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    kittylondon got a reaction from GrappleApple in November 2012 AOS Filers   
    i'm still waiting! filed november 19, they received my response to request for initial evidence (co-sponsor's passport) december 19th. i called yesterday and the guy said my case was out of normal processing time so submitted a service request for me, said to call back if i hear nothing in 15 days. #lesigh
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    kittylondon got a reaction from Wishing on a Star in Sending Letter to local Representative   
    Is he adjusting from K1 too? I think it's ridiculous that K1 people seem to have to wait so much longer than everyone else to get our green card, when we did everything the right way and already waited all that time back home, when people adjusting from VWP get their green cards through in 2 months... Makes a totally mockery of the system. Just my frustrated 2 cents, and I only applied in November, you must be going insane! Good luck.
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    kittylondon reacted to Done--Really in Overstay VWP & married   
    AOS will be a piece of cake. You entered legally, met your guy some time later, got married, and have never left the country. A few forms, a few $$, and you will have your green card. Really simple.
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    kittylondon reacted to Mariana2012 in USCIS letter on the mail (No GC yet )   
    Aha So K1 gets delayed twice....
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    kittylondon reacted to riuthamus in RFE That makes no sense   
    Indeed, not sure why your post seems to be hostile. Your tone suggests you are upset or something. I am simply saying logical things here. A letter from the employer suggests just that a letter from the USN stating my service of employment. Having been dinged for far less of a Symantec term I am just attempting to clarify this. As for the military part of the forum, I can hit that up as well but this was my first stop as this is associated with my AOS. I did consult other military people and they said they ONLY submitted their LES. People who just went through this process less than 5 months ago who I work with told me this. So while I understand the importance of this I am not sure why you seem hostile. Thank you for the detailed information and guidance and I will be sure to get all the info I can. We have an infopass appointment and I have legal that will be going over these documents with my wife.
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    kittylondon reacted to Harpa Timsah in coming to US VWP/B1/B2 with intent to marry   
    Just because you don't understand how it could happen, doesn't mean it can't happen. The majority of cases I see on VJ are perfectly legit. A lot of people don't research anything visa-related beforehand - they go to see their bf/gf and then get engaged or something and then say "well what now?" A lot of people getting married are also young with no property etc and they are able to leave their possessions behind for a few months - I hear a lot of people saying they don't have the right type of clothes because they weren't planning on staying. A lot of these people have employment that they can leave or work remotely, they are self-employed, something like that.
    Furthermore, a lot of these people are long overstays. You can disagree about overstaying (I think it's bad) but this courtesy is extended to the USC spouse. I can understand that you are a USC, minding your own business, and you meet someone in your town and fall in love and want to get married. This person overstayed their visa. It's not your fault that they overstayed and you were able to meet them in your own town. If the gov were on top of it the person would be deported and you wouldn't have met.
    Adjusting in-country has no bearing on anyone else's wait times.
    So no, it's not a lie. I think if you think more flexibly about the circumstances then it will become clear.
    Unfortunately, I don't think this topic will result in anything fruitful, just misplaced anger based on misinformation. Everyone who did K-1 will say "it's not fair!" - we've seen it too often before.
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    kittylondon reacted to Sarah Elle-Même in Looks like obama has screwed us all   
    Wow man if you're getting this frustrated this early on then you'll probably get an aneurysm by the time your fiancee goes for AOS.
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    kittylondon reacted to sarahk316 in November 2012 AOS Filers   
    Got online ead approval guys!
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    kittylondon reacted to anzno1 in London 2012- K1s from NOA2 to interview thread   
    Just thought I'd let you all know I had my interview this morning and was APPROVED!!!! Over the moon. Fly out to Alabama 2 weeks tomorrow.
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    kittylondon reacted to OrderofProtection in The 200 Club-it's such an honor   
    Thanks so much Vermont Service Center for inducting me into the 200 Club. I'm grateful to VSC who has sat on my petition for 200 days now with not so much as an RFE or an approval. Without their lack of work and lack of dedication I might have been approved on time or even *gasp* early and therefore not have had the pleasure of induction into this club. An honor like this only happens to a few fine people here at Visa Journey, so I realize that having this honor is a once in a lifetime (hopefully) opportunity. I'll await my golden immigration USCIS representative statue that's coming in the mail, complete with royal purple sash that reads "200 club", and letter confirming my lifetime membership and stating that they are still working on my petition and it's on someone's desk.
    To all the new folks out there asking...Mary....how do you do it? How did you get to where you are today??!
    I'd say...
    A lot of hard work on my part kiddies, and absolutely no work on theirs. THAT'S how you get where I am today. Yes, you too CAN be like me if you do everything you were asked, write every Congressperson and Senator in your district, wait patiently, and pay your fee that they gladly cashed 6 1/2 months ago. I'll be here to welcome you when you get inducted.
    Thanks again, VSC. I'll never forget you.

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    kittylondon reacted to SmilesAbroad in Wife denied Visa - non-petitionable relationship ****PLEASE HELP****   
    This is common marriage procedure in Pakistan and in fact the embassy tends to grant visas to pakistanis who have arranged marriages more easily than those who do love marriages. Please understand there are large cultural differences when posting...
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    kittylondon reacted to ClaireGio in husband not adjusting well..   
    I bash Americans all the time, it's fun cause most of the time they don't know you're doing it
    settle down now...
