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    loving having chris home. getting thru the rough spots is a blessing now that we are side by side.

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  1. Missing my sweet.

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    2. stronger


      Well, there are more forms and another $1070 for AOS for the green card. You will also require another medical at a civil surgeon to transcribe the medical history to an I-693 form. This can be anywhere from $150 - $500. But do your research. More than $150 is way too much.

    3. lei1111


      what! really? i had read about the $1070 for AOS and was freaked out. does the 1-693 need to be done at the same time as AOS? should we plan for that? is there a list of these scoundrels docs somewhere? good grief. i dont mind eating potatos as long as we can be together =D chris says he would watch me eat potatos and be ok too.my funny man. <3 we are blessed.

    4. stronger


      When you get the medical make SURE you get a copy of the DS3025. Most consulates don't give this up. Some people can get by during AOS just sending this and not having to do the medical or transcribing to the I-693. When you send your AOS packet make sure to send in for work auth and AP at the same time. It's free when filing all together. Just a lot to think about. So don't worry about the wait. This is a lot of work.

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