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    dindo and patty reacted to Tahoma in petitioner attend the interview..   
    The U.S. Embassy Manila allows nearly every petitioner of a K-1er to attend the interview. I've noticed that denials are rare when the petitioner attends the interview. Attending the interview helps to demonstrate to the consular officer that you have a bona fide relationship.
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    dindo and patty reacted to hcdt in Money Remittances   
    here in the Philippines money remittance really helps a lot
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    dindo and patty reacted to Wally G! in NOA2...Now What?   
    Call NVC to receive your MNL case number. Once you get the MNL#. Your approved I-129f petition will be sent to US Embassy Manila. Start preparing the Visa Application.
    You can look at my K-1 Visa Application process for Manila as a guide or reference.
    At this point you should start preparing your fiancé’s Packet 3.
    Download the K1/K2 Interview Preparation Instructions. Make sure to have all the requirements in the instructions. Review and go over it 3 or 4 times to make sure all is filled correct.
    Now your fiancé will pay and schedule the USEM appointment.
    Click on the apply button (Green Button " Apply Now ". Fill out the registration information. It is straight forward.
    Click Schedule Appointment
    Select Immigrant Visa
    Click continue
    Select K Visas ( Visa for Fiancée , Visa For Spouse )
    Select K1 - Fiancé or Fiancée of U.S. Citizen
    Click continue
    Fill out all information
    Click continue
    You will receive a confirmation email of you appointment.
    If your are not comfortable with the online appointment system. You can always call and set appointment via phone.
    To schedule a visa appointment for IV or K petitions, please contact the Embassy’s Visa Information and Appointment Service at (632) 982-5555 or (632) 902-8930.
    You will now pay for you the fiancé visa application fee there in Philippines. Fee is U.S. $240 / P10,243. Send a little extra as it is bases on current exchange rate. Cash payment at any Bank of the Philippine Island (BPI) branch. Just go into the branch nearest to her and tell them you are paying for K-1 Visa application fee. They will know what to give her to fill out. If she is unsure on what to fill out ask the staff there to help her fill it out.
    BPI Branch Locator:
    Require documents at BPI:
    Passport and MNL number
    When filling out the online applicant or speaking to the USEM agent. You will need the receipt number on the receipt from BPI.
    USEM will give her some dates to choose from. Once she selects a date. Appointment is set!! You can reschedule but they will push you further in the month or next month.
    Your fiancé will need to prepare for her Medical at St. Luke's Medical Center Extension Clinic (SLEC)
    Required Documents:
    Pre-register online and have her print out this letter. This is the appointment letter she needs to present at SLMEC.
    Medical fees are: 15 years and older USD 213.35 / PhP 9,387.50. This is paid at SLMEC.
    1177 J. Bocobo St. Ermita, Manila 1000 PHILIPPINES
    If your fiancé passes her Medical They will give her a date to come back to SLEC and get her results and medical will CD of chest X-ray
    On the interview date she will have a time most likely 6:00 - 6:30 AM to be at the Manila USEM. She needs to have all her required documents in hand, appointment letter, and passport. Again refer to K1/K2 Interview Preparation Instructions as for what is needed. Make sure she has all papers organized. It makes for a easier processing at the embassy and shows seriousness. Buy a organizer with tabs. Label the tabs for each requirement.
    Once at the embassy, she will fall in line. They will take her appointment letter, check passport and assign her a number. At the embassy they don't allow any electronic devices.
    You are not allowed to enter the U.S. Embassy/Consulate while carrying any of the following items:
    battery-operated or electronic devices such as mobile phones, digital diaries, digital watches, pagers, cameras, audio/video cassettes, compact discs, MP3s, floppy disks, laptops, or portable music players
    large shoulder bags/purses - only bags that can be carried by hand will be permitted
    bags such as travel bags, backpacks, briefcases, suitcases, leather, cloth bags, and zip folders - you can only carry plastic bags containing application-related papers
    food items (refreshments are available for purchase in the waiting area)
    sealed envelopes or packages
    cigarettes, cigars, match boxes, lighters
    sharp objects such as scissors, pen knives or nail files
    weapons or explosive materials of any kind
    If she needs her cell phone they will ask her to check it in at the security section. They will give her a card so she can retrieve at the end of interview.
    They will give her a form to fill out on how to deliver the passport with visa. Either it's deliver to her home address or she can go pick it up at a 2GO location.
