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    WrightFamily reacted to aaron2020 in Form I-751 Same sex marriage PLEASE help   
    Cheating on you is not abuse.
    Straight people who cheat can give their partners HIV too.
    Divorce and file to ROC on your own.
    Don't perpetuate the myth that when gay men have sex, they are exposing themselves to HIV.
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    WrightFamily reacted to DJ&L in Confounded   
    So, you haven't met in person and you're asking how to get your girlfriend here, so you can marry her, without meeting the requirements of a K1 visa? (Just so I understand)
    If that's the case....
    Your excuses for not having the time and money to visit are all well and good but the good ol' USCIS doesn't care. You need to have met once prior to filing for a K1. Period. End of discussion. Your gallery and such are not material to the discussion.
    It's too expensive to get married in Mexico (and you don't have the time to meet her) so you can't file for a CR-1.
    You know all this...which is why you're considering visa fraud and bringing her here on a work visa. I'd advise against that.
    Just to put it plain....you're in Texas. She's in Mexico. It's not like she's halfway around the world. It's a three hour plane flight or less probably. Go meet her.
    Don't complain about the system when you clearly have no respect for it.
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    WrightFamily got a reaction from Caryh in I-751 April 2014 Filers   
    NOA1 received date Updated!

    California Service Center (9 applicants, 0 approved - 0%)

    VJName.............Date of I-751....NOA1 Date....Biometrics.....Approved
    CARYH................04/01/14.......04/03/14......04/30/14......--/--/--(Early Bio 04/18)
    PENNY LANE...........04/08/14.......04/10/14......05/02/14......--/--/--

    Vermont Service Center (25 applicants, 0 approved - 0%)

    VJName.............Date of I-751....NOA1 Date....Biometrics.....Approved
    MIKE N SANDY.........03/28/14.......04/01/14......04/30/14......--/--/--
    MYAFI1985............04/04/14.......04/07/14......05/13/14......--/--/--(Early Bio 04/23)
    UP AND AWAY..........04/07/14.......04/09/14......05/08/14......--/--/--
    NEELA & JITU.........04/15/14.......04/--/14......--/--/14......--/--/--
    ALEX AND SOFYA.......04/21/14.......04/--/14......--/--/14......--/--/--


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    * Go to the MOST RECENTLY POSTED VERSION of this list (go to the last post and scroll UP) and "Reply" to it, deleting the "quote" tags in your reply.
    * Please DO NOT change the font, font size, add colors, stuff like that.
    * Please PREVIEW before posting to make sure it is properly formatted.
    * Please check that you have not deleted anyone's NAME & DATA. Also please check that you have not deleted the name of the Service Center.

    Date of I-751 = The Date you sent your petition
    NOA Date = The Receipt Date on your original NOA letter
    Biometrics = The Date of your biometrics appointment
    Approved = The Date your case was approved