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    kittylondon reacted to ClaireGio in I don't how you guys do it   
    After being on this website for a few months now, I still can't figure out for the life of me why people choose to marry people they don't feel they know enough. It's bizarre!
    And if I asked my fiancé to pay for for my families tickets to the wedding, I think he would cry hysterically with laughter
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    kittylondon reacted to elmcitymaven in Before you permanently move to the US   
    I would kindly suggest you ask this question in a separate thread so this one does not go off track.
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    kittylondon reacted to Que Saudade in Not the end of the world   
    Sorry for your delay on the police certificate. There has to be a quicker way to obtain it. That may be just a standard answer. Don't give up on it.
    Is there anyone in Buenos Aires that can file the application to the appropriate police station to get the certificate and then mail it to you? Just bouncing ideas for you....
    As far as the "amnesty" program. It isn't fair to say it is horrible. Sure, I understand your frustration about the wait. We all are. But these young adults didn't have a decision when coming over with their parents. They shouldn't be punished.
    But this "amnesty" program is loaded with red tape and it isn't going to be a piece of pie for them either. You should read what all they have to do.
    It is too early to conclude what impact it will have of processing other immigrant visas. I also have guarded pessimism regarding "increased wait times". Maybe it is time for letters to elected officials voicing our concern regarding how these new applications are going to be handled in regards to existing applications. I haven't been able to find out if there will be additional staffing to handle these applications. There are a lot of unanswered questions regarding the impact of these new applications for me. It is a new precedence; and as with all other things that are new, there are going to be some difficulties at first.
    Good Luck
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    kittylondon reacted to photomile in January I-129F filers   
    Just got done with the interview.
    I'll post a review of how it went later, right now I am desperate to eat something. But it's done! It's finally done.
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    kittylondon reacted to asad313 in AP due to passport photos?   
    Resubmitted the photos and with the grace of God, my wife got a call from the couriers 9 days later to pick up her passport with visa!
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    kittylondon reacted to skiptex in January I-129F filers   
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    kittylondon got a reaction from vosnmars in January I-129F filers   
    this may take me a few goes, i'm not great with image hosting!

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us
    well, my brother waited from 8am to 6pm in my flat that i had so rudely forgotten to fill with er... any food at all! and at 7.30pm, when everyone had given up hope, and i was walking back to the tube station from coffee in chelsea with sara80, my phone rang - it was here!
    when i got home i was terrified to even open the plastic envelope it came in, but figured - ive gotta get in somehow to get my passport! i was also very skeptical because my name was written incorrectly TWICE (in two diferent ways) on the front. i didn't think that was a good sign... tentatively opened the outside envelope, saw another brown envelope inside, and my passport just lying on top.
    the envelope is marked
    The United States of America - OFFICIAL BUSINESS
    To be opened only by the United States Immigration of Public Health Officer
    This sealed package must be surrenedered to the US immigration officer at the Port of Entry into the United States
    Do not pack it - it must be hand carried
    And there you go!!! I hope you all have yours in your hand very very soon.
    Good luck to sara and mark tomorrow, you both rock.
    And thank you to all for being there throughout this whole crazy mess of an experience!
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    kittylondon reacted to Darnell in Post Approval Processing   
    Please to call DoS Hotline (# in my profile, left panel) , get a Human , and inquire for status.
    some basic questions, to ask, at the DoS Hotline :
    1. What is the status of my case?
    2. Is my case in administrative processing ?
    3. Is my case in administrative review ?
    DoS Hotline knows all, albeit 24 hours off, from the IV Unit at the Embassy.
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    kittylondon reacted to ^_^ in Gunman, six others dead at Wisconsin Sikh temple   
    All but members of the most orthodox temples carry kirpans that couldn't cut a cucumber. Blunted on purpose. Purely ceremonial.
    And the vast majority don't carry 24/7 anymore. It's not exactly welcome in most places anymore, not even in Indian Punjab.
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    kittylondon reacted to mrettercap in Chest X-ray during medical   
    Sorry, I don't have anything constructive to contribute, but -- are you saying they put paperclips on his nipples during the x-ray?
    If so, that is just a fantastically surreal mental image.
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    kittylondon reacted to Keeto in APPROVED!!!!   
    Congrats! I think I saw you guys coming down the corridor with smiles that circumvented your faces! :D Good luck with the rest of the journey!
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    kittylondon reacted to Sunshine25 in London 2012- K1s from NOA2 to interview thread   
    Thanks, have them in my purse. If there's an opportunity to shop I'm always ready!
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    kittylondon got a reaction from KTandTommy in 221G for lack of ongoing relationship evidence!!   
    yup, same woman stu.
    very weird, and i'm sure totally reversible once you chuck a load of chats and cards and stuff at them... maybe some written statements too, for good measure? from your sister or daughter? what do people think? i hope this doesn't offend anyone, i know its a MASSIVE generalisation, but i would have thought it was fairly normal for soppy, vain, 20 something couples like me & andrew to have a lot of cheesy pics and valentines cards, and for older couples with a divorce or two behind them and grown up children to be less concerned with such things. unfounded?
    none of us know why they did but only one of us spent an hour with stu this morning, chatting about our lives and relationships and experiences in this process... and so i like to think i'm especially able to attest to how lovely stu is and how capable he is of getting this sh*t sorted out! good luck matey, it'll all be okay. hope lee is handling it okay too. down.. but not out, remember!
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