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    Sarah&Michael got a reaction from Siriporn10068 in My son did not receive an Application Support Center (ASC) appointment notice   
    That's what they told me. We had our appointment in December, my 2 sons and I, but not my daughter. They said it's normal. Yesterday I got her appointment for April!!! I wonder if that will delay my case another 3 months?? Does anybody know? Thanks!!
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    Sarah&Michael reacted to Harpa Timsah in Intimate pics   
    I have read that sending intimate photos is a sign of fraud, actually. Because, who would send photos like that of someone they cared about?
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    Sarah&Michael reacted to BKKflyer in K1 Visa - I won't marry him!   
    It's funny to me that everyone else in this thread is saying things like "don't let him come back to your house" when the OP is clearly at fault here (if her description of the situation is accurate). She brings this guy over and decides in a week and a half that they are not alike? And you are more worried about her?
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    Sarah&Michael reacted to Ingrid28 in K1 Visa - I won't marry him!   
    Why did it even reach to this point before knowing who he really is, study the peeps you are around before making big decisions like this, sorry it had to go this way though.
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    Sarah&Michael reacted to pushbrk in Visa Denied - Cairo (Age Difference)   
    Did you READ any of the other responses before typing this one? There are people here with extensive knowledge trying to help. "I have heard" is not the kind of information the OP needs. Read this thread and follow along. You'll learn something.
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    Sarah&Michael reacted to Ning in STILL awaiting NOA2, 8 months after filing for K-1...   
    " If this thread upsets you somehow don't participate in it." I didnt realise you were the resident critic. Follow your own advice. Confine yourself to what you understand & view as helpful to the OP. You may want to try to get on Dr Phil & dish out the cheap advice.
    The plain fact is that they arent that far out what is now the norm. They made a mistake which drew an RFE. That mistake cost them time. Now they get frustrated with the government & want to vomit. Many here on V J have waited 6 months. I have explained how the same mistake affect my case which still took a lot longer then the OPs. The OP should benefit from what I said.
    If the effort that it takes to emmigrate thru the legal process becomes too big a burden its easy for ANYONE to quit. Those of you that think Mexico is the place to be because they dont put people thru this horrible experiance should simply ask Mexico to allow you to live there. Just dont vomit while you are asking. Dont second guess your decision.
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    Sarah&Michael reacted to san diego in If the worst happens....   
    NOthing personal, but.. I do not think anyone can be protected from this. Even if you do not bring people here but marry someone here. Still the same thing. You just have to hope for the best. Just my two cents: this is definitely wrong attitude to think about it once entering relationship. If you are bringing person here you need to think how to make their adjustment smooth. If you think about possible fraud now.. I don't know.. Bringing foreign fiancee here is already a huge commitment. Marriage is a huge commitment by itself. You have to be sure that there is a true love there before making a decision to file for K1. If you have doubts don't do this. Pre-K1 commitment includes not only meeting once or twice but also connecting, feeling each other, suffering together if you will.. You have to have a strong feeling that you cannot survive without this person a single minute. The fact that you are thinking this way now makes me think that you have doubts.. If you do, I wouldn't do it for your own sake and for the sake of people that wait in line to be together with their loved ones. I am sorry but these are my 2 cents.
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    Sarah&Michael reacted to thelastpetitioner in what happens after NOA2 ??   
    you feel like a very blessed person for a moment,and then remember the crapload of things you need to put together for the packet 3
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    Sarah&Michael reacted to Max1gk in flirting= harmless?   
    if the person is with someone already, flirting = cheating..It's just that simple.
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    Sarah&Michael reacted to danik713 in ; almost 7 months and still no NOA2   
    Welcome to life - it's not fair. Our rights are not being "trashed." You are still entitled to your opinions, beliefs, life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness - and may love whoeever you like. However, it is a matter of national security when any individual seeks to immigrate to the United States. You as an individual must be judgmental on a day to day basis for your own survival, and the government needs to be judgmental in the same regard. Don't take it personally.
