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    How are you going to join your spouse in afghan? Unless you are going to work there too, you can use your contract as an evidence that you are joining him or a letter from his company that they are sponsoring you. My sister was in the situation that you are and her husband is a contractor for one of the american companies in afghan. Before she submitted her app for removal of condition, they consulted with a lawyer if she's eligible for 319b and the lawyer said no. Hope this helps.
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    Moderators thank you for the new military forum! Hoaah!!
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    Looks like you have a month or two left to get the noa2. If you'll be with your fiancee during the interview, she might've a shot to pass it since the co will see tht you two can communicate, otherwise he will have a doubt bcoz the co wouldnt know that you can speak her language as well. I'll say call the us embassy in japan and inquire if they can provide a translator since the co usually does the interview in english. Tell your fiancee to start learning more since she'll be going to US anyway and she'll be needing it. Goodluck!
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