    * Please Capitalize your VJ Name when adding it to the list.
    * When you're on this list, please come back to update your information accordingly.
    * If you cannot add your information yourself, please ask another VJ member to help you do so.
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    WrightFamily reacted to Cathi in I have question for green card to my brother   
    if the OP has has green card through marriage he can become a citizen after 3 years, not 5. The wait is 12 years AFTER citizenship, and if he has his 10 year green card that means he can become a citizen in 1 year, thus making the wait 13 years from now, not 17.
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    WrightFamily reacted to Penguin_ie in B2 VISA   
    No, entry on a tourist visa with the intent of staying is immigration fraud and illegal.
    Your husband can petition you for an IR-1 spousal visa, which allows you to immigrate to the USA and get a greencard upon entry and work, travel etc. He can file it "DCF", ie directly with the US embassy in Manilla, and it will take a few months. Check out our DCF forum hre: http://www.visajourney.com/forums/forum/82-direct-consular-filing-dcf-general-discussion/
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    WrightFamily reacted to Darnell in Got my Greencard.. How will i get my kids faster in the US.   
    if you are a greencard holder,
    then your USCitizen spouse can file an I-130 on each child, with followup NVC doc intake, then an Interview at Manila IV.
    Good Luck !
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    WrightFamily reacted to djricky4 in WHAT HAPPENS AT AIRPORT?   
    usually you go through immigration then customs. it should be the same here. he will go in the line, when he gets to immigration, they will instruct him on what to do. he will be taken to a separate room for them to process whats in his DO NOT OPEN ENVELOPE
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    WrightFamily reacted to Lillian in does racism go away after moving to the US?   
    To my disappointment, I didn't know racism exists, until I came here.
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    WrightFamily reacted to kamyon12 in Emailed the president...   
    wait, you started the process in May and you already contacted the top?
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    WrightFamily got a reaction from Kali & Steven in Emailed the president...   
    WOW, and I thought I was impatient for waiting 7 months and 2 weeks at CSC!!!
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    WrightFamily got a reaction from SweetDelish in Emailed the president...   
    WOW, and I thought I was impatient for waiting 7 months and 2 weeks at CSC!!!
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    WrightFamily reacted to Old_Dog_Barking in Emailed the president...   
    Maybe if we called you Barry, you would get lost! Racism is never funny.
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    WrightFamily reacted to Thomas&Cleofe in Emailed the president...   
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    WrightFamily reacted to Ron4 in Emailed the president...   
    Boo Hoo
    So you have been apart half as long and seen each other 3 times as much, have that drink and then slap yourself and realize that you are a lot luckier than most.
    It is what we do to be with the ones we love, if you don't love him enough to do this maybe you should re-evaluate.
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    WrightFamily reacted to Ludyous in Abusive relationship   
    it sounds like there are a lot of missing pieces of the story. If you are so miserable and have friends here, im pretty sure they can help you go back home. She is now making $6 hr, but was able to bring you here hmmmmmm doesn't sound right to me.
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    WrightFamily reacted to del-2-5-2014 in Abusive relationship   
    Another failure of the K1 process. USCIS really needs to give an automatic class of visa to beneficiarys so that they have an opportunity to come and visit the US before approving these petitions.
    Of course your Wife (you did get married?) was a different person and in vacation mode when she came to visit. The daily struggles of day to day lif ein the USA, even for the middel class, is a far cry from when they are on vacation.
    Anyways, what is done is done, I don't think you qualify for VAWA since there was no abuse but it can be molded into an abuse case my morally flexible folks. Your best bet is to suck it up Man and git her done. Work with your Wife, go to counselling, be her partner, let her see that once you adjust and can work then you can contributwe and you can move out of roach motels.
    If that's impossible then no other choice but to go back home and reset.
    Good luck my Brother.
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    WrightFamily reacted to cutie bear in Application of Social Security Number for married person   
    I have been seeing post of people having difficult time applying Social Security number after getting married to the USC. I would like to share my experience and the things I did when I applied for SSN.
    First Application: JUNE 22, 2011 at Chicago
    Documents: passport, marriage certificate, I-94, birth certificate and SS form.
    What Happened: : The man behind the desk told me he can process my SS application but it would bear my MAIDEN NAME. I told him I want to use my husband's last name that's why I brought my marriage certificate but he insist that he cannot do that because there will be discrepancies in the SS database and Immigration database. The best thing to do is go to DHS and register my new name (my name + my husband's last name). So I went to the immigration office and made an infopass. The lady told me that I need to have at least my EAD or GC so I can apply for SSN. I didnt believe this so I went home told my husband, did my research and emailed the SS website.
    Second Application: July 22, 2011 at Aurora, IL
    Documents: passport, marriage certificate, I-94, birth certificate and SS form. I also brought with me the email i receive from SS and all my research.(Posted below)