    I hope you receive notice soon. Remain patient, stay positive. Don't play victim as a "hostage," try to live your life to the fullest regardless of USCIS - do you really want to look back and feel like you wasted all these months? I sure don't.
    Monyfer -- best wishes to you as well. I can relate to you as having a more traditional relationship per se (in regards to meeting in person, 2 young unmarried and college educated professionals, living together extensively, not using an online site, broker, or the K-1 visa process as a litmus test) and my worst fear is that after going through everything appropriately we will be held up for some unknown reason.
    Good luck all.
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    Sarah&Michael reacted to C_María in I think my lawyer is lying to us!!   
    That's a lot of money to pay someone if you're still doing the work and still worrying. I personally feel that unless you are ridiculously busy without a moment to spare or have some special circumstance that complicates things than a lawyer isn't at all necessary. What could they possibly be doing for you that is worth that amount??! Check out the guides and see if you can't do it yourself and then fire your lawyer and get your money back. That's just my opinion. I'm starting to think that I need to get into the visa preparing business... they make a killing for doing very little and not well at that.
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    Sarah&Michael reacted to pushbrk in Visa Denied - Cairo (Age Difference)   
    What to do next depends on whether you came here simply to object and complain or take constructive action. Your age difference is relevant in the eyes of the Consular officers who will make decisions about any visa. For us to help you, we need to understand your circumstances including not just the age difference but the actual ages, how many visits and for how long, how you initially became acquainted and anything else except your actual names, dates of birth and other private information that you think might be considered applicable to your situation.
    You'll also want to ask you fiance to write as complete and accurate a description (think verbatim transcript) of his experience at the interview, specifically including the questions asked and answers given.
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    Sarah&Michael reacted to pushbrk in Is it an impasse?   
    Not really the point, but this is what you wrote.
    If she is willing to stay in Russia for a couple years, you could make her a business partner which would be her source of income.
    This would not help because the income would not continue once they arrived in the USA. Only continuing income is considered.
    If you two were to marry there you could file the 1-130 directly with the embassy, that is if they have the DCF option and you could meet the criteria to file for it.
    Filing DCF doesn't change the financial qualifications or income issues.
    If your business could be done in another country such as in an EU country, like Cyprus, marriage and possibly DCF there have less requirements such as no residency requirement to get married.
    Same as above. Doesn't address the primary issue which is financial qualification.
    There are people here who clearly understand the process and requirements and actually CAN be helpful. I suggest you read and learn. Eventually, you'll be one of those people who can help. Until then, I encourage you to be sure you understand the actual issue and have confidence you're giving accurate, on point and helpful advice when you participate in the upper visa forums or just wait until those who do have a chance to respond. People's lives and happiness depend on it.
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    Sarah&Michael reacted to Gary and Alla in Increase in RFE issuance?   
    It is because the petitions were incomplete. If your petition is complete, no RFE will be issued.
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    Sarah&Michael got a reaction from mtymxo in Juarez consulate   
    Thanks Kim. Do you know if Juarez gives open appointments? If so, when would you be scheduling yours? I saw La Quinta, I was also wondering, since it's 4 of us, if the rooms could accept a fifth person (Michael) to be there with us, at least on the interview day and while we wait for the visa. Something that scares me too is the time C_Maria had to wait for his visa! Although I have also read that some people received it the following day which would be ideal. Now see this: we fly on Sunday, go to the medical on Monday. We would have to wait until Thursday to get the kids results, do I want to take the risk to have the interview on Friday? What if we don't get them? I think I would like to wait until Monday to make sure, what do you think? Anyway, if we had it on Friday, we would have to wait there the whole weekend to get it Monday, if we are lucky. But if we fly on Monday morning and do all that in one day and come bak the following day, and then we schedule the interview for Tuesday, we would fly Monday and then wait to get it, hopefully on Wednesday or Friday. And then we would cross. Does that make sense? What do you think?
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    Sarah&Michael reacted to Fandango in Advice on infidelity/lying   
    When there's doubt, there's no doubt.
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