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    We have met 5 years ago in my hometown of Sarajevo and Bosnia....
    Fell in love and got married on Sept 17th, 2010....
    and waiting to be Reunited Again in each other arms.

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  1. 7 months since I last seen my Husband... I miss him so much everyday.... and pray to God this process goes fast so I we can FINALLY be Together....... I been Strong and still am but wish this process would Hurry.

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    2. Mellie&Irvin


      Sis I been the same I use to go to that site everyday and when I see initial review it such a dissapointment but once I got approved I was shaking and crying.... I called Irvin and I couldnt talk all I kept saying approved approved he was like what are u talking about.LOL

    3. Alberto&Asni


      Thanks Sis! Maybe I should stop checking USCIS and than maybe the next time I check something might change - yeah right LOL But we can dream ;D

    4. Mellie&Irvin


      You know that dream do come true.... and yours is coming soon! just be strong Sis...... I know the feeling.... But your time will come soon as well... and then once u get to the NVC stage it gets much easier... well minus all the paperwork hahahahahaha

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