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    Dante & Geor reacted to Harpa Timsah in Is money brought into the US taxed?   
    Yes, you can wire money to a US account. The US bank will automatically report the wire and the account if required.
    Am I a tax advisor? No, I just have a brain.
    And you don't go to prison for having money. A lot of HWFO-ery. Yes, I said it! lol
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    Dante & Geor reacted to del-2-5-2014 in Can I change my last name to a celebrity ?   
    Orlando Travon Zimmerman.
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    Dante & Geor reacted to TBoneTX in Can I change my last name to a celebrity ?   
    Orlando Aloysius Piggfetish McGillicuddy, si man.
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    Dante & Geor reacted to del-2-5-2014 in Can I change my last name to a celebrity ?   
    Do a little bit of research on how African Americans got those American last names. You won't find many immigrant Africans changing their last names.
    Good luck, maybe Smith?
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    Dante & Geor reacted to icar in Can I change my last name to a celebrity ?   
    Are you sure you don't simply have an inferiority complex about being Hispanic? Cause it sure sounds like it. I just hope you don't have a stereotypically Hispanic look, because it would be silly for you to have an all American name to go along with it.
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    Dante & Geor reacted to Harsh_77 in Migrate to H1B?   
    From your post it just seems you are desperate to get GC and Citizenship, could it be the marriage was for the same purpose and did no work?
    If you were married in July 2012 means you came to US in Sep 2012 and first week of Feb 2013 you are in limbo that your wife would file for divorce, so you looking for other avenues.
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    Dante & Geor reacted to stillesgewaesser in Wife lost her status for being out of country too long. Please help   
    I really don't have the time or interest in debating with a random person on the internet regarding this. Thanks!
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    Dante & Geor reacted to LIFE'SJOURNEY in dragging feet to come to the US   
    People stop confusing the OP,
    They are waiting to submit the last documents, i.e PC, and etc. Husband will need his passport for the interview, which he doesn't have yet because husband is dragging his feet. Hubby probably knows more about the immigration process than those who are questioning the OP. He is waiting on the 2 year marriage mark, he knows he will get a 10 year GC when he enters the US.
    It looks as if hubby has a plan, which in the end maynot be including you. You have been given plenty of advise and opinions on your previous post. The ball is in your court, only you can play the ending of this.
    Good luck.
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    Dante & Geor reacted to baron555 in confused and angry   
    Why can't you use Capital letters to begin sentences and use punctuation marks? Sending solely from an smartphone? very hard to read when you can not determine when a sentence begins or ends or anything like that you know what i mean we anyway how many times have you been married did you send copies of all divorce decrees regardless of state with your 129f petition i find it hard to type like this.....
    I find it hard to fathom that USCIS would not have send you an RFE if you had not sent copies of all decrees. Since you must have since your petition was approved, why can't you send the same to your fiance? This is a potential deal breaker and should have been vetted out long ago. Nice legal help you have there also.
    Sri, best bet, reschedule the interview and get her ALL ALL ALL divorce decrees. Get moving, many counties one can do it online and then wait a few weeks. Nice legal help!
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    Dante & Geor reacted to TBoneTX in K-1 visa problems   
    Si, man. Another way to look at it is that this woman is essentially unavailable to you -- situationally (perhaps still married) and legally (perhaps facing a lifetime ban).If I were in your shoes and had learned even part of what you have learned, I'd have extricated myself from the entanglement as a priority, cut off all contact, and run in the opposite direction with a feeling of relief. You're in pretty deep dog-doo already; perhaps your first question to any immigration attorney should not be "How can I salvage this seemingly unpetitionable relationship" but "What kind of trouble am **I** in?"
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    Dante & Geor reacted to Anh map in K-1 visa problems   
    With all the lies that have already been told and are being prepared to tell there is nothing but trouble ahead.
    Do the right thing, and the smart thing, and tell the truth from the beginning.
    When she is caught with all the lies, she will have a lifetime ban to US entry.
    So, be stupid and live together outside the US. Or, be smart and you can live in the US.
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    Dante & Geor reacted to JUNE LAGUERRE in Put life on hold?   
    What does Obama have to do with this he does not work for USCIS!!!Now if you so by chance get approve what are you gonna say to Obama government..Wow everyone has to wait so don't point fingers.
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    Dante & Geor reacted to Thomas&Cleofe in please help me   
    Yes, this is your NOA2
    Now your petition will be mailed to the National Visa Center for further processing.
    You probably shouldn't advertise too much that you received your approval in 47 days.
    Bragging isn't nice when so many are suffering with Very long waits.
