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    back story: came to the states in 2001 from Nigeria (was 12), haven't gone back since then. in my 3rd year of college now, i met my wife in 2007 at a cancer walk. in June 2010 i asked her to marry me, we got wedded this April and filed off the apps(i-130, i-485, i-765, i-864) in June.
    the interview was scheduled for 10am at the charleston center south carolina, the same place i got my biometrics done, we got there around 8:30am, there were other couples there already. we had our photo album and a binder with all the documents we filed (including supporting documents all labeled and ready to go). a little over 9:25am our IO (late 40's african american) called my first name (i guess he couldn't pronounce my last lol) and walked us to his office where he asked us (my wife and I) to stand and take the oath. after that we both sat and he started off asking us both for our ID's, he asked for all my traveling documents including my i-94, SSN and my EAD card, which i presented to him then he proceeded to ask my wife some questions. he asked her what her full name was, and her current address (all the while, he was browsing through all the initial documents we sent in when we filed including the RFE for i-864). after that he asked me my name and my current address then the name of the person who was joint sponsoring us, I answered him. he was marking up the files with a red pen (check marks).
    after a moment of silence (well my wife and i where shattering about what to name our newly adopted pet LOL), he proceeded to ask me some of the questions from the i-485 form, which i answered no to all of them, he asked if i was working? which was a no...he also asked if i was in school, i told him no but i will be attending next spring semester. after that he asked us how we met, my wife and I spoke at the same time, and we all laughed (the first time he laughed) but she took the lead and told him the story. he seemed satisfied, he asked us to see our album, which i presented to him. while he was browsing it, my wife and i watched along and made jokes about how clean our apartment was in the picture. the IO was cheerful, midway through the album (he already saw the wedding ceremony pics) he made a joke that he'll not finish looking at the albums today if he continued (big album!!). he closed it up and handed it to me, upon that he asked if there were any other evidence ill like to show him? i told him, everything we have he already has in front of him except for our renewed apartment lease and auto insurance. he said ok and after 5 minutes of him going over our file, he said "well, you are approved!" he stamped my passport took my EAD card (gave back my drivers license ss card and passport) and proceeded to explain how to remove the 2 year condition restriction and what forms to file. afterwards he said that i should expect my card in the mail in 3-4weeks, then asked us to go out the way we came in and to wait in the front boot! in all, the interview lasted about 20 minutes
    i just want to say thank GOD and thank you to this site, i did it with out a lawyer and if it wasn't for some members on here, i don't know where ill be now (in regards to filing)
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