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    Andie got a reaction from HKS in Favorite Quotes   
    Letting the cat out of the bag is a whole lot easier than putting it back in.
    Will Rogers
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    Andie got a reaction from MsNina in Approved without pictures   
    pics/no pics..... you're there now.. Congratulations Ayla !
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    Andie reacted to Ebunoluwa in I-129K Denied   
    The requirement is to have met in the past 2 years and explanations of reasons why you didn't meet this requirement will result in denial by USCIS.
    Meet, gather evidence of the meeting (boarding passes, receipts from hotels, photos of you and her family etc....)
    Ghana is very tough to go through and it may be best to just marry and file a CR1.
    Front load the petition with everything that shows you have a bona fide relationship or your case will be refused at the embassy stage and you have to
    start a third time.
    Read some Ghana threads in the regional forum and read the Ghana embassy reviews (tab on top).
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    Andie reacted to Ebunoluwa in Did you guys hire someone to help with the AOS?   
    What advice was horrible ? If someone posts something incorrectly 9 times out of 10 others post the correct answer, you just have to know the
    flow of the forum and know who knows their stuff and who doesn't.
    I find it very unfair of you to make such a statement. If that was true then what are you doing on here ?
    I see posts from people whose lawyers mess up all the time.
    If one can read and follow the guides and do a bit of research then there is no need to waste money on a lawyer.
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    Andie got a reaction from wbeem in NOA2 approval thread - NON-FILIPINO AUGUST 2014 TSC FILERS   
    Thank you yes.. it is totally surreal... I have said my goodbyes and now sitting in the departure lounge due to leave in about 45 mins on the 29 hour journey.. I'm having trouble believing it.
    Thank you for your support also. Its a tough process and we deserve happiness... You'll be there soon also
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    Andie got a reaction from wbeem in NOA2 approval thread - NON-FILIPINO AUGUST 2014 TSC FILERS   
    I just had to disappear for a while... it was all getting a bit much for me after the confusion with previous petitions and this seemingly never ending wait but I am happy to say that I have had my interview and was approved. I feel exhausted from it all but so excited that we can finally be together.
    Thank you all for your support and goodwill ... congratulations to everyone for your endurance through this process and I hope that if you are not already with your 'other half' that you will be very very soon.

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    Andie reacted to Unidentified in DS-160 ISSUE   
    Have you tried another browser? The DS-160 webpage is not compatible with all browser, I think it's stated on the first page. So consider trying another browser. I use Chrome and had no issues.
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    Andie reacted to TBoneTX in Did not send letter of intent to marry from fiance   
    Wait for your RFE. Respond to the RFE requirement. At that time, include anything additional that you wish to, possibly with a cover-note that says "please pass the attached to the consulate upon petition approval" or similar.
    The above is an often-overlooked boon of receiving an RFE -- being able to add evidence to your petition package.
    As tempting as it is to send everything "early," I'd wait for the RFE so that you know that the material will be matched up with your file.
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    Andie reacted to MissPearls in This process is so stressful   
    You filed just over a month ago, and you are being processed at the CSC. You need not be stressed. Some have been waiting 8 months for an approval you will get any time now.
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    Andie reacted to Unidentified in Cold Feet and Second Thoughts   
    When he is in the states it will be too late... Unless he comes for a visit which I doubt he can.
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    Andie reacted to Ebunoluwa in Cold Feet and Second Thoughts   
    She was not allowed to see him face to face on the same floor level when she came to visit him and only saw him briefly so
    there wouldn't be any "living with him together" unless she will rent a place near him. I agree, he would vanish.
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    Andie reacted to Ebunoluwa in Cold Feet and Second Thoughts   
    I would run...not walk away.
    You can't base a sound foundation for a marriage on such lack of transparency !
    He seems to be a calculating and manipulative personality that gives you bits here and there as he thinks you can handle it.
    Not disclosing that he is "like a father" to his "niece" or whoever she is, is a deal breaker in my opinion.
    That should have come up long before talk of getting engaged. That is BASIC information.
    Telling you not to speak about her mother is showing a very harsh and authoritarian manner you will have to deal with, he will forbid you other things
    also in the future count on that !
    The whole not meeting face to face balcony is ridiculous and I don't want to go further into that, that has been discussed at nauseum already.
    I do not believe he is "allergic" to dogs/animals, study his religion and dogs (link withing a link here http://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/80532-why-does-it-seem-egyptiansarabs-dont-like-dogs-and-does-anyone-have-any-experience-with-how-your-so-adapted-to-your-dog-once-they-came/
    While some adapt to pets, others never do and make stupid excuses.
    You love animals....seems you aren't as compatible as you first assumed. Study the culture.
    You love to travel around in an RV but I can bet he won't. Know the culture and immerse yourself in it before you believe everything he says.
    He tells you what you want to hear and plays with your heart by showing you "romance". It's a game, please don't be naive.
    You say you feel like a hypocrite saying loving things to him but sharing your thoughts here. You need to stop saying loving words to him and
    do some investigating and talking some tough love to him and then watch him unravel, it will be much easier to deal with all this in reality
    rather than living in a romantic fantasy based on lies.
    Tell him either he tells you all about the mother (and everything else you are curious about) or he can take a flying leap out of your life.
