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    joonphon reacted to RobbyUSA in Wife and Sister together?   
    yes, find the sis an American. it the best way for her to be here in the US.
    just make sure it's true love!
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    joonphon reacted to Ning in Tips for the Interview?   
    Everyone would like to feel they are ready for the interview so we all want all the info we can get.
    Keep in mind the real work is in the documents. If those are done right the interview is easy. Its taylored to your case so there are no standard exact questions. They review the case prior to the intervew and its bascily decided before he steps up to the window. They wont want to see endless pictures ect. They dont have time anyway. The few pics ect you have will be fine
    He can interview in either language but I think its best to do it in English. They wont make it difficult at all. He doesnt need copies of the docs they already have. If they were missing any they would let you know now. They only set the interview after they have everything they need.
    You have done well so far & it will now pay off as you will soon see. My guess is he will call you to say it went easier than he thought.
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    joonphon reacted to VanessaTony in am i overreacting about this porn thing?   
    There's a difference between HAS looked at porn and IS looking at porn.
    I know for 10000% sure that Tony doesn't look at porn. He doesn't go to strip clubs (and wouldn't). I know he DID while he was single. I know he DID while he was in the military. If I found out that even after our discussion on it and our views on the subject that he was watching porn it would rightly p*ss me off.
    I don't consider porn healthy for our relationship, neither does my husband. Whether other people do or not is their business. The OP has voiced to her husband her opinion of it and he's dismissing it. Some people are okay with open relationships but if BOTH people aren't it's cheating.
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    joonphon reacted to Hank_ in Advice/Options waiting on NOA2   
    I understand the frustration, everyone here has a pretty good handle on the "frustration".
    As for expedites, if it for our military men and women I am all in favor of having to wait just a little longer. Expedites are not that easy to get, those that have the need... well what the heck .... I will give my seat up on the bus for a woman also, make room in rush hour to let another car in front of me... well you get the idea.
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    joonphon reacted to CAdreamer in Dear CSC, can you please get your SHhhh*t together   
    *waves* I'm an August filer with CSC.
    Sure, of course we'd all like our approvals ASAP, but do you really think that calling and bugging the **** out of them will help? Especially when people who sent in their petitions 2 months ahead of us are still waiting too?
    Seriously, if I worked at CSC, every time someone called to nag about being a few days past the 5-month guideline, I'd move their file 1 spot closer to the bottom of the pile.
    It will happen when it happens. There are many MANY people who have been waiting much longer than us.
    Now, I will admit, if all the other August filers had their approvals and I was still waiting, I'd definitely be getting on the phone, but until then? No way. This process could easily take close to a year (or more) before it's all done. Life is too short. I absolutely hate being away from my fiance, but there is no way I am going to waste a year of my life constantly checking timelines and progress and calling people who have no more control over my petition/file than I do.
    Step away from your computer. Go *live*! The time will pass before you know it.
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    joonphon reacted to J and S in Dear CSC, can you please get your SHhhh*t together   
    Just so you guys know. 5 months is as guideline, it doesn't mean anything really. Complaining to CSC or calling on 5 months and 1 day won't get you far. They'll tell you what they tell everyone which may be: "We're currently processing through XX date." As of right now, that date is June 15 from the posts that I've been reading. Getting your congressman to help at 5 months is hit or miss. It is no guarantee that it'll help. On top of calling to complain to them, you'll get another routine answer that buys them more time.
    At 5 months, I say have a bit more patience. At 5 1/2 months, I guess you can try if you're really that impatient. At 6 months, that's a good solid time to ask your congressman for help.
    No use in complaining about it, when everyone is in the same boat at the moment.
    I don't mean to sound harsh about it. And I understand the need for people to vent. But in the end, it doesn't solve anything. I do not watch dates. I do not check my status update everyday. And despite the fact my signature has a ticker, I don't even pay attention to that. In fact, I looked at it today and didn't even realize how many days had passed since I last noticed it. It's self torture. patience is key. Keep the end in site. All this waiting will mean nothing when your fiance/e is actually with you. ... and then 5 years from now, you'll want days with more space lol Truly, I cannot complain if I do not receive my NOA2 even by early January when I see people from June who are still waiting.
