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    We met online on a photography site. It was all just friendly and fun and there were so many people on there. We then wanted to say more about the photos we posted so we exchanged emails. This continued from Feb 2007 - May 2009. We met in person for the first time and it was like someone set off an explosion...lol We have spent months together going back and forth and are beyond excited for the day we don't have to do the painful airport goodbyes any more.
    What a very special thing it is to finally find someone who actually understands you. Tic toc tic toc tic toc........

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  1. Well at long last we received our letter of denial. We were correct with the fact I was 5 days short of being free to marry at the time we sent in the petition. We have started the process again and expect a better result.

    1. Mark + Melissa

      Mark + Melissa

      I am so sorry to hear that. But, we are both in this process together again =p You lean on me, I'll lean on you, and hopefully we will be with our loved ones before September

    2. Texas22


      What does it mean that you were 5 days short? I had final divorce papers Dec 10, 2011... and we filed I129F on Jan 25th, 2012.

    3. Mark + Melissa

      Mark + Melissa

      @Texas22 - it depends on the state you're living in. If the state you're living in has a waiting period before you can remarry, you cannot file before the waiting period is up.

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