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  1. Call dos and lady told me tis

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    2. EAbbas


      im really sorry..but there is no way to know anything until your case is complete and even then you may never know why they put you in AP. We only know cos the CO told us we had to go thru MAndatory AP name checks otherwise we wouldnt know either..hang in there!!!

    3. rozi


      ok my question is.. they didnt even told my husband abt that too.. man this thing is so annoying.. atleast they couldve told us u have to wait from this month to this months..atleast we could know how long we have to wait right? what abt u? its complate or still on AP..? i dont know im so scared and i dont know what i should do? usually how long they take? can u tell that

    4. E & T

      E & T

      sorry to hear that....but why its taking so long???Are you a USC or LPR? What catagory your spouse falling into?

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