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  1. I was just giving what the immigration officer told me. If you file under the 3 year rule, the spouse is supposed to be present. not looking for a fight, that’s just what she told me. It could be different from another person, but that’s what she told me, and I was under oath.
  2. When I applied in 2017 I was filing under the 3-year rule, but when i got to my interview in 2018 they asked me if I wanted to apply under the 5 because they don’t check all the things, plus if you file under the 3 year rule, your spouse has to be present. she just changed it with a pen under oath, and didn’t look at any of my papers, as they had most of it on file like my marriage license, etc. 5 years is easier, just have your taxes and things up to date.
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