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    Waiting_Sugar reacted to ARC in August 2011 Filers   
    My NOA1 was August 22nd.. still no NOA2 Inshallah/god willing soooooon!!
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    Waiting_Sugar reacted to Dan & Jenni in pregnant   
    unless you go round telling everyone including USCIS then they will never know.
    if you didnt want judging then maybe giving a bit of detail would of been wise
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    Waiting_Sugar reacted to TroyandCecilia in August 2011 Filers   
    Dont give up hope for their are many who are in same situation with you. We all have to wait in this endless struggle waiting on that piece of paper. But you will get it. We all will get it and when we do it will be very wonderful experience. And knowing that you can get through this with your spouse is one more thing that will make you stronger and your bond with them even more secure. Thats what gets me through this knowing in the end I can accomplish anything if I put my mind to it. As they so what does not break you will only make you stronger! So dont give in dont look back keep moving forward dont let the USCIS break you down. If you truly love your spouse all goals are possible. For me my goal is my wife and being able to hold her everyday is worth fighting for. So dont loose patience my friends show the USCIS you are not a looser! We will beat them! GOD BLESS US ALL
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    Waiting_Sugar got a reaction from Austramerican in Fiance Pregnant, Please help!   
    Fisrt off congrats on the new addition to your family
    Also from what I have been gathering from the information included all over this website I would come to conclusion to say that no you cannot expidite because of pregnancy, and the only thing you can do is wait for the whole process to be over and hopefully bring your fiance here before she has her baby... because if she has her baby before she comes to the US then that would be another seperate process. I beleive that even if you contact anyone about the pregnancy they wont be able to do anything for you.. Goodluck and hopefully you will come to a solution soon
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    Waiting_Sugar reacted to Chris921 in What is the general reason of holding any case in AP????   
    i believe they just throw them up in the air and which ever ones land face up get AP'ed just a guess
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    Waiting_Sugar reacted to edwardteresa4ever in June 2011 Filers   
    We are June Filers also. I think maybe a week before you, so we were thinking sometime in October.
    However I just wrote a letter to the US senator responsible for the USCIS in Vermont, as well as the Deputy Director of the USCIS and 3 Television networks.
    I am not asking for any special attention, as I know all of us deserve fair processing. However I did point out we ( the USA ) spend 51 Billion annually on Homeland security, we spend another 11 Billion on US Customs and Immigration and yet the USCIS budget is like 2 billion, that's for all three service centers.
    While the cost of Illegal Immigration to the states collectively is close to half that number ( and nobody even knows the true cost). It seems to me the good Honest people who are doing this the right and legal aren't being serviced or cared for very well. This is not a free service, we are paying for this ( Twice) once in Federal Taxes and a second time in application fees, not too mention all the other costs that go into this.
    I wrote the networks hoping maybe they will do a human interest story on this and if it brings light to getting this process in line with technology or even if service levels were to improve I think everyone would benefit. The waiting would be fine if it was timed accurately, meaning if they said 5 months then it was five months, if they said 6 months then it was 6 months, but this hodgepodge of maybe this month or maybe next month that's just not right, just my opinion.
    Hope we see our NOA2,s soon
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