    Once inside, she will need to look on the board for her number to be called. She will go to the window and ask for her paperwork. Then she will be finger printed. They will tell her to wait again. Once her number flashes again, she will have her first interview with Filipino consulate. They will ask her a few questions and check and process her documents. (MAKE SURE SHE HAS ALL REQUIRED DOCUMENTS). If all is in order she answered all questions to satisfaction. She will then wait again for her number to flash again on the board. Then she will have her final interviewer US consulate. Consulate will process her paperwork and ask a few questions. If all is in order she will be told to wait again for her number to flash. Then she will go to the 2GO window where they will take her passport. They will give her a receipt (make sure to ask if they do not give one).
    That's it for the USEM interview. You can now breathe a little easier.
    Now if there is a problem. They will give a 221g form and state what the issue is. Now you will need to get them whatever they want in order to proceed. Now this is pull a long process when your in Admin Review. Look on VJ for Admin Review stories.
    It will take 5 - 10 days for 2GO to receive visa and passport from USEM.
    2GO locator:
    2GO Tracking (enter MNL number):
    Once you have received your passport with visa. Now its time for CFO (Commission on Filipinos Overseas). Now CFO seminar can be done in the beginning before obtaining the visa and passport. You will need to return to get the CFO sticker and Stamp in the passport after receiving the visa passport upon approval and delivery.
    St. Mary Euphrasia Foundation - Center for Overseas Workers.
    CFO (Commission on Filipinos Overseas) Information.
    CFO Seminar is a 1 day seminar and process.
    She will need to register for her seminar.
    CFO is to inform fipinos about the country they are traveling to. The Good, Bad and Ugly. They will ask her some questions and issue her CFO sticker and seminar certificate.
    Requirements for Registration:
    Original and photocopy of Passport;
    Original and photocopy of visa;
    Original and photocopy of Immigrant Data Summary for US bound/ Confirmation of Permanent Residence for Canada bound/ Certification of Eligibility (for Japan-bound);
    Original CFO guidance and counseling certificate;
    Duly completed emigrant registration form; and
    Payment of the authorized registration fee.
    Requirements for Attendance to Guidance and Counseling Program
    Two (2) valid identification cards (IDs) with photograph; (Postal ID, NBI Clearance, Passport w/ Visa)
    Duly completed guidance and counseling form;
    If married, certified true copy and photocopy of marriage contract on security paper from the National Statistics Office, or Local Civil Registry Offices; or original and photocopy of marriage contract duly authenticated by the Philippine Embassy/ Consulate (if married abroad)
    Other documents as may be required by the counselors; and
    You will pay a fee totaling PhP 650.00. The PhP 250.00 is paid as counseling fee at SMEF-COW or PRISM while the PhP 400.00 is for registration at the CFO.
    If you fiancee is under 25 yrs. She will need a written consent letter from her parents or a parent will need to be there with her to give consent of there child's marriage.
    > If you are between the ages of 21-24, CFO may require you to submit a letter of parental advice to marry.
    > If you are between the ages of 18-20, CFO may require you to submit a letter of parental consent to marry.
    Here's why you didn't see anything on the CFO website about those requirements:
    The following is from the CFO website:
    Requirements for Attendance to Guidance and Counseling Program
    Two (2) valid identification cards (IDs) with photograph;
    Duly completed guidance and counseling form;
    If married, certified true copy and photocopy of marriage contract on security paper from the National Statistics Office, or Local Civil Registry Offices; or original and photocopy of marriage contract duly authenticated by the Philippine Embassy/ Consulate (if married abroad)
    Other documents as may be required by the counselors <-----------------------------
    Payment of P250.00 counseling fee.
    CFO link.
    The following forms may come in handy:
    Sworn statement that advice of parents or guardian has been asked. (for those who are 21-24 years old)
    Consent to marriage of a person under age. (for those who are 18-20 years old)
    Marriage applicants who are age 18 to 21 must have parental consent in writing, those age 21 to 25 must have written parental advice (a written indication that the parents are aware of the couple's intent to marry). The revised Family Code of the Philippines, which took effect on August 4, 1988, prohibits marriage for individuals below the age of 18.
    U.S. Department of State link.
    The quote above is from the section where they are talking about getting married in the Philippines. However, the CFO has been known to require parental advice or parental consent from K-1ers.
