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    We met thru my Mom and a friend...after my mother passed way. But she sent me an angel. My husband.. August 19,2010 has shown me love and I've given love like never before. He is my answered Prayer!

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Love doesn't have to take forever.Some people think you need to be with someone for years before you can make them a complete part of your life.Isn't that wasting life? I almost died 3 times between 2009-10. I stopped playing with my life and realized that love( real true love) doesn't have to come from around the corner, at the local spot or even from your church. Love comes from the exact place that God created your soul mate. What became so far away was always meant to be right inside of my very soul. When I met Prince I thought..."too far..he's a little younger" laugh and send him on his way. Then it became " What will people say about me loving someone so far away. What will my family and friends think?" But the more we talked and the more we dedicated hours to Yahoo Messenger and Skype... biding our time (5 hours difference) on the phone the more I fell into being comfortable with who he was becomming in my life. Who I was becomming as a woman, an individual and a potiential wife. Then the EVIL of the HATERS came to me with "He just wants a green card" ...Well I had to ask him of his true motives for this relationship.. where are we going and how does he see us together? The answer I got was not what I'd expected. He giggled a little, cleared his throat so I could hear him very well and he spoke these words" I never thought of leaving my country I love Nigeria this is my home. Until I met you it was never a thought and so that makes me have to ask you... are you willing to relocate here... come here to me and stay?" Ahhh, now that's a thought (smile). Then he said that his very own Father had asked him the same question and to the both of us the answer was no. That he would only come here if I would not move there. I was satisfied. My spirit revealed something to me...Prince and I have so much to offer eachother. He teaches me things I thought I already knew. He opens my mind to vast opportunites to view life in new directions. He cleans away any chance of doubt and fear that my come to plague me. We are spiritually equally yolked allowing God to be our complete source, the head of our lives.

Do we argue... heck yea..but not often. No couple will agree on every thing. We all have days that we should just be by ourselves. But it's how we deal with the disagreements, misunderstandings and mishaps that make and create a strong friendship, strong lovers and strong marriage partners. We decided in the very beginning that our marriage will always be worthy of time, patience, honesty, loyalty, openness and prayer. We decided that money (having it or the lack there of) will never separate us from our love for eachother.

What I know and will share is that marriage comes in many colorful packages. It's beautiful, passionate, peacful then it's ugly complicated and dramatic depending on the day. So in essence what we know is that marriage is a collage of greatness and it's wonderously out of this word...But it is WORK TO KEEP IT GOING STRONG! It's compromise.. bending not breaking. Loving through the storms( we are not perfect people we do make mistakes) giving and taking. Marriage is Marriage Not boyfriend and girlfriend...although we can act like it sometimes for fun. lol Marriage is Prince and Tisa each part of who we are...100% of I know , that I know, that I know.. We are created for one another.

Thank you for sharing in our Visa Journey!

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