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    LexandAra got a reaction from Joandjo in establish credit for new comers to USA   
    Before i get my post moved or deleted, take in mind this is a k1 topic issue...
    Anyone have any tips or experiences on establish credit for new comers?
    Are there any banks, retail stores that opened an account for new comers?
    My fiancee is coming soon and although we dont need money, i would like for her to start a credit history.
    Any advice from people going through this process?
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    LexandAra got a reaction from Iyawo Ijebu in Here to help   
    Hi all,
    I successfully filed for a fiancee visa without RFE's or anything. It was approved on the April 24, 2012 without any major hassles and the interview took 5-8 minutes total. The whole process took exactly 7 months from beginning to end. (CSC>Juarez). I got alot of help from users on this forum, thanks!
    A few things i would recommend; is be really careful if you hire a lawyer. If your case is complicated and warrants a lawyer, do so. I met a lot of people in Ciudad Juarez that hired lawyers and they were given vasts amount of documents and didn't know how to make sense of out of it.
    I helped some people while i was there. I was advising them to read through their documents and know where everything is, and what's included in the documents. One person didn't know what DS-260, DS-156 was. In the end your lawyer will probably not be permitted to enter he consulate.
    Best thing to do is, file your paper work and you'll become inform of the procedures. When a consulate official asks you a question you know exactly which documents to refer to.
    Ill be reading this post around 8pm pacific time in case someone has questions on K1 visa.. ill be glad to answer questions on the things I encountered.
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    LexandAra got a reaction from EminTX in Port of entry advice   
    Hi, can you post your experience when you cross? I would like to know about, i think i will have to do it the same way. Thank you.
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    LexandAra got a reaction from Ivie & Eguagie in Scarys?   
    I know exactly what you mean. I was thinking the same thing five months ago when i started the k1 visa application. I sat there reading about the requirements and actual cases i have read through. I felt so overwhelmed with the paper work and getting it right so i wouldnt have any problems. Its been a stressing ordeal and thoughts that come to mind like, "what if i dont get approved?" I know its going through your head right now, and you probably loose sleep worrying about it. But im going to say dont worry, go through the process. If you really love the person on the other side you wouldnt think twice, and if you do it, then thats real love...that will guide you.
    I just got my NOA2 i have some way to go....good luck!
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