    What Happened: : It was very quick and easy. the lady read my application, ask me several questions (similar to the questions found in the I-485 forms). She gave me a letter that indicates the proof that I have applied for a SSN (the name in the letter shows my name + my husband's last name) and I could call after 7 working days to check with them if my number is already available in the system. She told me that my card will arrive after 2 weeks. After 7 working days I came back together with my husband to get a print out of my Social security number because we need to apply for a joint bank account. When I came there, we waited for our number to be called, I was asked when is birthday and my name and he then handed me a print-out of social security number. Less than 2 weeks later, I have my social security card showing my new name.
    Here's the email I have received from SS and I think would be very useful for all those who will apply for social security number after getting married:
    An individual that entered the United States with K-1 status applying for a work authorized SSN must present evidence at one of our offices to establish his or her age, identity, and current lawful employment authorized status.
    An individual needs to provide at least two documents as evidence to establish age, identity, and current lawful employment authorized status.
    Example: If the immigration document, for example, Form I-94, Form I-551, Form I-766, is used to establish work authorization and identity, the alien must provide another document to establish age.
    We will not assign an SSN or issue a card to an individual that is within 14 days of his or her alien status expiring. Until the 76th day after entry an individual with K-1 status only needs to provide an unexpired I-94 showing current K-1 status to establish employment authorized status for SSN purposes.
    Once, an individual that entered the United States with K-1 status has been in the United States 76 days he or she will need another document, for example, Form I-551, Form I-766, to establish employment authorized status for SSN purposes.
    RM 10211.420 Employment Authorization for Non-immigrants:
    RM 10211.025 Evidence of Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) Status for an SSN Card:
    Note: Marriage does not affect an individual with K-1 status's eligibility to be assigned an SSN, or issued a card.
    We accept all marriage documents issued within the 50 United States, Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, and American Samoa.
    RM 10212.025 Evidence of Name Change based on a US Ceremonial Marriage:
    We can accept a name change document based on marriage as evidence of the new name to be shown on the card, if the new name can be derived from the marriage document.
    Any of the following changes to the last name, using the names shown on the evidence, are permitted:
    -- bride takes the groom’s last name;
    -- groom takes bride’s last name;
    -- spouse or takes the other parties’ last name;
    -- spouse or takes one part of the other parties’ compound surname;
    -- compound name (with or without hyphen) of each spouse’s original
    surname for either or both parties.
    Lisa Foster submits evidence of the name change event, her US ceremonial marriage to Bryan Lee-Walsh. She wants to change her surname to a compound surname, Foster Lee, with only part of Bryan’s surname. Since this new name can be derived from the prior names shown on the marriage document, the marriage document is acceptable evidence of the new name. We may also change Lisa’s surname to one of the following if she requests it:
    -- WALSH,
    -- LEE-WALSH (or reverse, with or without space or hyphen),
    -- LEE FOSTER (with or without space or hyphen, Foster Lee could also
    have a hyphen or not have a space)
    -- FOSTER WALSH (or reverse, with or without space or hyphen)
    -- FOSTER LEE WALSH (in any order, with or without spaces or hyphens)
    The marriage document can also be used as acceptable evidence of identity, if it shows Lisa’s prior name (Lisa Foster) and either her age, birth date, or parents’ names, that matches the data on the SSN record, and the marriage took place within the prior two years.
    RM 10212.055 Evidence Required to Process a Name Change on the SSN based on Marriage, Civil Union and Domestic Partnership:
    This is in addition to proof of current lawful employment authorized status.
    A foreign-born person’s legal name is the name shown on his or her immigration document, for example, Form I-94.
    If the required documents show clearly different names, we cannot accept the evidence to process the application. In these situations, the applicant must submit evidence showing the same name, or submit evidence of a name change that occurred after the immigration document was issued.
    RM 10212.001 Defining the Legal Name for an SSN:
    When requesting an SSN card, the documents presented, as evidence must be either originals or copies certified by the issuing agency. We cannot accept uncertified or notarized photocopies as evidence.
    If an acceptable evidence document is in a language other than English and no other acceptable document is available, we will have the foreign language document translated by an authorized translator.
    SSA translators comprise two groups:
    -- Field office and Payment Center employees who volunteer their
    services as translators
    -- Central Translation Section translators who hold actual translator
    GN 00301.340 Authorized Translators Defined:
    If a foreign-born person has the foreign birth certificate in his/her possession or can easily obtain a copy, he or she must submit it as proof of age. In some situations we can accept alternative evidence of age. The alternative evidence of age may be less than a year old, for example, foreign passport.
    You can find links to detailed information regarding evidence that establishes age on our Web site:
    The documents acceptable as evidence of identity are based on three factors: (1) the applicant’s age, (2) the applicant’s citizenship/alien status, and (3) the relative value of documents.
    Primary Identity Evidence for an alien:
    -- Form I-551, Permanent Resident Card (includes temporary I-551
    Stamp in combination with an unexpired foreign passport when the I-
    551 Permanent Resident Card has not yet been issued)
    -- Form I-94, Arrival/departure Record in combination with an
    unexpired foreign passport
    -- Form I-766, Employment Authorization card in combination with an
    unexpired foreign passport
    Note: Document must be unexpired
    Secondary Identity Evidence for an alien:
    -- Unexpired valid U.S. driver’s license (excludes licenses known to
    be suspended or revoked)
    -- U.S. State issued non-driver identity card (issued by the same
    State agency which issues driver’s licenses/State-level agency with
