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    Welshcookie got a reaction from user19000 in When marriage on VJ fails...   
    It is just another angle to lay blame and also gives another opportunity to claim that "see...it wasn't my fault"....both parties in the break down of a relationship do it, throw in immigration and it's just another weapon to use....
    I think I just repeated what you said in another way
    Actually, I do get annoyed when I read of relationships breaking down and the first thing they think about is how to send their immigrant spouse 'back to where they came from' like an unwanted puppy.
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    Welshcookie reacted to C&Q in My Fiancee Just Told Me She Cannot Marry Me   
    Ur fiancee just told u she doesn't want / can't marry u for whatever reason and now ur trying to marry someone else while in China? I hope this is a joke.
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    Welshcookie reacted to Staashi in Do you and your spouse/gf/bf agree politically?   
    I almost just spit out my coffee. ”B!tch, get back in yo binder!”
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    Welshcookie reacted to Penny Lane in Do you and your spouse/gf/bf agree politically?   
    What a stupid comment. I wasn't even disagreeing with you. Just commenting on your "my relationship works like this, so yours should too!" attitude that you seem have.
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    Welshcookie reacted to Stu4Lee in 221G for lack of ongoing relationship evidence!!   
    Thanks for your useful contribution
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    Welshcookie reacted to Trompe le Monde in Amazing display   
    Most of the offensive things I see posted about Ukrainian women are posted by men. Your outrage is highly selective.
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    Welshcookie reacted to Krikit in Amazing display   
    Gary, you are one of the worst offenders with regard to generalizations of women. Basically, you are saying to remove and moderate all the posts which you make in that regard. As you are very quick to orate in your reports that mods should be consistent, I will be happy to oblige.
    The OP was getting an education by the membership on his bias. I see nothing wrong with setting people straight. The members of this board are very good at that. There were absolutely no snarky comments made by "CABA women" in that thread, but there was one from you against them.
    If you are going to have a holier-than-thou attitude then I suggest you start walking the walk.
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    Welshcookie reacted to Trompe le Monde in Amazing display   
    Lot of fist shaking and feet stamping for one post. Who else among us has known such oppression?
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    Welshcookie reacted to ^_^ in Amazing display   
    Would you like some cheese with that whine?
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    Welshcookie reacted to Jenn! in looking for MENA success stories   
    What I find even sadder than reading about the tragic endings of some MENA relationships is going back and reading the posts of those same posters pre-immigration. Everyone is always so confident that they are different.
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    Welshcookie reacted to Kathryn41 in A point of clarification needed   
    If you have problems with the decision you can request Captain Ewok to view the images and the threads and see if he supports the decision or changes it. He is a man, so that should work in your favour if it is merely an issue of overly 'sensitive' females.
    Just because something was posted previously and no mod action happened does not mean that it was 'ok'. It means that it wasn't reported. The teacher thread this time wasn't reported until 2 days after it was posted. It is not an issue of morality police; it is an issue of observing the Terms of Service for Visa Journey. Politics & Religion forum and Off Topic are still expected to observe the TOS.
    Half nude, nuns portrayed in sexually provocative poses and circumstances is definitely inappropriate for Visa Journey.
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    Welshcookie reacted to Mr. Big Dog in Woman denied 'stand your ground' defense   
    She should have taken a shot at an unarmed kid with candy - and make it count - and she'd be home free. Welcome to the Sunshine State.
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    Welshcookie reacted to in Woman denied 'stand your ground' defense   
    Fire a warning shot to your abusive husband and face life.
    Chase down and kill unarmed schoolboys and you won't go to jail. Makes perfect sense.
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    Welshcookie reacted to Marilyn. in Woman denied 'stand your ground' defense   
    she didn't kill her husband. she just fired a warning shot into the ceiling.
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    Welshcookie reacted to Marilyn. in Woman denied 'stand your ground' defense   
    she already had a trial..
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    Welshcookie reacted to elmcitymaven in A point of clarification needed   
    Are semi-pornographic, "soft" porn or pictures more revealing than you'd see in a Victoria's Secret catalogue acceptable as post content on VJ now? I'm not opposed to viewing racy pics or porn in my non-VJ life, but many of us read this site in places where being seen to be viewing such material could have negative repercussions. Although I turn images off on VJ at work myself, images are visible on the VJ mobile format I view on my phone. I'd rather not be in the checkout line at Vons and have the woman behind me think I'm looking at titty pics.
