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    KG520 got a reaction from PAPUNMANMU in INTERVIEW TODAY....NO VISA!!   
    My husband had an interview today. He provided the interviewer with phone bills, chat logs, emails, and plane tickets. The only thing the interviewer looked at were photos. He proceeded to ask my husband about how many kids I have and their names & ages. He then told my husband that he would NOT be getting the visa and that I needed to come back for a second interview. I'm just wondering what I should expect from this. Also, my husband had to go to purchase some kind of calling card for $10, which apparently is the only way to reschedule the interview. When I called to schedule the interview I only got a recording & a full voicemail box. Have any other Haiti filers experienced this? My concern is that I pay the $800+ for the plane ticket and he still does not get the visa. I will be beyond pissed. I'm so aggravated and frustrated right now I can't even put it into words. I'm holding on by a thread!
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