    Be assertive, tell him you are done with "don't speak of this and that" malarkey. Step it up. SET YOUR HEALTHY BOUNDARIES and stop
    acting like a puppy dog feeling guilty that you have thoughts for very good reasons. Don't let him intimidate you.
    I really feel for you but please toughen up with a this guy and know your worth, he is not the last man on this planet and even if he were
    I would run just from the balcony episode alone not to mention all the other drama surrounding him.
    I hope you end it but if not then you must accept the harsh consequences and only have your own choices to blame.
    Listen to your gut !
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    Andie reacted to Luckycuds in Cold Feet and Second Thoughts   
    Have you visited each other multiple times? It seems too many people only meet once then get engaged, to me that is a huge red flag. How do you know someone whom you've met once! Words on the internet can be sweet and also lies. I don't know if this is your situation or not. Don't rush into anything- you are filing out legal documents.
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    Andie reacted to Boiler in Cold Feet and Second Thoughts   
    No rush, take some time out.
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    Andie reacted to Hotter Otter in Cold Feet and Second Thoughts   
    If you have doubts then slow the train until you feel like you actually know the man you want to marry.
    If it doesn't feel right then it probably isn't, intuition is powerful. Going with your head instead of your heart might feel cold and painful, but in the long run it'll save you a lot of pain.
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    Andie reacted to GurkenSalat in Cold Feet and Second Thoughts   
    1. Don't marry someone you don't fully know and trust! This should be common sense.
    2. You have to really consider if the things you learn about him are deal-breakers. It should take only ONE deal-breaker to make you turn away. These are things you can't just "get over" or "work out".
    I would run and hide at the first thoughts of "I've learned things about him and they aren't too great". It's your life, so you have to be VERY careful what you do with it.
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    Andie reacted to Boiler in Cold Feet and Second Thoughts   
    Trust your gut, it is very rarely wrong.
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    Andie reacted to yuna628 in Should we be worried?   
    It's the 'normal' now I'm afraid. You are stuck at TSC which is backlogged. Many have been waiting 220+ days with no end in sight. Your NOA1 is right around mine, and I don't expect any movement until May... hopefully not later. If you are overly concerned you can call them, but I have to tell you, they will tell you the same thing, and mostly obnoxiously (and you don't need the stress).
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    Andie got a reaction from TabCat82 in Vermont & relationship time   
    So true !
    All petitions go to the Dallas Lockbox and then transferred to California Service Center (CSC) or Texas (TSC).
    CSC has been a lot faster than TSC for some time now and there is nothing you can do about it as it is determined by the state from which you have applied. Having said that there have been recent transfers to CSC because of the overload/delays at TSC.
    If you are at TSC then yes, it wont be quick. Having just endured this all I can say is find the forum that applied at the same time as you and they will provide support and updates that will keep you informed as to what to expect on your own file. Those that are moving at the same rate as you will be more relevant of course and be supportive. Many of these are now split into TSC or CSC threads for the reason that the time frames are so different.
    Check the guides as to what is expected and it will give you tips as to what you need to gather in terms of evidence and proof of your relationship. Keep anything that shows you are communicating etc. It may not all be needed at the time of interview but it will support your proof of ongoing relationship should you need some reference.
    Best of luck with everything..
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    Andie got a reaction from Vicky&Fritz in TSC JULY 2014 FILERS - NOA2 APPROVALS   
    Hey .. Congrats!.. wow must be a great feeling..,
    Just saw this.. I've been chasing around after things today booking medical .. which I managed to get for tomorrow .... as said previously, things are moving fast !!!!!
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    Andie got a reaction from Zara_ in March 2011 Filers..   
    Thanks so much Looky...
    After lost files..papers .. delays we finally got the illusive NOA2 and have been forwarded to NVC. Just hoping it keeps moving quickly and that being the case will be at my embassy in another week or two; fortunately things move quickly then and no lengthy waiting time for the interview. After everything we have been through I am still nervous but just so excited to be able to think of finally being allowed to get on with our lives together. I will keep you informed from here.. the trail has been so stressful and distressing that I did drop out of this thread for some time while we continued to fight the fight.
    My best wishes to you all.. now I know why it is called a journey - A
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    Andie reacted to Kastrs in So the I-129F wait time is about five months right? My petition was approved in exactly THREE WEEKS!!!   
    First congratulations
    Secondly you have to understand when the USCIS website says 5 months that means within 5 months
    Anything under 5 months is reported as 5 months
    Also for the people who are waiting and having been waiting a very long time at tsc your post seems a little insensitive
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    Andie got a reaction from LoveinGhana! in TSC JULY 2014 FILERS - NOA2 APPROVALS   
    Thank you !.... yes I was dreading finding out where our file had finished up this time... after previous episodes, but it is nearly back to me... hopefully the next day or so but I know its on its way. Then the medical within a day or two and I wait a few days for the interview date.
    Yes, the incredible journey... thank you.
    It's good to see everyone moving ahead and we are all getting there... almost there now.
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    Andie reacted to Kali2015 in Confusing question on DS-160   
    damn , you guys made this simple thing so complex. The Answer for the question was " No" .
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    Andie reacted to KayDeeCee in Marriage certificates from previous marriages   
    Only if you need it to show a legal name change through a previous marriage.
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