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    IR-1/CR-1 Visa
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    Married: 6/17/11
    I-130 Sent: 7/9/11 (Petition for K3)
    NOA1 : 7/14/11
    I-129F Sent: 7/21/11
    NOA1: 7/21/11
    NOA2: 8/22/11
    NVC Received: 8/24/11
    NVC Left: 8/26/11 (NVC failed to Admin Closed the K3)
    Consulate Received: 9/5/11
    Packet 4 Received: 10/4/11 (Beneficiary Never received - Only Myself)
    Visa Application Fee: 10/20/11
    Medical Done: 11/14/11
    Interview: 11/23/11
    Visa Application Fee: 11/23/11 (Banco Popular Charged the Incorrect Amount so we had to re-pay)
    Approved: 11/23/11
    Changed to CR1: 12/13/11
    IV & AoS Paid: 12/15/11
    Expedite Request Approved: 12/15/11
    Sent to Embassy: 12/20/11
    Embassy Received: 12/29/11
    Embassy Appt: 1/4/12
    Medical Re-Done: 1/5/12
    Documents Submitted - Again: 1/17/12
    Visa Issued: 1/19/12
    Visa Delivery: 1/23/12
    POE: 2/18/11
    He Left Me: 2/24/12
    Reported him to immigration: 2/25/12
    GC arrived: 4/14/12

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  1. Hey all!! Any new news about your cases/ interviews/ etc???

    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. Samantha78


      eromano - Thats great though that you have a return date and its not sitting is some damn pile in the embassy!! You've already been so patient my love....just a little longer:)

    3. visaplease


      I think mines is, Department of State says they returned my case in Feb., NVC says they havent received it, I call the embasy with $7 pin and they cant even find my case in their system? #$@$#%#%#%^(

    4. Samantha78


      visaplease....tell me you are not surprised by this? you know how screwed up that embassy is!