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  1. 6 days left with my husband in NIgeria. It's been 5 1/2 months of joyus bliss. How do I go back to the US and live through this Visa process. Lord help me.

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    2. dwheels76


      @LoveNigarmostyle-man so sorry didn't get those yams. After my immigration experience glad I didn't try. But hey going back in about 8 weeks I will see what UI can do. They are good and my mum does fried yams like fries. OMG I so love it and if I can eat like that and all I ate and still lose weight like I did. I am so in.

    3. dwheels76


      @Souleymon-After sitting at the embassy listening to those painful interviews. I sure know what to avoid. And know that I did a Q & A with all 4 interviewers. It was just them and me for an hour I closed the place and WOW did I learn alot of what they are lookiing for. I should post huh.

    4. souleymon


      You didnt tell me you visited the embassy..inbox me details..i see u wld be visiting Nigeria Soon Again.