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    Our visa story is not really all that old, but events that led us to choose the path to immigration go back a bit longer. We met in Egypt/Cairo, where we both worked. Jilly and me had been good friends for quite a while and thought it would be great fun to spend some time in the States together in the spring so we planned a trip, I got a visa and we bought tickets for April, planning to come back to our rather exotic existance, our jobs, life, friends (and cats!) in summer. But WOW, who'd imagined it-Egypt had a revolution in January! It was amazing, scary. You really learn alot about a person in emergency times, too. When 'the dust had settled', our jobs were only operating at about 1/4 capasity 'cuz we both had customers that were English speaking/western company people and most had left the country for the time being. She warned me Minnesota was not at its best in March (which is why we orginally wanted April), but life in Egypt was so nerve wracking now, we decided to travel.

    Well, I must say, Jill was right. COLD! I don't think there was a day of sun for the first 2 weeks. But we did sit huddled aroung the computer, trying to figure out what was happening back in Cairo-after the fireworks were over, there wasn't that must information. What we did learn from friends and news sources, is that things were not gonna be coming back to normal for a while. We felt strong together, we didn't want to be seperated ever, by anything, again. I asked her to marry me. We would stay in our quiet little Minnesota town and be safe and happy. She said 'Yes!" and so-here we are! On My Visa journey.

    Of course the paper work is awsome. I didn't bring any papers with me, so getting them has been a grind and a half. But what we found out early in the process-I had come on a Visa Waiver program because I'm a UK citizen. We were looking all over for the I-94 number from entry at O'hare. Surprise! VWP don't get a number, just a stamp for legal entry. VWP is not expected to be adjusted. Well, we hadn't planned on anything when we asked, and now here we were-a whole different plan.

    Well, we got married and I gotta say, it feels VERY right. Feels like a previous life? Egypt and reincanation and stuff? maybe. But we are happy. The weather has warmed up. We are happy planning a whole new life. Just mailed off out Petition/Application on May 6th. And here we are. Waiting with all of you. Worried and trying to reassure each other that we have crossed 't 's' and dotted 'i's'. Just a cashed check at this point will be a first ray of light on our new path. We'll keep you updated.
    Amr and Jill

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  1. Hi! We filed (mailed and was received) I-485/I-130 TO cHICAGO lockbox and was picked up 10 days ago. no check cashed yet. no news. So quiet. Normal?

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      Yes, wait 30days

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