    Can we just get a little clarification on this?
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    Welshcookie reacted to Mr. Big Dog in Secret Service looking into Ted Nugent's anti-Obama message   
    Say, what business does the SCOTUS have deciding about the constitutionality of a law that's already been found unconstitutional? Weren't these 9 justices the ultimate authority on making that particular call? I seem to remember that they were but apparently that's not the case in your circles. They're just sitting there putting on a show, I guess. Sodahead.com has decided that this law is unconstitutional and hence, it is unconstitutional. Must be truly awesome to live in that RWN bubble.
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    Welshcookie reacted to tmma in California teacher scores himself a young one   
    Your MIL just doesn't do it for me. Sorry.
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    Welshcookie reacted to Dan and Judy in ZImmerman: The racist?.   
    Sorry Gary the word is allowed. When you are playing hangman spelling is critical. you got two L's correct and that's it.
    It's an understandable mistake, they both have the same amount of letters. a l l o w e d --- i l l e g a l
    You hung yourself rest in peace
    It's illegal to drive 56mph in a 55mph zone but people
    are allowed to drive 60mph in 55mph zone without any consequence
    If you disagree with anything I stated feel free to make up a new word.
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    Welshcookie reacted to I AM NOT THAT GUY in ZImmerman: The racist?.   
    Oh noes! Gary is about to blow a fuse! Gary has fallen and can't get up!
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    Welshcookie reacted to Sofiyya in ZImmerman: The racist?.   
    The U.S. Congress never outlawed lynching. In 2005 it apologized for that omission. States that had made the practice illegal rarely enforced the laws, allowing lynchers to get away with murder. Until the passing of the Civil Rights Act in 1968, there no comprehensive action against lynching.
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    Welshcookie reacted to Sofiyya in ZImmerman: The racist?.   
    Slept through history class, eh?
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    Welshcookie reacted to davidb79 in Bringing pets from your home country   
    Hehe. If this were Facebook, I'd definitely "like" that comment.
    Thanks so much to all of you for your feedback. I forgot to check this in the last day or so and was pleasantly surprised to come back to 3 pages of posts. You've all given me a lot to think about. My preference would be to find a loving home that my wife feels good about to take the rabbits, perhaps with the understanding that, when the time is right and if we feel like the trip won't be harmful to them, we can bring them here. As for the cats, since her dad already has one, I don't think it's such a big deal for him to continue watching them, and I feel much more confident about them being able to make the trip when the time comes.
    But dealing with the rabbits is going to be hard on her. I can sympathize, because after my divorce, my ex gave away my 2 birds and 2 cats and took the 3 dogs, who I haven't seen since November and probably will never see again. People can say they are "just animals," but the connections we develop with them are very real and very strong.
    Thanks again.
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    Welshcookie reacted to elmcitymaven in Bringing pets from your home country   
    Because a WOMAN can't do research or make any calls on her own. All the German women I know are pretty smart, determined and resourceful who probably wouldn't enjoy the he-man "WOMAN, here is the data. Now, I, the MAN, will do it for you" attitude. But hey, I hate being a woman.
    Presenting what data you have is helpful as is offering to assist in whatever way you can (including doing everything if she wants). As a former rabbit owner, I agree that they are delicate creatures. Perhaps getting a local vet's opinion on the animals' constitution might be helpful as well. Whatever decision you make, best of luck to you and your wife.
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    Welshcookie reacted to awkwardsoul in Bringing pets from your home country   
    I've owned rabbits and I know I wouldn't leave mine behind as they are wonderful pets.... but.. flying rabbits from Germany to USA? That would be really stressful on a fragile prey animal so I wouldn't do it. I would make sure they went to a good home, as I'd be too worried they would die during the trip from the stress.
    My last bunny barely handled a 30 minute bus ride in which I had him in a carrier on my lap. He was stressed out all night after that trip.
    Price wise of having rabbits isn't too bad. Price out food and hay is usually pretty cheap. All their treats can be fruit and veggie scraps. I lived with a rabbit in just a room, smell is fine if the rabbits are fixed and litter trained.
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