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    Dante & Geor reacted to Ron4 in Emailed the president...   
    Boo Hoo
    So you have been apart half as long and seen each other 3 times as much, have that drink and then slap yourself and realize that you are a lot luckier than most.
    It is what we do to be with the ones we love, if you don't love him enough to do this maybe you should re-evaluate.
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    Dante & Geor reacted to Que Saudade in Not the end of the world   
    Sorry for your delay on the police certificate. There has to be a quicker way to obtain it. That may be just a standard answer. Don't give up on it.
    Is there anyone in Buenos Aires that can file the application to the appropriate police station to get the certificate and then mail it to you? Just bouncing ideas for you....
    As far as the "amnesty" program. It isn't fair to say it is horrible. Sure, I understand your frustration about the wait. We all are. But these young adults didn't have a decision when coming over with their parents. They shouldn't be punished.
    But this "amnesty" program is loaded with red tape and it isn't going to be a piece of pie for them either. You should read what all they have to do.
    It is too early to conclude what impact it will have of processing other immigrant visas. I also have guarded pessimism regarding "increased wait times". Maybe it is time for letters to elected officials voicing our concern regarding how these new applications are going to be handled in regards to existing applications. I haven't been able to find out if there will be additional staffing to handle these applications. There are a lot of unanswered questions regarding the impact of these new applications for me. It is a new precedence; and as with all other things that are new, there are going to be some difficulties at first.
    Good Luck
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    Dante & Geor reacted to MatthewNCarolina in We had so many suspicious looking fact but interviewer just didnt care. alla botu chemistry when they meet you!!!   
    Do you all know what is the biggest problem I see here with her story???? Come to a freaking forum that preaches everywhere to do the LEGAL WAY, go through all the process and paperwork, wait and wait and wait and wait because we have to dance WITH the system and never go around it. That if we do the wrong thing later it will eventually bite us in the rear but then some happy "play-it-up-major-red-flag-go-around-the-system" girl comes to this forum to post that if you JUST look pretty to the CO you WILL get away with it, even if you freaking did something illegal???
    Does she even realize that people who haven't started the process yet come in here to learn how to file for their petitions/applications, and we are all trying over and over again to tell them to do the right thing, to wait that USCIS will look at their petition if they have everything necessary and make the right move??? And then she post this topic saying that you shouldn't bother to gather documents, its ALRIGHT to work illegally with a made-up SSN, that is also fine to pretend that you have good chemistry in front of the CO, that overstay your tourist visa and marry is also OK and gosh, I don't know what else... While the rest of us is waiting MONTHS AND MORE MONTHS to see one freaking "touch" on your petitions??? How UNFAIR IS THAT???
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    Dante & Geor reacted to Olomi_811 in We had so many suspicious looking fact but interviewer just didnt care. alla botu chemistry when they meet you!!!   
    Translation for all the posters perceived as haters by the OP...
    What they really meant to say was "Congratulations they hope you get exactly what you deserve!"
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    Dante & Geor reacted to Penny Lane in We had so many suspicious looking fact but interviewer just didnt care. alla botu chemistry when they meet you!!!   
    Are you SERIOUS?
    She admits her employer made up an SSN for her and she admits to working illegally. If the employer put US citizen on her I-9, she's in a LOT of trouble.
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    Dante & Geor reacted to Freedove7 in Very upsetting answers on Visajourney   
    To have the audacity to question my marriage is very upsetting and that is what some of you guys did in my previous post.Who in their right mind would think a 10 year relationship with a guy I met as a teenager isnt real? We have pics we took at my high school graduation! I got married at 20 and got pregnant soon after.We filed 10 years after being together and 5 yrs after getting married while some people who supposedly fell in love filed weeks or months after getting married.I wonder if the people who were bashing me in my previous posts entered their marriage in good faith and not to evade immigration laws.How dare some of you say that I dont sound convincing?? Because I dont have 100 fake photos? Its so easy to fake a smile or a kiss in photos.I bet the fake marriages have the most photos ! When my husband opened his bank accounts,I did not have a legal status nor a social so how on earth could I have been added? He no longer owns an account anyhow.The same with the utility bills.only one name goes on the account.Again,he has bad credit so we have separate finances.I dont want my credit to get ruined aswell! My marriage is fake because we arent financially stable enough to take vacations?? I should not have wasted time writting this post and should have just laughed at the uneducated,ridiculous remarks,but Its just so upsetting that some of you have the nerve to bash me about my marriage who anyone in their right mind wouldnt question if its "real" or bona fide.
