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    Adriene H got a reaction from Autumnal in Husband doesn't want to file papers   
    It's called phonetics. Or E-bonics or something
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    Adriene H got a reaction from user19000 in Should I give up or fight for him?   
    Canadians play WoW too
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    Adriene H got a reaction from rohandlulu in Fiance' was cheating while PREGNANT   
    This sounds like a nightmare of a situation and I'm
    so sorry you are experiencing this.
    But good prevails in the end, and karma's a B****
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    Adriene H reacted to kennym in Pregnancy Help; Not Enough $$$; What to do?   
    What I hate is to hear that a common human requirement "medical care" can be sooo complex for many of us.. Whether the person is legal, USC, illegal, LPR or a cartoon character, I've always felt Medical Care is a god given right.. It shouldn't matter how much you make dont make or whatever..
    I cant answer how to make it happen, and this isn't the thread for it, but I hate that a young couple has to struggle to figure out where to get the money to have a baby.. or a diabetic needs to figure out how to pay supplies or whatever..
    The problems is complex.. Doctors are way over paid, pharmecueticals are all criminals, and the entire medical industry from the Medical school down to the bed sheet manufacturer needs to be put in place when it comes to prices and costs..
    I have a short story, but this is a perfect example why we all struggle with things like this..
    Years ago I was in Colombia working.. I became very sick with a severe infection.. My then fiance, now wife took me to the best Clinic in Medellin, Colombia. Although, My company provided me with Insurance which covered me anyplace in the world, I still must pay before I can be re-imbursed when outside the USA..
    Well, they ran all kinds of test.. MRI, CAT Scan, EEG, EKGs, ABC's and PTA's you name it, they did it to me.. I was was scared to death I was gonna get better, but they were gonna take me straight to jail after leaving the hospital because I thought the bill was gonna be in the 15-20 K range..
    I was admitted for a couple of days.. The hospital was gorgeous, almost country club style.. Ooh man, was I gonna pay.. After the treatment, I went to check out and talk to the business office about my bill and shockingly enough, the whole bill was less than 400 USD..
    First class doctors, facility, staff, meals, and everything that goes with it.. I was thinking my fiance, was gonna have to find help for me at the Embassy, but can you immagine? what would that have cost in the US...
    Why cant we control costs to at least something that's not so insane? We don't have the best medical system, we dont have the most sympathetic medical system. we dont have doctors that care, we just seem to tolerate the system and pay through the ying-yang for mediocre service..
    I hope you guys find an answer, sorry for the rant..
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    Adriene H reacted to GandK in Birth Control   
    Is your husband a teenager? Because he surely acts and sounds like one.
    Time to find a man in your life, maybe.
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    Adriene H got a reaction from Justine+David in Canadian Single Dad of 2 young U.S. citizens   
    My husband is the father of an 18 year old USC.
    He was deported from the USA in 1996 for misdemeanor possession of meth.
    The mother of his child ran off tweaking the first 2 years of the child's
    life and the grandmother cared for the child. He hasn't seen his child
    in person for 16 years.
    Does this change your 'statistical data' any?
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    Adriene H got a reaction from aaron2020 in Canadian Single Dad of 2 young U.S. citizens   
    My husband is the father of an 18 year old USC.
    He was deported from the USA in 1996 for misdemeanor possession of meth.
    The mother of his child ran off tweaking the first 2 years of the child's
    life and the grandmother cared for the child. He hasn't seen his child
    in person for 16 years.
    Does this change your 'statistical data' any?
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    Adriene H reacted to AmyWrites in Canadian Single Dad of 2 young U.S. citizens   
    Come on guys don't get this closed I want to see what a lawyer tells him
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    Adriene H got a reaction from PalestineMyHeart in Spanking Linked to Mental Illness, Says Study   
    It's an acquired taste
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    Adriene H reacted to carolynhotstuff in Older spouse- denied without US spouse interviews   
    I too am much older than my husband. We were denied our visa. You have a right to appeal the embassy's decision. Your case will be sent back to USCIS and they will send you a Notice Of Intent To Revoke(NOIR). Our ages were never mentioned in the NOIR but I'm sure it played a factor in them thinking there was fraud. The NOIR will tell you the exact reasons your visa was denied. You will have 30 days to respond with proof your relationship is bona fide and that the embassy was wrong in their decision.
    In my case I felt it was important to hire an immigration lawyer and I went to Catholic Charities and they based the fee on my income. We won our appeal and our case is on it's way back to the embassy where my husband will have another interview.