    It's all on the Consular's discretion whether they require consent from a parent or guardian.
    SMEF-Center for Overseas Workers
    Good Shepherd Convent
    1043 Aurora Boulevard
    Quezon City 1108
    Once CFO seminar, certificate, Sticker and stamp is completed, you’re done. Book the Flight!!
    You will need to pay a NAIA International Departure Fee: PHP 550 mandatory at NAIA.
    Also when you book your flight. Check to see if all airport taxes are include in the price of the ticket. If not, your fiancee will need to pay the " Filipino Travel Tax " of P1,620.
    Good Luck and God bless!!!
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    dindo and patty reacted to Kathryn41 in She's doing it again.   
    Because a few individuals from one culture exhibit specific negative behaviour it does not make it appropriate to label all individuals from that culture as possessing that same negative behaviour. Such comments are considered racist and are both insulting and hurtful to others from that culture who do not exhibit this behaviour. Please be more careful in the future when making such 'black and white' comments.
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    dindo and patty reacted to rlogan in She's doing it again.   
    I mentioned this before as a juvenile manipulative stunt. Creating the problem themselves... Then blaming you for it. The more practiced manipulators are very cunning and subtle about engineering these instead of playing it so obviously like a six year old. Regardless, the difference between this and kicking you in the nuts is that at least kicking you is open and above-board instead of underhanded and deceitful.
    Well, no - that may be a catalyst but it merely set loose all the built-up resentment, disrespect, anger, etc. that is at the core of your problems.
    You mentioned you "don't believe in divorce". The problem with that is the only way people like this learn is by having consequences to their actions. Younger and immature women need to have their boyfriends leave them because of their malicious behavior. Then they learn cooperative behavior. But if they are just malicious people at heart then there is nothing you can do about them except leave them. If you have told her you don't believe in divorce then you've told her she will never be held accountable. You're going to have to change that belief or else she'll change it for you. It doesn't mean you divorce her tomorrow, but if she doesn't start acting like an adult then by the time you do finally decide to divorce her then it's too late. You will despise her so much from so many years of abuse that any chance of forgiveness is lost.
    If she is 27 years old and therefore 23 when you got together then she's either got a personality problem or she just doesn't love you. The fact she is pregnant and you are on a diet can be factors but this has been a long-term problem. One of the things you have to do is recognize that the purpose of malicious behavior is to get you angry. To hurt you. The instant you see what they're up to - call them on it and refuse to let it work on you.
    Lira put her wedding & engagement rings down on my desk in front of me three days ago and said "We need a break". She was angry because I made her do something difficult in deep snow on the snowmachine and it has been hard for her to get over her fear of it. But it is absolutely a life and death matter if we are twenty miles out in the wilderness and she blows it like she was doing in practice. But when she put the rings down, I started laughing, and finished the script for her: "I really mean it this time...". I got her laughing too. These Filipina Units do have a manufacturing defect called "Stupid Pride". If you yell at them for making the same mistake three times in a row that's the best way to call stupid pride into action. So they'll "show you" by quitting. Then they're going to act out maliciously. So I diffused it instead of letting it ruin a whole day. Whenever she does this I tell her I know exactly what she is up to, and it isn't going to work: you want me to be angry. If you butt heads with her then it just escalates.
    She has spent three days practicing now, and she is getting much better. I hid the wedding rings real quick while the kids had her attention distracted at the time of this little event. Heheheheh. I let her know where they were yesterday. She thought she could find them without having to ask. Hopefully you guys could get to the point where you can overcome stupid pride like that and end up making a fun game out of what happened.
    Counseling is definitely in order for its value in impartial referee service. Not that she is all to blame. Nobody's perfect including you. But if she won't do it then the future is pretty easy to see. She's going to use that baby as a manipulative weapon to hurt you, and ultimately the real victim is going to be the child.
    "Shaming" is what the literature calls it when she says that you "can't handle it on your own" without a counselor. She knows that is deceitful and underhanded, but she has no scruples about that. This is the reason for bringing her into counseling. So that when she is guilt-tripping you, lying, shaming, using selective memory, etc. the counselor can call her on it. When it is perpetrated upon the child, or if the child is made a pawn in the war between spouses - it is a bad environment for them to grow up in.
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    dindo and patty reacted to Crashed~N2~Me in She's doing it again.   