    issuing authority over the State’s identity card and not expired)
    -- Marriage document showing in addition to the applicant’s name
    either the applicant’s date of birth (DOB) or age
    -- Certified copy of medical record (clinic, doctor, or hospital) or
    letter providing extract data from the medical record showing in
    addition to the applicant’s name, the applicant’s DOB or age
    -- Health insurance or Medicaid card showing, in addition to the
    person’s name, either a photograph of the person or his/her DOB
    -- School identity card or record (for current school year) showing,
    in addition to the applicant’s name, either a photograph of the
    applicant or the applicant’s DOB
    -- Life insurance policy for the person showing his/her age or DOB.
    However, the acceptability of an identity document must be evaluated on a case by case basis by the office processing the application.
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    WrightFamily reacted to sandranj in K1 VISA WIFE LEFT BEFORE AOS   
    I do not believe at all that she left the Country. ShelterS NEVER get involved to the point to go to someones house and take the person to the airport. Her friend LIED TO YOU. Shelters offer a safe place to stay and if the person is in danger they call the cops.I do not believe in a single thing her friend told you.
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    WrightFamily reacted to jdh in Am I an ILLEGAL alien?!   
    Uh uh...I pledge a legiance go the flag of the United States of American and to the REPUBLIC of which it stands.
    The difference was important to the founding fathers...
    Government; Republican government. One in which the powers of sovereignty are vested in the people and are exercised by the people, either directly, or through representatives chosen by the people, to whome those powers are specially delegated. In re Duncan, 139 U.S. 449, 11 S.Ct. 573, 35 L.Ed. 219; Minor v. Happersett, 88 U.S. (21 Wall.) 162, 22 L.Ed. 627. [black's Law Dictionary, Fifth Edition, p. 626]
    Democracy. That form of government in which the sovereign power resides in and is exercised by the whole body of free citizens directly or indirectly through a system of representation, as distinguished from a monarchy, aristocracy, or oligarchy. Black's Law Dictionary, Fifth Edition, pp. 388-389.
    Check out this article and many others on the topic some time...
    Back to topic....
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    WrightFamily reacted to Harpa Timsah in Am I an ILLEGAL alien?!   
    The ban can begin for prior illegal presence. If she were to leave the US, and try to come back, the CBP agent would be in his/her authority to say, "Sorry, you overstayed last time for 2 years, you are refused entry and have a 10-year ban." This happens frequently.
    D/S is "duration of status." Her status is Canadian visitor. She stopped visiting a long time ago. Her status was terminated when she stopped visiting.
    It is NOT okay for Canadians to live in the US with no visa just because they did not get a I-94 at the border.
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    WrightFamily reacted to jdh in Am I an ILLEGAL alien?!   
    This is not true and apparently a common and dangerous misunderstanding of immigration law.
    Please stop spreading this misconception.
    If you overstay your lawful stay you become unlawfully present...ie. illegal.
    Do not think for a second that if you have overstayed and happen to be detained by the police for some reason and they notify ICE or otherwise catch the attention of ICE that you will not be placed into removal proceedings the same as any other person who has established an unlawful presence within the US.
    Studies have shown that up to 50% of illegal aliens consist of those who have entered on a legal visa but overstayed that visa. You are indeed counted with those who entered the country illegally when you overstay your lawful duration of stay.
    For the OP this is insignificant, as has already been covered, in that she has applied for AOS and has entered a new lawful status while a decision is pending.
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    WrightFamily reacted to Harpa Timsah in Am I an ILLEGAL alien?!   
    I am aware of this interpretation for Canadians, but USCIS can easily "declare" that she has long overstayed, because she has. If she were to leave now, she would most certainly be denied reentry and banned at the reentry attempt. Canadians are not permitted to come and live in the US without proper visas. Entering on your passport is entering under the terms of a B2 visa, where the maximum allotted time is 6 months. To DandT, VWP people do not enter under the terms of a B2 visa, they enter under the terms of the VWP, which is different. Canada is not VWP.
    So the OP is asking "Did I do wrong? Am I illegal?" And the answer is yes. She was not permitted to stay here for 2 years.
    Practically speaking, it does not matter, none of this discussion of how she should define herself will make any difference in her AOS. I don't mean to berate her at all, many people on this forum have overstayed. But I think to pretend that she is somehow living in the US in accordance with her Canadian visitor status is nonsense.
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    WrightFamily reacted to Harpa Timsah in Am I an ILLEGAL alien?!   
    Yes they do, they are admitted under the terms of a B2 tourist visa at the border, without having to apply for one. If she lied at the border, then it will still matter. If she didn't her current status will not matter, but she definitely overstayed, and is accumulating illegal presence. She seems to be shocked that she is an "illegal alien" but she is certainly not here legally.
    As was pointed out above, if the AOS is already sent and accepted for initial review, now the OP is in a new period of authorized stay.
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    WrightFamily reacted to Harpa Timsah in Am I an ILLEGAL alien?!   
    Yes, of course you are an illegal alien. You know full well you came on a tourist visa and you do not have permission to live in the US. You have overstayed your allotted time and are now accumulating days of illegal presence. Luckily, that will be irrelevant/forgiven once your Greencard is approved.
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    WrightFamily reacted to hikergirl in Am I an ILLEGAL alien?!   
    Canadians are only supposed to stay a maximum of 6 months. She is out of status.
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