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    Dante & Geor reacted to Oksana & Max in How Do I Cancel I-129F Appliation Process   
    This is not true. If it didn't work for you I am sorry, but it DOES work for many people.
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    Dante & Geor reacted to Therealworld in People make up your mind before bringing someone here!!   
    Why is it that everytime I turn around I see someone bringing a person over to the states on a K1 visa and then decide not to get married. Although I am a US Citizen I hate the fact that this is happening. People you need to make up your mind before making this commitment and spending all this money. Must be nice to have money to play with. Even more playing with peoples emotions and dreams. I am well aware that everyone does not come over in all honesty, but those that do and left to believe they are loved by the person who petitions for them to only be left in a bad situation. I feel sorry for those that come here have no family or friends only to be told I DONT WANT TO GET MARRIED ANYMORE so I guess you will have to go back. Why could you not figure that out before going that far!! Some people come from really bad living situations and really dont want to go back. There was enough love to start the situation! Geesh I just dont know what to say. Just to clarify I am married to a wonderful man from another country. We have been married for more than a year. I am glad I did not file for him till 7 months later because it made me even more sure to want to be with him and to be with him more in his environment.
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    Dante & Geor reacted to Calicolom in Tourist Visa Declined, confused and deflated!   
    This is the kind of story that makes me mad, we here in Florida advertise come to Florida for your Vacation, and then a Bureaucrat tell the person, I know you are not going back, no visitor’s visa for you. But all the people coming across the Mexican border can stay without paperwork. It seems the old saying fits, countries and people that want to be friends with the U.S.A. the U.S.A. does not want to be friends with them, and all the people that don’t want to be friends with the U.S.A. the U.S.A. wants to be friends with.
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    Dante & Geor reacted to Rob & Monika in Should I help possibly cheating wife?   
    There is no "promising not to do it again"...that's like a man promising he will stop watching porn. It's never a simple matter, the temptation is just too great. If she can admit she has a problem, then it's a good start, and I would treat this like an addiction. If her problem starts with talking with men on the internet, then she needs to admit that and be willing to be accountable to you and/or a therapist and possibly even give up the internet. Either way, her issues sound far deeper and it's going to require years of therapy as well as a genuine desire to change to actually pull it off. She's lived in a world where guys drool over her daily as she strips, it is exhilarating to her, it's like a drug.
    I've been through the same thing (a cheater, not a stripper). I found out after 5 years of marriage and 1 child that she had another man on the side for 6 years. I was more than willing to stay with her assuming she would stop so that I could be with my daughter. The reality is that she didn't stop, but she never made any genuine change, or even an admission that she had a problem. She sort of inferred it was my fault. Therapy always attempted to deal with the marriage and never her inability to find contentment with what she had in life. Eventually she left, her lover didn't want her and she has been man hopping ever since.
    You have a son, do you want to be able to see him regularly? If yes, then either you need to be near her in her country, or she needs to be here. Men don't win custody battles unless they can prove the mother is unfit. Even when they are, they can retake custody after getting out of rehab. Our society overwhelmingly sides with the mother in regards to custody.
    I would treat this like she has a drug addiction. If she can admit she has a problem and is willing to get the help she needs, then it can't hurt to try. Otherwise you need to do whatever you need to do to be able to help raise your child.
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    Dante & Geor reacted to Penguin_ie in New CRBA forum!   
    There is now a forum for the CRBA (Consular Report of Birth Abroad) process, as a subforum of US Citizenship: http://www.visajourney.com/forums/forum/154-consular-reports-of-birth-abroad-crba/
    We recognise that some elements of the CRBA process are country specific, and can be posted in either the new forum or the regional forums, per OP choice, but felt there was enough commonality- and enough CRBA topics posted in all kinds of forums- for this process to deserve its own forum.
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    Dante & Geor reacted to Olomi_811 in Irritated with American attitudes when ending a marriage   
    Nothing irks me more than seeing "CAN I SEND THEM BACK?" or some variation of this. I admit with all the fees you pay the immigration process can feel like modern day slave trade. Know what you want, know who you are, and know who you are marrying before you dive into visa waters. Yes, some of our significant others come from economically struggling countries and others whose countries fair far better than the US. Your spouse is not an expensive shirt that you tuck the tag in, wear for a night, and return the next day. My husband is fine where he is and it touches me to hear him pray for the betterment of his country and the people. Our spouses are perfectly capable of sustaining themselves in their home country. If you examine the circumstances the quality of life may be somewhat advanced in the US, but the quantity you pay is the same. Your spouse's life is changed as well as their family's. Some of them endure ridicule and negativity, because they married you and not a fellow countryman.
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