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    Nazish&Waqar reacted to Musashii in New Islamabad AP Tracker   
    We sent our petition to USCIS in Jan 2011 so Jan 2014 will make it 3 years struggling with this broken immigration system (9 months in AP). While I do pray and hope that the AP is over soon and they issue us visas but at the same time the realist in me says I shall cut my loss and let my wife come to me.
    1. When our cases were with USCIS, We could at least contact congressman who could do more than just sending inquiries on our behalf. There was another department to oversee things on top of USCIS.
    2. So after making us wait for an indefinite period of time during which we may be required to submit medical, police certificate and fresh tax papers, embassy may decide to decline your visa.
    3. Then you wait and wait for them to send your case back (like EAbbas is waiting) and there is no telling when it will happen.
    4. Tired of waiting? You could afford a lawyer and filed a writ of Mandamus. They return your file, you file NOIR and win. They put you in AP again. Once again, same #######. They can rinse and repeat this process over and over and there is nothing you can do about it, nobody you can complain to. Even Whitehouse will serve you same ####### in different wrapper.
    So just keep waiting and waiting?
    Maybe if we can file a petition at congress website (SoccerPlayer did that but the language was poor sorry to say), and if we can get 2,500 people to sign it, only then congress will recognize it as an issue. Whether they will do anything about it or not is another story but they will consider it worth talking about.
    So anyone going to file that petition in proper language, keeping it to the point? And most of us have friends on Facebook. We could request them and other communities on social media sites to sign that petition in hope to get 2500 votes.
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