    Don't lose hope and stay strong.
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    Adriene H reacted to nurse1967 in FOOD STAMPS   
    If you need public assistance you should be allowed to immigrate here. Just another burden to the taxpayers.
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    Adriene H reacted to Harpa Timsah in Am I an ILLEGAL alien?!   
    I am aware of this interpretation for Canadians, but USCIS can easily "declare" that she has long overstayed, because she has. If she were to leave now, she would most certainly be denied reentry and banned at the reentry attempt. Canadians are not permitted to come and live in the US without proper visas. Entering on your passport is entering under the terms of a B2 visa, where the maximum allotted time is 6 months. To DandT, VWP people do not enter under the terms of a B2 visa, they enter under the terms of the VWP, which is different. Canada is not VWP.
    So the OP is asking "Did I do wrong? Am I illegal?" And the answer is yes. She was not permitted to stay here for 2 years.
    Practically speaking, it does not matter, none of this discussion of how she should define herself will make any difference in her AOS. I don't mean to berate her at all, many people on this forum have overstayed. But I think to pretend that she is somehow living in the US in accordance with her Canadian visitor status is nonsense.
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    Adriene H reacted to Mike B. in I know the answers but i want to make sure   
    Come on guys, take it easy on him. He knows the answers, he just wants to make sure.

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    Adriene H reacted to pushbrk in I know the answers but i want to make sure   
    Apparently you are not even close to knowing the answers. Time for more study and attention to detail.
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    Adriene H reacted to pushbrk in CR1 Visa Denied!! 221g(a)(6)(c)(1)   
    Not all people have the same aptitudes and abilities. I think the reason professional assistance is being recommended to the OP is that his posts demonstrate he lacks the motivation and/or aptitude and/or skills needed to do this on his own as indicated (for starters) by his inability to grasp the concept that the visa being "denied" and the case file being "sent back" to USCIS means she won't be "coming here" anytime soon BECAUSE the Consular IV unit believes the relationship is for immigration purposes only. (at least on the part of the foreign spouse)
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    Adriene H reacted to RobbyUSA in Admitted drug use, redo medical?   
    I would not worry at all. Besides everybody and there brother knows Alcohol is a killer drug vs MJ.
    also Alcohol is more of a gateway drug than MJ.
    PS. this is not my opinion... this is a fact.
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    Adriene H got a reaction from Keeto in Very upsetting answers on Visajourney   
    They probably wrote that exit speech and has moved on to ask the same
    question on Immigrate2US, where in turn, the responses will be even
    less sugar coated
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    Adriene H reacted to GCPony in Very upsetting answers on Visajourney   
    This is the internet and nothing more than a discussion forum. People here are random strangers sitting at desks hundreds and thousands of miles from wherever you are.
    You've never met any of us and likely never will. People in forums are not your family and they're not your personal friends. Nothing anyone says on any internet forum should be taken personally. If a stranger of a forum says you sleep with ferrets, it doesn't affect you, your life or what you'll have for breakfast.
    Relax, take a deep breath and enjoy your life
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    Adriene H reacted to jaycali in Very upsetting answers on Visajourney   
    One thing that I have learned on VJ is that in many cases the best, and most helpful answers are also the harsh, straightforward and blunt answers. Sugarcoating doesn't help anyone.
    Remember this: It's not us you're trying to convince, it's the IO who has complete authority to approve or deny your case, and thus decide your fate. If a VJ member plays devil's advocate, it's to prepare you for a worst case scenario.
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    Adriene H reacted to AmyWrites in Very upsetting answers on Visajourney   
    OP, I'll be really blunt, with only one "evidence", THE CONSULAR OFFICERS WILL BE MUCH WORSE THAN EVERYONE ON VJ IS. People here are trying to HELP you. You can totally go to the interview with one piece of evidence, when the 221g comes around, don't say no one told you to bring more evidence.
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    Adriene H reacted to Waiting_In_SC in Very upsetting answers on Visajourney   
    What this boils down to is that you want us, and more importantly (because what we think truly doesn't matter one bit), the USCIS offical you'll be interviewing with to take your word for it that your marriage is real and you intend to live life as a married couple from here on. Whether you like it or not, the USCIS employee is probably going into this interview thinking your marriage is for immigration purposes, and it's up to you to prove it's not.
    Let me make that clear: The burden of proof is on you to prove your marriage is genuine, not on the USCIS offical to prove it's not.
