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    Yes, he already try to withdraw. My husband told him about it already that starting a relationship with lies is not a good foundation for marriage. But the saying says that LOVE is Blind and I think in some cases it's true. And everyone deserve a second chance. She have her own reason why she hide her real status, but she admitted it already. So, that's up to the two of them if they still want to proceed. But one thing is for sure my USC friend really love her so much. I wish she was brave enough to tell him her real status than being so afraid of loosing him if she told him the truth from the start.
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    maryl got a reaction from marklovetina in CENOMAR problem   
    Hi, I am also a Filipina but I'm already here in the US. This USC guy is my husband's best friend and my friend also. He is a good guy and we are happy for him when he met this Filipina. He introduced me to this Filipina and we became friend also. But because of her stories that I know it's a big lie, even though I am also a Filipina I think it's not right that I'll take her side. I am not trying to destroy his trust. I am just trying to get some good advice and help so she won't be ban to come here in the US because I know that our USC friend love her so much. She already admitted that she was married in the Philippines but they are separated for many years now. I'm sure she have her own reason why she hide her real status. And The USC guy try to withdraw the K1 petition now. I hope it's not too late so, he can petition her again after she done with her annulment. If I sounds rude when I posted of what she have told me, I am very sorry. I just felt bad that she lied her real status. I don't want that these good american guys who work hard and spent their hard earn money just to get a good Filipina wife will think that all Filipina are like that.
    Anyway if you have no good things to say or good adviced to give. I think it's better not to say nothing. Thanks
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