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    motu got a reaction from Visitor User in Unauthorized employment and adjustment of status   
    Hey cowboys:
    Many knowledgeable posters are stating that the illegal work will lead to a denial. In my case, I was over 21 when I first came to USA as a student. I worked illegally and when I filed for immigration based on relative (my sister petitioned for me) - I disclosed my work history (along with the tax returns) and nothing was asked. This was many years ago. I would suggest that you check with an immigration lawyer on how to proceed. In my opinion, lying (or omitting facts now) can come back to bite you later on - maybe later on the immigrant may want to go for citizenship and then run for senate or the presidency (maybe the laws will change by then). So my advice; explain to a competent immigration lawyer about the situation and proceed with caution. Good Luck
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    motu got a reaction from Visitor User in Unauthorized employment and adjustment of status   
    I would suggest
    1) Be truthful about the employment - hopefully she did file her taxes - even if she had 0 tax liability. If she didn't - she should file her tax returns now to at least establish that.
    2) I may be completely wrong - but I do not believe she has anything to worry about unless the employment was illegal e.g. dealing drugs etc.
    However, I am not sure about this and maybe someone with knowledge can post an answer. My feeling is they are more concerned about not filing taxes than working illegally (remember the employer is also liable in this case for hiring her without authorizing documents).
    I had worked here illegally while on a student visa - And when I filed for immigration, I listed my jobs and attached my tax returns, no questions were asked about it. But this was many years ago.
    Good Luck
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    motu got a reaction from PRC Rabbit in AOS double-sided?   
    When I asked the same question several months ago - the advice was to do double sided 'to make it look like the original'. Though I think, it shouldn't really matter. As for copying, all Kinkos (also known as Fed ex stores) have double sided copiers (color and black & white!) And pressing a switch to make double sided or single sided can't be so 'hard'!
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    motu got a reaction from user19000 in Anyone else hear this last night?   
    Art Bell is a extremist republican - I only heard him a couple times when I couldn't get anybody else on the radio when driving. Not someone I would offer any condolences or help to - but he could ask Rush for help - birds of a feather.
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    motu got a reaction from user19000 in I-751: What is the average number of pages sent in application?   
    I have always sent the least possible - or as I cal it - 'adequate'. I sent 27 pages of evidence + a picture book (12 pages). You need to get to a comfort level and do what makes you comfortable - for example I just sent in three statements of the bank/credit card/utility - one from the beginning; one from the middle and one from the current period - this is to show continuity and I skipped the 2nd and 3rd pages of the statements - and so forth; send relevant proof and keep it simple - is my approach. Good Luck
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