    So, given that statement, based on what we've been able to gather in your other posts, you'll be walking into an interview under the following conditions:
    - Very few photos of you and your husband together (you yourself said there are maybe 3)
    - No photos of your son and your husband together
    - Husband didn't file taxes for a year
    - Husband can't really prove he's working now
    - Husband can't locate his birth certificate
    - There are NO documents (financial, legal, lease, or otherwise) with both your names on it
    Every single person on this forum is telling you that you have some real obstacles to overcome given all this information, and they said so based on your request for their advice. You are posting on a forum with people going through the same 'journey' you are, so you aren't going to find another group of people anywhere that are more sympathetic to your cause.
    Do you think the USCIS office is going to be more or less sympathetic to you? If you answered 'less', you win the grand prize. People here are trying hard to help you. Don't complain because their advice isn't what you want to hear.
    Just like others have said, good luck.
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    Adriene H reacted to cappucino boy in Very upsetting answers on Visajourney   
    Dear Freedove,
    What is upsetting is the format in which you are replying. If it was your intent to want people ot understand what you are talking about , you should quote the information or responsed regarding your subject response. I for one have not seen your previous posts nor the responses and do do not know what situation you are talking about. Visa Journey is a free, open website and a resource where people can converse about this immigration journies and get information and help on lots of issues relating to immigration. So when you post something on a forum or board you can expect to get answers and or comments to your posts. Some of them you must screen and rate the value of the information that has been given. And some posts might be derogitory or not what you really want to hear. There are lot's of reasons the resposes might not be helpful. But for the most part I personally find this site to be very helpful, thougthful, understanding well run, probably one of the best resources on the web that could help someone understand their process to a journey to the US and all that is encountered during that journey. I count the members here as my friends, my family and welcome their advice, outlooks and life stories in order to help fulfill my existance and make life more meaningful. That being said, I think it is up to wvery individual to be intelligent enough to know which responses that are given will help you, and consider all the information that is given before taking any possible action. You are ulitmately responsibe for your own destination and the route your jouney takes you, cafefully consider all input and make the correct choices based on your situation. We are only people and people make mistakes, I consider myslef lucky to have a bunch of people on this site you truly care and want the best for everyone.
    I hope that you understand and take the good with the bad and carefully consider information from the responses that are given, good luck on your journey and I hope you continue to find Visa Journey a source of inspriation and a resource to help you arrive to your destination.
    B. Franklin
    quote name='Freedove7' timestamp='1339682211' post='5448916']
    To have the audacity to question my marriage is very upsetting and that is what some of you guys did in my previous post.Who in their right mind would think a 10 year relationship with a guy I met as a teenager isnt real? We have pics we took at my high school graduation! I got married at 20 and got pregnant soon after.We filed 10 years after being together and 5 yrs after getting married while some people who supposedly fell in love filed weeks or months after getting married.I wonder if the people who were bashing me in my previous posts entered their marriage in good faith and not to evade immigration laws.How dare some of you say that I dont sound convincing?? Because I dont have 100 fake photos? Its so easy to fake a smile or a kiss in photos.I bet the fake marriages have the most photos ! When my husband opened his bank accounts,I did not have a legal status nor a social so how on earth could I have been added? He no longer owns an account anyhow.The same with the utility bills.only one name goes on the account.Again,he has bad credit so we have separate finances.I dont want my credit to get ruined aswell! My marriage is fake because we arent financially stable enough to take vacations?? I should not have wasted time writting this post and should have just laughed at the uneducated,ridiculous remarks,but Its just so upsetting that some of you have the nerve to bash me about my marriage who anyone in their right mind wouldnt question if its "real" or bona fide.

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    Adriene H got a reaction from Cesiruiz05 in Visa approved today   
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    Adriene H reacted to MsZ in Passport revoked!   
    A love child? How about a can't keep it in his pants child? Or make that children. Or how about a doesn't have responsible sex child?
    And no, if my husband cheated and had a child outside of the marriage, I would divorce him so fast he wouldnt' know what hit him. But you married him after the fact. This guy wouldn't even be on my radar because he is not a suitable partner. But enjoy living in denial believing that love is all that matters. You'll soon find out that is far from the truth.
    As for people who think that exercising judgement is a bad thing, again I challenge you to tell whether you'd recommend this guy to your daughter.
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    Adriene H got a reaction from GirlWithAGerman in After I-130 Approved   
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