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    Hi I'm Sarah, and I'd love to tell you our story :)
    Mark and I met quite by chance in August 2008 on Facebook, he made a comment on a picture of me... he said simply, "Adorable". I was so touched by his comment that I thanked him, and we instantly struck up a conversation. We emailed every day and soon became best of friends... neither of us was looking for anything more than that. It was like we had known each other for forever!!
    We still emailed every day for the next two years and we were falling in love, although neither of us said anything to the other about how we were feeling... We were both too scared!!
    We soon progressed to MSN chats and voice calls, it was SO wonderful to hear each other’s voices for the first time!!!! We were both a little shy and very nervous, but we made each other laugh... as we always have done in our emails, and the conversation just flowed between us so naturally.
    We had talked for a long time about the possibility of meeting one day, but didn't know when. I decided to visit some friends in Canada in October of 2010. Where they live is only a five hour drive from Michigan. I was not brave enough to suggest making a trip out to Michigan to see Mark, and I was secretly hoping that he would want to make the trip out to meet me... I was so pleased when as soon as I told him I was going to Canada his immediate reaction was that he would drive out to meet me. We were both SO excited that we were finally going to meet and the day could not come soon enough for either of us!!
    I was in Canada for two weeks and Mark and I spent the second week of my holiday together. The night we met, we were at my friend’s house. I waited for Mark on their driveway and was SO nervous! He pulled up in his car and shaking I walked over to him as he got out of his car. We hugged each other so tight and for so long... we did not want to let each other go.... We both were very emotional and a few tears of happiness were shed! I honestly don't know how long our first hug lasted... but I can still feel it now.... and I know I will forever... The next day we both confessed how we were in love with each other :)
    We had such a wonderful time in Canada and Mark even took me back to his home in Michigan for a couple of days to see where he lives and to meet some of his family. Mark tells me now that he wanted to propose then... but he didn't want to scare me!
    Mark came over to England the next month for his Thanksgiving weekend he met my parents and asked my Dad's permission for my hand in marriage. He then proposed to me, he was so sweet and romantic. We had a long weekend together and then he flew back to Michigan… Mark has since come back to England to stay with me and meet more of my family in January and again in April. I have also been out to Michigan, I stayed with Mark from late June to early September… It was a WONDERFUL summer!!
    Now I’m back in England and missing him like crazy… We talk every day, and can’t wait to be together again. Mark is coming to England to spend Christmas and the New Year with me and my family:)
    Can’t wait until the Visa process is over… Already losing sleep! Hahaha

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  1. Hi there both of you, sounds like things are going great, im so happy for you two!

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