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    joonphon reacted to Nicoco in How do you deal with ignorant people in your lives, in regards to your "unconventional" relationship?   
    Just the other day I ran into some old friends.
    “When’s Ice coming back?”
    “Hopefully by Dec 27th because that’s our wedding day.”
    “How is he going to stay here?”
    “He’ll be coming on a K-1.”
    “Didn’t they abolish that?”
    “…..no. No, they didn’t.”
    Mixture of just not knowing, stupidity, and look of horror when they find out I’m getting married to a foreigner and “so young too!” on their face. Anyone who finds out, anyway. The less they know, the better.
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    joonphon reacted to Leatherneck in Fiancee left me after 3 weeks   
    No, she can only marry you, no way can she marry another man then adjust her status. She is hosed unless you marry her.
    Like I said OP, she was planning this long ago, even before she arrived at her POE, you can take that to the bank!
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    joonphon reacted to Chynna/gapamix in How do you deal with ignorant people in your lives, in regards to your "unconventional" relationship?   
    Great question...for me I don't go into it too deep but for those like work staff, I kinda let it outta the bag because my interview was coming up October 31). Of course when I returned devastated by the AP outcome I had to put on my game face because of course they who knew wanted to know one question. "Is he here? When is he coming? I had no answers for them except not yet. Now i simply tell them it's a matter of national security and I will wait no matter how long. They look at me like I am crazy and I look back at them and smile because I am in love.......
    People will always have something to say about a long distance relationship. Your strength and how much you believe in your relationship determines how much what people say affect you.
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    joonphon reacted to Dan & Jenni in How do you deal with ignorant people in your lives, in regards to your "unconventional" relationship?   
    simple... i just tell them to f**k off and mind there own business
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    joonphon reacted to rgfox in Getting USCIS phone reps to file a service request...need feedback   
    You never know what they are going to do. My NOA1 date was June 27th, and on Nov 28 I started calling. Basically they told me what has already been stated in this thread, that CSC is behind a little and call back in 2 weeks, as they update their processing dates on the 15th of the month. The system would not let them enter an inquiry.
    Then I called my Senator last week and her office will inquire too. I was very frustrated of course. Then, this morning, I got an email - I-130 approved. So you never know what they are doing.
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    joonphon reacted to vs2011 in Getting USCIS phone reps to file a service request...need feedback   
    I'm a June filer, June 8th NOA1...still no word on the NOA2. Got a service request put in Nov 16, they got back to me 2 weeks later stating that it is still being processed (no new news there.) Have been in touch with my local congressman. They told me to wait til Dec 8th, I should hear something by then, if not, call the congressman's office and they will put in an expedite request... Let's hope that does something! Also, I scheduled an appointment through InfoPass to meet with a local immigration officer next week to see what they can do. Trying to do anything and everything before the holidays!! It's been 183 days since my NOA1...way too long! Can't take it anymore.
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    joonphon reacted to Hank_ in Legitimate Relationship = $$$   
    200 pictures + documents + + +
    That will take three men and a small boy to just carry it to someones desk...
    Then the extra time to sort through it ALL... may be why there are June filers still waiting... stuck behind large files
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    joonphon reacted to NoneYa in MY FIANCEE HE FOUND OUT HE GOT CANCER   
    I know as much as the previous writers (which is basically nothing) so I would like to suggest don't think that they can't deny you if they think he is petitioning you to come take care of him in his dying days. I actually read this somewhere on a legal web site I think. It is possible that if your case of bonified relationship is not strong enough that him having cancer might result in a denial. It all depends on the how the CO views your file. My point is, don't disclose this. Nobody will ask about it because nobody knows but you and his family.
    You might think that shedding tears of your greif would result in compassion but you don't know. The best thing to do is keep your mouth shut about it because the fact that he has cancer likely would not benefit you in any way in getting your visa and could hurt you so keep it private and good luck.
