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    I've spent a lot of time making plans for our wedding. I have my gown, I've designed the wedding bulletins (programs), picked colors and brain-stormed about ideas for centerpieces for the tables at the reception, and literally worked out every detail of our wedding including the music for the ceremony and the reception. There is so much to plan for and be excited about...and it makes the time go by much faster. I also pray A LOT. It helps me to believe that someone bigger than me is in control of everything that happens (helps me worry less about things that could go wrong). It's easy to get discouraged when you read some of the posts on this website about denials and RFE's. Don't get me wrong...I have learned a lot from posts here, and I have been equally encouraged when I see posts from people who get their NOA2's and visa approvals, too. Other than that....I get up every morning and I go to work, spend time with my friends and family and of course, spend as much time on the phone and Skype with my fiance as I possibly can.
    When people ask me about the visa process and the time it takes, I just smile and say, "It's not for the faint of heart...only the strong survive." I have every confidence that my fiance is worth waiting for...and I keep my eyes on the day that we will finally be together.
    Good luck to you....I hope everything goes smoothly for you.
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    If it is a stokes interview they will ask simple questions looking for common answers since they will seperate the 2 of you to different rooms.
    What side of the bed do you sleep on? Then ask this same question of your fiance
    What is your favorite food? again asking same question of fiance
    Stokes interview is designed to see if the two people actually know each other. Names dates etc can be memorized, but the questions in a stokes are designed to surprise you with simple day to day life details.
    Question that catches many people for those people that talk on video chat or phone daily, because people will bring tons of emails etc to an interview to prove bonafied.
    What time does your fiance normally call you everyday?
    Answer honestly and don't be nervous. A valid relationship will easily pass a stokes interview. A non valid will be found quickly.
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    I was not asking whether I should take the appointment or not and I will be prepared with what I have. I wanted to know what kind of questions that could be asked and doing my research anything is possible. I will not be intimidated by an interview(even if it is a stokes). I can only answer truthfully and honestly to whatever is asked and present the documentation to support it. I am goin to this interview with my husband as scheduled.
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    well i spoke to a couple of ppl at my job that works for immigration and they said the stokes interview is for ppl that are married. and the reason ewhy they want the petitioner there is to see how we react with each other in the waiting room and to see if we are actually willing to travel on such short notice for the one we love. They also said they do ask questions but its basically regular questions UNLESS they think its fraud. which i doubt because they didnt even ask him any questions when he was there. and also i noticed that everyone who did the 129f in HAITI was called back. so ill just wait and see. i love my mr enough to be patient. and i will not hesitate to ask for a super visor if there are any problems.
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    Hi, I'm an American man and I can tell you 100% that this is NOT normal behavior for an American man. This is normal behavior for a BAD man (of any nationality). I hate to be the one who says it, but as an American man I've noticed some other American man want to marry a foreign national for the wrong reasons. Some of them, it sounds like your fiance might be one, want to marry a foreign national woman because he believe she will be more submissive and put up with more of his sh*t. Many many more American men are like me. I'm marrying my fiancee because she's the love of my life, her nationality is just part of who she is (though she does have one heck of a cute accent). Most American men, when looking for a wife are looking for a partner for life's journey, but unfortunatly, some men are looking for a servent they can sleep with too. It's really unfortunate, and I'm sorry to say it looks like you're in a situation like this. It's not a typical trait of all American men, but it is a typical trait of all CONTROLING men who use abusive behavior to intimidate thier spouses into doing whatever they want without question. It's not fair to say that it's only men who act this way. Unfortunatly when you add the visa process to the equasion maybe he feels you "owe him" (and you DON'T) There are women who act this way too (and use moodiness to manipulate their significant other). I wouldn't tell you to leave your fiance. This is a personal decision, but I will say, I would have a talk to him and demand the respect you deserve. You don't need him to have a good life and you don't need him to get married. Marriage is about love and partnership and mutual respect. If he can't give you these things freely, then he can't be a good husband and you need to seriously consider going home before it's too late. There are other men. If you're attracted to Americans in general, I can tell you that there are MANY American men who will treat you with the love and respect you deserve.
    I'll say this one last thought, and I hope you really think about it. If he can treat you poorly, he will probably treat your CHILDREN (if you have any or will have any) poorly too. So it's not just you getting hurt. It's your children too who need you to protect them. Even if he never lays a hand on you or your children, growing up in a house where you can't predict when your parent may have a violent mood swing is a scary and unstable enviornment that could cause major damage to their psyche.
    Please remember, you deserve love and RESPECT. You don't need to stay in any situation where you are not receiving both freely. I hope your fiance realizes this and realizes what a huge sacrifice you have made for him (leaving behind your home and family).
    Take care.
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