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    Stephen king, gardening,

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    meeting the love of my life 9/12/09 to 9/29/09 17 of the best days of my life. talked everyday for 2 months.
    went back to Nicaragua 11/21/09 to 11/29/09 asked her to marry me she said yes.spending time with her daughter very good trip.
    sent the first 129f noa1 12/11/09. went back to nicaragua 1/26/10 to 2/14/10 my 30th birthday the best also a bad trip our room was robbed they took the engagement ring,my cell,the video camera and few little things.
    3/10 RFE divorce decree the ex husband in Georgia didn't pay they lawyer after she left very very bad news shes not divorced .
    4/10 129f petition denied.
    back to nicaragua 6/10 for 7 days to get the divorce papers signed and give her the new engagement ring.
    back to nicaragua 9/11/10 to 10/03/10 good trip both of my girls birthdays and one year together . 11/10 she is finally divorced very happy day we can see light again .12/1/10 sent second 129f noa1 12/9/10.
    back to nicaragua 2/26/11 to 3/14/11 very good trip.
    waiting for our noa2
    5/6/11 our noa2 a very happy day.
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