    Marc Marc Marc... ..I remember you
    Do you want to be nominated for some kind of award?
    I am curious...were you voted most likely to be super organized in high school?
    (and) Did you and your wife decide / agree on your preferred kitchen storage arrangement? (or) Do you just expect her to get it..coz..like...duuuhhh. Only a moron would put something somewhere other than where you would put it ...right?
    Oh well...a man and his kitchen...
    More important than... you...
    or....maybe she was laughing at you?
    From this point on...your story makes me feel annoyed and irritated.. ..and...with a slight urge to ..well..You remind me of the times I would frog my little brother for being an irritating whiner cry baby.
    Please stop behaving like an irritating whiner cry baby. Please behave like a man mature enough to be in a marriage. MOST OF ALL...Please stop trying to control any1 but yourself so you might find the emotional serenity you are seeking.
    (now...I'm gonna have to go outside and hit something with a hammer until I feel calm and serene.. again...thanks)
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    dindo and patty got a reaction from N M in Mother In Law Tourist Visa From The Philippines   
    She abandoned her residency. Coincidentally, this might help her obtain a tourist visa for the wedding since she can reason that she has no
    intention of staying in the US since she abandoned her residency. Good luck!
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    dindo and patty reacted to Leatherneck in Affidavit of Support   
    The USPS is not the problem -- the problem is the Philippine postal service/system. One should never send important documents from the U.S. to the Philippines via the postal system. Whatever the cost of sending documents via DHL, FedEx or UPS -- it is well worth every dollar, piece-of-mind, priceless!
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    dindo and patty reacted to Inky in being out of status similar to being an illegal immigrant?   
    No you are not an illegal immigrant. You entered on a K-1 visa you entered the USA legally.
    You are in a period of authorized stay because you have an AOS petition in process, until you get an EAD and AP you cannot work or travel outside of the USA.
    EAD is not a "legal residency thing". It is an Employment Authorization Document. Which allows you to work legally while you wait for your CPR ( conditional permanent resident ) status.
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    dindo and patty reacted to Penguin_ie in undecided.   
    Either way you need to meet first, it's an absolute denial if you do not meet within 2 years. With the military deployment, if he can prove this with papers, I would suggest getting married then filing and including an expedite with your initial file.
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    dindo and patty reacted to Matt & Bing in confused and worried.. need your help pls   
    How did they "encash the money order" if he filed online?
    This story does not make much sense.
    Otherwise follow marklovetina's advice.
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    dindo and patty reacted to Alma27 in Abused wife applied for AOS, I'm lost plz help me!   
    Thank you S_R, Leatherneck and Rufus2012 and DeeDee&Sam for your kind replies. I will seek assistance and will move to a shelter before my husband gets released from jail.
    It's kind of heartbreaking to realize that a lot of people see bad intentions and fraud everywhere and advise the person to go back to their home countries. They don't realize how hard it is on them, I never understood why people give that advice? If the person asking for advice wanted to leave the US they wouldn't be on this forum trying the find a solution, they would be back home because it's the easiest way out, you just buy a ticket and leave. Also, I noticed that Symply_Me, who is blaming me for not coming here on a fiance visa and 'jumping' into a marriage 5 months after entry has entered the US himself/herself on a VWP not a fiance visa and got married 30 days after entry! Seriously?
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    dindo and patty got a reaction from I AM NOT THAT GUY in I-134 for K-1 Visa- What Documentation is Needed   
    When I went to my then fiancee's interview last August, I had 2008, 2009, and 2010 Tax transcripts, employment letter, a few pay stubs. I did not bother with the
    bank account since I exceeded the poverty guideline. Generally, bank accounts are used to supplement your financial status if you're just below or right at the
    poverty guideline. They took the 2010 tax transcripts, employment letter, and remittance receipts. I was surprised the CO actually asked if i was sending her
    money. So, the lesson here is be prepared. It wouldn't hurt to bring the savings account statement. I just wanted to share our experience with the US embassy.
    Good luck!
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    dindo and patty reacted to mjkj in HELP! COMPLETE change of personality.... :(   
    If she acted like that now, that it's like she doesn't care, whats the use of continuing the process, its a waste of time, give your time for someone whose worth for your love and attention.
    Sorry to hear about your experience.
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    dindo and patty reacted to together4evr in HELP! COMPLETE change of personality.... :(   
    If she wanted and appreciated you then you would never have to chase her... She would be available to you always. Give up and go home. Take all your papers with you.
