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    My husband and I met as usual in a site a decent site. I was there in the site for about 1 year and yet I didnt have the luck to find a love of my life. so i decided to deactivated my acct. Im working outside my country for almost 5 yrs now . I am a workaholic person and then One time i was checking my fb account i saw some friends whom had luck they found their partner in a site , to make the story short I sign up again and registered in that site ,then after a month I got a lot of request and I didnt give face to them or reply. But one time one message catch my attention .
    My husband (single that time) was caught my attention and he was online and leave me message a simple hi! , then a simple "hello "as my responsed.,then he was online and he didt yet reply again. I am akind of person with no patience when it comes to a dating free site so , I told him the words that he didnt forget until now and make it him for me as my trademark" i wrote this to him" Your the King of Yourself "I dont waste my time for just having fun here" .
    so that time he keep on messaging me that he was just at the kitchen so he din't see im replying,then I just felt and found out that something in my mind keep pushing me to talk to him and continue chatting and have conversation . We spent 6 hrs on our first chatting.Then our love story begins.

    We did 40 days prayers which made our relationship more stronger .but because we have different time we almost did it twice a day (night and morning). Since then we felt that we really found each other hearts and we are eager to continue and we want to be together forever. i can say I finally found the Love of my Life ,Until we finally decided to meet but since that i am working outside my coutry and almost 3 yrs Im not going home after my last vacation.I said yes to him . . Our first met personally was Aug.9, 2011 we arrived the same day in Philippines at the same time ( he's flight was supposed to land later 1 hour before me under hawaiian airlines ) but my flight delayed half an hour and his flight earlier half (under Qatar Airwayas)so Yes God is really Good that we are the same time arrived and saw each other in the line take note I saw him first and we cant really forget that feelings and moment that day.(immigration line ) .We got married last 24 Aug.2011 and he leaved back to US last 29 and I leave back To Bahrain 8 sept 2011.

    Its really hard to belive that this things happen to me coz i really dont believed in Internet love relationship ,or let say a long distance one but now its happened to me.

    I can say that sometimes need to expect. coz im a kind person who really dont want expectations coz i dont want to be hurt. But when i met and knew my husband He changed my belief 's in life specially when it comes to LOVE.

    I can say now That I am really Blessed that God gave me my GG ( Greatest Gift) .
    Its really difficult that we are far apart but technologies makes u more closer even we really miss each other.
    But most specially GOD made us more closer he let us to be always intouch . Everyday we chat through skype and he call me twice a day which hea lways did from the start of our relationship as a BF and GF .so in this way we feel that we are still together its just only we are physically far apart but our heart and soul is one .

    We are now waiting our Marriage Contract from NSO and DFA authenticated .I will renew soon my passport with new name now under ofcourse my husband name . Hehheeheh! :-))))) Were planning to file our I-130 on earliaer or later Dec. this year again ofcourse! coz here outside Philippines my passport will gonna be finished on late nov. and i need to send my copy of this to my husband.

    Its too long story but I am proud to say that

    GOD will give us our GG in rightime.He just Delayed it coz he wants the Best for us.


    I cant wait to be in my husband arms again ! I love you Honey! and

    Persistence and Patience will be our key to Win in this Journey and Most of all Prayers and Determination with LOVE.

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  1. ived been married almost a month. but my husband went home at US. we are working file my visa next month.. but some misspelled to my marriage contract 1 later misspelled name of my dad. is is not accepted to embassy??? need help

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