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    Oct 2010 while working in New Zealand on a working Visa, I joined a dating site. i figured whatever im an american dont know anyone so i would give it a shot. about two weeks into the process, i get a funny email from someone speaking spanish. Hmm i thought, this could be interesting, as my ex was from mexico and yo hablar en espanol tambien. i felt very comfortable for some reason.
    i responded and Paula and I started talking. slowly at first but i felt my mind on fire for the first time in over 10 years. But wait!! thats right im in New Zealand and she is where?? Colombia. yeah, thats a long long way apart. long story short. we talked more and more, video chat and used skype a ton. spent hours talking and laughing and even dare i say it. starting to love one another. yeah i know i thought it too. how can you do that if you havent met face to face. my answer. I dont know. but i know i have faith in god, and he put her on my road for a reason. and i have never been the same sad man since i met her. we spent the next three months talking with the plan of me coming in december to spent a entire month with her. and even talked about getting married if we both felt as good as we did in person when we met. so skip ahead december 12th 2010. i flew a total of 12,650 miles from New Zealand to colombia via the usa, and arrived in armenia and ???

    all i can say is sometimes god is gracious. i felt as if i had known her my whole life. like my favorite pair of jeans. we just fit together perfectly. we spent a whole week alone in what we call our pre honey moon room. and on the 18th of december we were married with the blessing of her mother and father and son. after the wedding we went to her home in anserma and spent the remainder of the holiday with the family and i gotta say i still couldnt believe it. from half a world away i found this one person who made me complete. jan 9th my vacation and return to work was coming up and we made our way back to armenia, said our sad and heart broken goodbyes and i went back to New Zealand. i was 10 hours into my trip when i got a feeling like i was going the wrong way. thats when i knew i arrived back in New Zealand and one the first day told my employeer that i would be leaving at the end of my contract in april. i needed to move back to the states to get started on being with my true love. and my kids. nothing was more important than that. he tried to offer more money but you all know money isnt everything. at the end of my contract i flew back to pennsytvania where my parents live and then headed back to colombia. arrived and found my loving wife waiting for me outside the doors in armenia and knew in that moment i never wanted to be without her ever.
    spent another 14 days in colombia and went back to the states to start working on papers to bring her over. we are now 6 months married 9 months as a couple and im content and happy. i know we have long and hard times ahead but through the grace of god and with patience we will be together. as she often says poco a poco amor. in a nut shell that is where we are and our story.

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  1. Awwww I love your story!!

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