T!!!   
    Why cant you make it? I would not be complaining. All u have to do is the medical.
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    BzmommytoAmerican reacted to Darnell in Married in the USA,had baby and had to leave before applying to GC   
    assumption - I-130 not submitted yet.
    ON THE TOP OF THE I-130 pile, you put in a letter, requesting the expedite. Use 2 or 3 paperclips to keep it at the top of the pile. Then, on the outside of the mailing packet - write it big red letters - EXPEDITE I-130, USCitizen daughter is ill.
    IMO/E, this is the fastest way to get the expedite done. Don't wait to ask for it after the I-130 is filed, as there's a different queue altogether.
    Good Luck !
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    BzmommytoAmerican got a reaction from tom&tanya in Child support for a Ukrainian baby?????   
    I think she did not put a gun on you to make u get her pregnant. Ur just being a coward and trying to runaway from supporting your child. Grow up
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    BzmommytoAmerican got a reaction from Fandango in Child support for a Ukrainian baby?????   
    I think she did not put a gun on you to make u get her pregnant. Ur just being a coward and trying to runaway from supporting your child. Grow up
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    BzmommytoAmerican got a reaction from Welshcookie in Child support for a Ukrainian baby?????   
    I think she did not put a gun on you to make u get her pregnant. Ur just being a coward and trying to runaway from supporting your child. Grow up
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    BzmommytoAmerican got a reaction from beejay in Child support for a Ukrainian baby?????   
    I think she did not put a gun on you to make u get her pregnant. Ur just being a coward and trying to runaway from supporting your child. Grow up
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    BzmommytoAmerican got a reaction from EminTX in Can you expedite if your spouse is in danger?   
    Any news on your request?
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    BzmommytoAmerican reacted to Dagnammit in Didn't receive original RFE, now run out of time   
    Hiya, I've about this issue posted before in the AOS forum but now as events have unfolded my questions are more UK centric and was wondering if anyone here might have some insight or info for me.
    I am from London and now live in NY, AOSing from a K-1 fiance visa. We got married last winter and sent away our AOS application in the spring, USCIS received it, got my work and travel authorization early this summer as well as notice that our case was forwarded to the CSC (which typically means quicker approval/no interview, according to what we'd heard) and have been waiting for the green card ever since. Signed up for email and text updates but only ever got the ones about them receiving the application way back when. Have read that it can take six months or more for the green card to come through, and besides, could work and travel, so have just been waiting patiently all this time until decided to check USCIS.gov on a whim on December 12 and saw they sent us an RFE on November 11! We have been at the same address all this time, and have never received an RFE in the mail or any text or email saying they sent one.
    Called USCIS the next day (Dec 13) and spoke to a supervisor, and was told they would resend the RFE and it should arrive within 15 days. (It arrived January 10). Also made an INFOPASS appt for the soonest I could, which was Dec 28. At INFOPASS, they sent me to an office upstairs where I dealt with the first very helpful human in the flesh in this entire process. He looked at my paperwork and said that everything looked in order, and that he couldn't see what the RFE (that we still haven't received) is for, but that he did show that our case was moved to be adjucated on December 16. This would have been three days after I called on the 13th to say we hadn't received the RFE they mailed November 11. (According to people on the forum, this meant it had been sent for approval or interview.) He gave me a form email to send out to USCIS that says we still had not received the RFE from either date, and if they needed any further information from us to contact us. He seemed to think this meant that someone else looked at my case when they got the notice to re-send the RFE, that person decided the RFE might not matter, and that I'd receive my green card soon. So sent the form email, called them twice to make sure they'd marked down that I'd sent it, and went back to waiting.
    Then got the RFE in the mail, FINALLY, last week, January 10. Almost a full month since we lodged the complaint that it hadn't arrived, and two months after they initially sent it. It says our response is due Feb 1. They are requesting court dispositions and arrest reports. I was arrested in 2004 for stealing cigarettes (while drunk, I was young and foolish, a one time thing, and paid for them after being arrested), given a caution, charges dropped, no court date. For the K-1 visa process I of course got my my police certificate and subject access form, which stated that no charges were pressed and a caution was given. My interviewer at the London Embassy asked about it briefly during my interview, and when I explained he said, "But it never happened again, right?" and I said this was correct and he breezed right through and that was that. I sent in the subject access form again (a copy, not the original) with our AOS package. I'm not sure why they're suddenly interested in this, but the papers they want 1) don't exist, as there was no court date, and 2) in the time it's taken them to finally get this bloody RFE to me, I don't have time to get anything from the MPS or PNC in London stating that no records exist due to no charges being pressed, etc, because their standard turn around time is 40 days from receipt. This is quite the pickle and I am beyond frustrated.
    If I'd received this RFE back in November, when they claimed to have originally sent it, I'd still have a hell of a time trying to get the papers that the American government requires that I don't think the English government actually produces in such a situation. I imagine this is all because I sent a copy instead of an original, and some stickler saw it and decided to make things more complicated and asked for more details. But now I have two weeks, basically, and nothing useful can be done. I am so upset if someone decides to deny my AOS because of this, even if it means I can re-apply (and pay the fee again).
    Have made another INFOPASS appointment for Thursday this week, but was wondering if anyone here had ever heard of a situation like this, or had any advice as to what we should send them by Feb 1? Would it help if I type out exactly what the RFE is asking for?
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