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    joonphon reacted to R_N_M in Need Your Opinion   
    Calling does not hurt. Try to speak to a tier2 Rep as mentioned. This time of the year is pretty tricky. It seems that CSC has slowed from the earlier half of the year. Hope this stage of the journey ends soon for you both.
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    joonphon reacted to at long last in Need Your Opinion   
    Hi There
    So when they (USCIS) changed the timeline from March 15, 2011 we phoned that day to put in a service request, as well as contacting congresswoman. The congresswoman's office got nothing more than what is online. (that was useless). The email generated from the service request stated they will basically get to ours when then can although ours is most definitely outside of their processing time (their words not ours). They told us to call back on the Nov 29, tomorrow so we will see. Our petition is at 218 days. I did find out that ours is taking longer due to the RFE and the fact we both aren't new to marriage. So extra checking on names etc.
    I say most definitely call and put in a service request.
    that's my opinion.
    My Mom always told us that "the squeaky wheel gets the oil"...
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    joonphon reacted to Operator in Need Your Opinion   
    If you are going to call be sure to speak to a Tier 2 ISO otherwise you are going to get nothing conclusive. I suggest to call your congress persons local office and have them send you the release form to authorize them to contact USCIS on your behalf. They will probably tell you that they won't do anything until you are 30 days outside of normal processing times. At least mind did, but it will give you an open case file in their office if you do need them to inquire in the future.
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    joonphon reacted to Ro Damon in Need Your Opinion   
    I just sent a letter to my rep. Had the letter written since last Wed....now sent it off.
    Fingers crossed, hope i hear something positive that will make mee screaaamm. Aghhhhhhhh!!!
    Go for it. Write the congressional office. It would hurt...unless u have like broken fingers and you're typing a long letter! lol
    All the best,
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    joonphon reacted to az110965 in "CHEATING" checking your visa status   
    Nice try but this really accomplishes nothing. USCIS does not process petitions in order of reception regardless of what they say. You want good examples, just look at Igor's list here on VJ. Yes - petitions are processed closely to those of similar dates but there are many instances where petitioners who have filed weeks later than others are already approved, while the earlier petitions sit waiting.
    A couple of years ago a poster here on VJ went through petitons on the USCIS site and manually entered each case number to attempt to figure out USCIS's adjudicating methods. I think that poster is still in therapy.
    Long story short, your petition will be approved when it is approved and not a moment before. No amount of wishing will help the process and it is ultimately just a matter of time until the magical NOA-2 is recieved.
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    joonphon reacted to mapletree in Deceitful wife and VAWA   
    #1 - Dont give into threats. Ever. If someone threatens to ruin your life, assume they already have.
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    joonphon reacted to GringoD in AWAITING K-1 NOA2   
    YJPlove, .. have you called the uscis? You've waited far, far too long !
    I'm expecting a special text today,.. . . . something about 'visa approved'.... 11-11-11!
    Well, hey,... a lil superstition neva hurt nobody.
    My girl said I had to join her in special day of prayer/meditation today BECAUSE SHE'S GOIN CRAZY!
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    joonphon reacted to Oksana & Max in AWAITING K-1 NOA2   
    sometimes seems like they are always on vacation
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    joonphon reacted to Dan & Jenni in AWAITING K-1 NOA2   
    a long cold winter
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    joonphon reacted to Penguin_ie in Delaying K1   
    You don;t even have NOA 2 yet. You could easily delay the process (delay sending in documents, cancel first interview) enough to get your visa next summer and then immigrate for Christmas 2012. Moving to a different country is not a major problem, just inform them of your new address.
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    joonphon reacted to seer8 in June 2011 Filers   
    Here is some hope for everyone.....
    My petition has been approved with a NOA! date of JUNE 14. I waited for 136 days for a long time.
    Just don't give up and always remember that your turn will come soon.
    We have sttod by and watched others get approved and now its our turn.
    Goodluck everyone and may the force and God's will be upon us all.
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