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    dindo and patty reacted to Stephen + Elisha in Affidavit of Support I-134 only needs 100%   
    This is a rather shortsighted statement. Once the visa is issued, your fiance(e) has 6 months at most to enter the US. Then you have 90 days from entry to get married. Since your new spouse won't be able to work or travel abroad until you start the AOS process, you will most likely not want to delay. So you're looking at 9 months at most (and more often less) to get to 125%. Yes, when it comes to AOS you can use a co-sponsor—a prospect not to be taken lightly either, as the co-sponsor is taking on a legal and financial obligation by signing that affidavit of support.
    What's the point of bringing your significant other here if you aren't confident that he/she will be able to successfully adjust status and stay here? I agree that it's a process and you need to take it one step at a time, but you also need to look ahead to know what's coming at you and be prepared to handle it.
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    dindo and patty reacted to Stephen + Elisha in Affidavit of Support I-134 only needs 100%   
    merkin, your information is correct—but you're kind of missing the point.

    Consular officers have wide latitude in making the determination regarding adequate support. They're not required to ask for the I-134 at all. If they do, there's no hard-and-fast rule for adjudicating it. The Foreign Affairs Manual states only that "It is only necessary that the consular officer be able to conclude that the alien is not likely to become a public charge." (cf. 9 FAM 41.81 PN 2) The 125% requirement comes into play shortly after the K-1 holder enters the US, marries the petitioner, and applies to adjust status. If at that point you can't demonstrate the 125%, adjustment of status will be denied. Consular officers are not unaware of this fact.
    Given these two facts, if you try to skate by at the interview with support documents that only show 100%, you're playing with fire. You'll have to meet the 125% requirement in very short order anyway, and since the consular officer makes the call, that 25% may lead to a denial. It also may not, but do you really want to take that chance?
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    dindo and patty reacted to Laser1 in Filipina Fiancee Freaking Out   
    This has all of the signs of rushing into marriage. It sounds like you two need more time to get to know each other better.
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    dindo and patty reacted to feli114 in Proof of ongoing relationship   
    Just put in a few pages scattered throughout ur relationship and some call logs. Save the rest for ur interview. Good luck!
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    dindo and patty got a reaction from Kelly C in Got our MNL Case Number!!!   
    This is what we did a little over 3 months ago and is solely based on our experience.
    Your fiance should already be gathering her Birth Certificate, NBI Clearance, CENOMAR, Police Clearance if she worked overseas for more than 6 months from the country where she worked, Annulment (if applicable).
    You as the petitioner should prepare I-134, employee letter, pay stubs, and tax transcripts for 3 years (you can order tax transcripts from IRS website for free), evidence of ongoing bonafide relationship, money remittance, and anything else that proves a genuine relationship, and then send it all to your fiance as she will need these things for the interview @ USEM.
    You can pay the visa fee through BPI it is $350.00 but will pay in peso based on the exchange rate that day. Be sure to have your passport when paying for the visa fee and keep the receipt. Wait til the next day and schedule your interview online. You do not have to wait for the eligibility letter from the USEM. Otherwise, you will be waiting for awhile. When you are scheduling online, you'll need manila case #, passport info, and the receipt # from BPI. Give enough time in between interview date and when she plans on getting her medical done when scheduling. There is no need to schedule an appointment for medical since it is walk in. You can register through the SLMEC and fill up the registration online and this will save you an hour and a half. if you don't fill it up, they will make you fill it up on the spot @ the clinic.
    A CFO sticker is needed to be affixed to your fiance's passport. If you do not have this, they will not let her board the plane. This can be done in advance and once you have the visa in hand, you can go back to the CFO office in Quirino Avenue and obtain it. Or, you can wait until visa in hand and then attend the CFO seminar and get the certificate the same day.
    Below are very useful links that we used:
    Link of what essentially what the packet 3 is: http://photos.state.gov/libraries/manila/19452/public/Revised%20K1%20Instruction%20Packet%20_3__rtf2_001.pd
    Here is the website to schedule online for interview: http://cgifederal.force.com
    Link to SLEC: http://www.slec.ph/u...ml#clinic-hours
    CFO website: http://www.cfo.gov.p...onals&catid=140
    Website to Download DS 156, 156K, & 157: http://travel.state....forms_1342.html
    Good luck!
