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    My now fiance was my first love. I relocated to Ecuador at the ripe age of 12. Did a lot of back and forth, he was my neighbor and we dated for approx. 2 years. Moved back to the States and 14 years passed. He went about his life, and I went about mine, although I would receive a random letter here and there. In 2009, Lost my job and my father suggested that I go to Ecuador to clear my head and get some insight.

    Insight I got! I realized that when you find someone who gets you, really gets you, can make you smile when you are down and although an ocean can separate you- this person has proven more to you, then that person down the block from you, a mile away or even a town away- When you know in your heart of hearts, you've found the person you were meant to be with it, the heartache of being apart is hard but not unbearable. When I'm down I remember I found what others yearn for, and once my other half finally get's here, there is no where to go but up.

    Looking forward to spending the rest of my life with someone who has known me all my life!

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