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  1. Hello to everyone who will visit my profile. It's been 4 months and a week since NOA1. My case was not "touched" at all since NOA1. Any words of encouragement? I will take. And if anyone knows what's going on in VSC, please inform. Thank you:)

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    2. Rebeca&David


      Hey a&a! Thank u for the tip!!!!!!

    3. a & a

      a & a

      I faxed a letter explaining something weird was going on, that cases filed weeks/months after mine were approved weeks before mine, skipping right over me, attached the list of case numbers I had (I noticed some people got pissed at you for that- they might be stuck and not even know it!) Im pretty sure it was not due to background checks, I've had way tougher than USCIS. Congress-critter will need some privacy release forms from you, look up on his/her website. Might have been a coin...

    4. Rebeca&David


      When I go on USCIS website and put my case number it says it wasn't found... don't know what to do! :(

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