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    dindo and patty got a reaction from AJabad in We got a case number   
    Congratulations! Look at this post. I hope it helps: http://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/345374-what-is-packet-3-or-package-3/page__p__5083856__fromsearch__1#entry5083856
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    dindo and patty reacted to KayDeeCee in 6 months running out   
    Your K-1 visa became null and void the moment you used it to enter the US. The 6 months was the time you had to use it to enter the US. It is a one time entry visa. You received an I-94 when you entered. It was valid for 90 days. That is what your status, as far as overstay time, is based on. You only had to marry within those 90 days, so you did that and filed for AOS. There is no deadline to file for AOS, and since you have the notice that you applied, you are now in a period of authorized stay. You can carry a copy of your AOS receipt notice with you. Any days you went over the I-94 expiration date will not matter once you are approved for the green card. You most definitely do not want to leave the US unless you have AP or your green card first. Otherwise you will abandon your AOS and your spouse will then need to file for a spousal visa in order for you to re-enter the US.
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    dindo and patty reacted to Kathryn41 in Dealing Moderators That Don't Follow The Rules?   
    In response to the moderator in question's request I have reviewed the threads involved and fully support her actions.
    Onggoy Diyos, if you insist on providing mis-information that if followed will be down right catastrophic for the individual and at the least will cause them delays and difficulties, and advising people to lie and misrepresent themselves on immigration paperwork, you can expect to continue having posts removed as well as face further administrative action. I have reviewed every post you have made, both the ones that remain and the ones that have been removed. The posts that were removed were unhelpful, insulting, promoting illegal activity or just plain wrong, and many of them made in response to posts that were 4 and 5 years old. If the responses had provided anything useful, that is one thing, but in many cases the information was totally inaccurate or added nothing to the thread.
    It is apparent reading over your posts that you have extremely limited experience with the US immigration process and only with one Consulate. We welcome our members sharing their personal experiences with immigration, however, it is important to remember that immigration is not a one size fits all. Different petitions, applications and processes as well as different consulates each have their own individual requirements and you cannot safely transfer the information from one consulate and one process to another consulate or another process.
    Please take the time to read over the Terms of Service by which you agreed to abide when you joined Visa Journey http://www.visajourney.com/content/terms and please remember, when you give bad advice and misinformation to other posters on this site, you may end up being responsible for them failing to obtain the immigration benefit they seek. Even worse, you may be responsible for them losing the right to obtain an immigration benefit if they follow your illegal or erroneous advice.
    Finally, if you have complaints about moderation on Visa Journey, then you are more than welcome to file a complaint with the Site Administration: http://www.visajourney.com/contact/
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    dindo and patty reacted to Harsh_77 in What are my chances? Prostitution charge and used a alias.   
    You getting an RFE is not solely on the advice from the members of this forum. It would not be fair to members of this forum who give time and energy to ppl who are looking for advice or available options.
    Getting an RFE can be coz of multiple reason, two same exact application one can get RFE and one will go thru without any RFE that happens a lot.
    There is no specific reason or logic if you do certain things you won’t get an RFE, some of it also falls on the officer who is reviewing your application, if (s)he is not convinced and wants additional information they can ask for RFE.
    Same officer cannot just approve all the application that come their way without RFE, I am sure if they do that they would have to hear from their boss about not scrutinizing the applications.
    So the members on this board has nothing to do with you getting RFE or not get over it.
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    dindo and patty reacted to belinda63 in What are my chances? Prostitution charge and used a alias.   
    I think I have a grasp of this. You were arrested and charged with prostitution (which is a crime of moral turpitude and will result in a denial of AOS if convicted), lied to the police about who you were, and never followed up on the charges. Then, knowing you were fingerprinted when you were arrested and you were fingerprinted when you applied for AOS you thought you could get away with lying on your application about the arrest.
    Now, if I understand correctly, you are being told you need to take care of the criminal charges before they will adjudicate your AOS application.
    Time to pay the piper. Worst case. You will return to where you were arrested and be held until the charges can be heard. Since you lied to the police and skipped out I doubt they will grant you bail. If you are convicted of prostitution very small chance you will be granted a green card. Even if you have the charges reduced lying to immigration, the police, failing to meet your obligations by not appearing in court, and all the other things give you a slim to no chance of obtaining residency in the US.
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